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Best websites to find chicks to bang

I’m sure if most men had their way, there wouldn’t be anything like marriage or relationships. No, I’m sure most men would prefer to play the field. I mean let’s be real, who wants to bang the same chick every day for the rest of their life? Fuck that.

So which dating sites should you use to find a chick to get lucky with?

Dating used to be simple, but it seems that the internet has brought in a plethora of dating websites that we are starting to feel a bit confused to say the least.

Now it seems there is a site for everything, whether you want romance or you’re just looking to having a casual encounter. Beyond that, there are hundreds if not thousands of traditional dating sites, so we’re left to wonder which ones we should use, or which ones work best. The thing is, it all very much depends on what we are actually looking for.

Playing The Romance Game

A lot of normal dating sites out there. Those sites are made for people to find a partner for a serious relationship, and that is where a lot of people go to find love. Of course this is also where you could go to play the romance game, and pretend like you want long term, just to get laid.

So you might think that the people you get to meet there are all nice and polite, but the truth is actually quite different. You see a lot of those sites offer free membership, and people who are out there just looking for sex actually abuse those free memberships; pestering other people who want nothing to do with it. So some places are okay, but the general consensus is that you will still have to face some aggravation from some people who are a bit unpleasant.

No Strings – Let’s Bang Dating

This is the sort of dating sites where people go when they want to have sex. It’s all about sex and most members will pay for a subscription fee so they can message other members. This is why sex daters (as dodgy as they may sound) that you meet on sex dating sites are actually generally alright. Sure they’ll ask you for sex, but if what else can you expect from a sex dating site? The truth is that you can fuck girls near you if you take time to get familiar with adult dating sites. At least people are honest about their intentions; which are made clear the minute you enter the site.

Hey! Cougars Need Love Too

One niche which is gaining a lot of popularity is the 50+ dating scene. That’s because there are actually a lot of singles who are in their older years, and just like everyone else they are looking to find a partner. It is good to know that people can go somewhere where they can find others who think alike. It is better using such site rather than using traditional ones where young people want different things and can sometimes act disrespectfully.

Basically the aim of all the different dating sites seem to be veering towards attracting a certain crowd and building smaller dating communities where similar people can actually get along. It all sounds like a good idea, but the truth is that you will need to take a look at those sites and read a bit more about them before making up your mind about which one you should use.


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