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Barbie Cummings: “Maybe I’m Fucked Up”

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The cop-sucking Barbie Cummings writes: I wanted to share a dirty story from my past. Maybe I am fucked up, maybe my childhood sucked, etc, etc… it isn’t anything I haven’t heard. Who cares, it made me who I am and I am living with it!

It was 2001… which would have made me a total of 15 years young.

I went to my very first “party”. My mothers friend Christina took me to the house, around 10p that night. I was the youngest, by at least 10 years, which wasn’t at all unusual for me.

I was quickly greeted by the older men and offered my very first sip of alcohol.

I drank shot after shot of well Tequila. I can almost taste it just talking about it.

I ended up vomiting, I never do anything in moderation. I ended up vomiting in the bathroom for what seemed like hours.

After my vomiting session I remember insisting on wearing no pants. I removed my pants, exposing just my panties. I remember my friend trying to convince me to put them back on, but I refused.

I was drunk, pant-less, 15 years old and horny.

My drunk ass made it to a spare bedroom to lay down.

The next thing I remember is being waken up by two men. It was no question as to what they wanted, what would you want? I made the assumption that they knew each, then again I could be completely wrong.

I don’t remember their name and that is because, names were never exchanged.

I remember them removing my clothing, I didn’t argue or disagree with what they were doing. I guess it was my slut tendencies, that began at such a young age.

I remember the first cock going in my mouth. I lay on my back, in some strange house, in some strange bed, naked with my mouth stuffed with cock. The second man was removing his clothing. I sucked.

They took turns making a filthy whore.

They tagged out, as if they were running a race.

When one was in between my legs, the other was fucking my face.

I remember as they took turns, they would want me to hit them when they were fucking me. As they used terms like, “slut” and “whore”, they wanted me to hit them in the face.

The harder I hit them, the harder they fucked me

I loved it.

I remember them covering my face and filling my mouth with cum. I swallowed all that I could.

They left.

Sometime soon after that, a different man wondered upon the bedroom I was in.

I let him also have his way with me. He fucked me got his nut and left.

All I imagine is that as these different guys left, they were telling the guys outside to come in and fuck me. Maybe they were drawing straws in the living room.

He was followed by another guy, this one stayed for a little while.

He fucked me the first time, filled me with cum and lay next to me. I remember falling back asleep. I remember being woken up to having my pussy pounded once again. He was using his own cum as a lube to make my pussy belong to him for that point in time.

He fucked me a few more times, I don’t remember exactly how many.

I woke up the next day with a lovely headache and a cunt filled with cum.

On my way home, my pussy filled with cum as it all came out of me.

I took a shower when I got home and some Advil for my hangover.

I don’t regret this night, and I know so many will think it’s horrible. There are also so many that will think it is hot. I just want to say, we are all entitled to our own opinions. Please do not read my blog, or take the time to post on it if you have some negative to say. I am not looking to be “saved”. If you think I am a horrible person, I am okay with that.


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