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BiBi Jones Revisits Howard Stern

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New York- from – Howard said this porn star BiBi Jones is really hot. He said that you rarely see girls this good looking in porn. Howard said there are a couple of reasons he had her back. Howard said she really is good looking. Howard said he was on her web site last night and he was trying to beat off to her. He said there wasn’t that much material on the site. Howard said that he had trouble finding her but not the other girls. BiBi said the site just came up yesterday. She said she knows she has to get up on the site.

Howard asked if her voice was gone. BiBi said she was up all night and roaming the streets. She said that she was nervous about coming in.

Howard said BiBi is the one who was in there and said she would fuck anyone there when she was there last. Gange turned her down. Gange came in so Howard asked why he didn’t bang her. Gange said she’s so hot but there are so many people around that he couldn’t do it. He said if no one was around he totally would have. He said that her being a porn star is part of it too. Gange said that things will get out there and then women find out about it. Gange said he’s dated girls since Kendra and the Kendra thing still comes up. He said it can affect other relationships. BiBi said the girls should just get over it.

Gange said she smells so good. He said she weighs like 3 pounds so it’s like she’s barely on your lap. He said her skin is smooth and she’s so young. BiBi is just 20 years old now. Howard said maybe that’s what Gange wants now.

Howard said he thought for sure that JD was going to be all over her. BiBi said she tired everyone and none of them wanted to bang her. She said she did get JD’s phone number. Howard said he heard that she wanted phone sex from JD but he never did it. JD came in and said that she hit on Gange. He said he follows her on Twitter (@xxxBiBiJones) too and he sees how many guys she’s having sex with. JD said he doesn’t think she’s that interested in him. Howard said she’s just fucking him. BiBi said she would fuck him.

JD said that he did try to get in touch with her. He said he tried texting her and he wasn’t able to get a hold of her. He said he called her one time and got a hold of her and she was out at lunch with someone. Howard said she’s in demand. JD said he called to ask if he could play her voice mail and she didn’t sound interested at all.

Howard asked BiBi if she would really have sex with him. She said she would. Howard said she has the face of an angel. Howard asked JD if he would love to bang her. JD said he would. Gary came in and told him to man up and just do it. JD said he doesn’t just do that. Howard said that’s what he needs to do. Howard said that she wants him to bang her and wants him to call her a filthy whore.

BiBi said that she wanted JD’s hot cock inside of her and JD didn’t seem interested. Howard said it’s weird around there. He said he doesn’t get it. Howard said he would teach her a lot… He said he’d teach her that old guys have no clue just like young guys.

Howard said BiBi is there because she claims she’s a slut and she literally tweets out her location and guys come and fuck her. She said that she joined a web site called and guys can bid to take her out to lunch. Howard said you’re basically selling yourself then. BiBi said that’s true. Howard asked if she got laid last night. She said she did. She said she was out walking around and she took a kid from the Duane Reade drug store who just got off work, back to her hotel room. She said she just asked the guy if he wanted to come back and fuck her. She said that the guy was afraid that she was going to roll him or something. Howard asked how old he was. She said he was younger than her. She said that he came instantly. She said she kicked him out after that.

Howard asked if the guy came inside her. She said she didn’t. She said he didn’t use a condom but he didn’t cum inside her. BiBi said that she doesn’t like condoms because they suck up the pussy juice.

Howard said Medicated Pete was there so he was going to find out if BiBi would go out with him. Pete came in and they had him sing Prince’s ”Purple Rain” even though he didn’t have the lyrics. Pete said he’d just make it up. Pete sang for BiBi and BiBi seemed to like it.

Howard cut the song off and said that Pete was fabulous. BiBi said it was amazing. She said that if he’s that good at singing she’s not sure what would happen in bed. Pete said he’s had a rough year. He said he hasn’t been dating much.

Howard asked Pete what he has going on. Pete said he has Tourette’s and he’s unemployed right now. Howard asked BiBi if she’d fuck him. She said she would. Pete had an open sore on his face. Howard asked BiBi if she’s still fuck him. She didn’t seem to mind. Pete said he has an open sore and it just won’t heal. BiBi said she’d just do doggy style.

Howard said that BiBi is such a whore that she’d have sex with Pete. Howard said Pete turned down Tabitha Stevens. Pete said he didn’t want to be in the whole porn thing. BiBi said she’d do him without making him be in a movie. Pete said he’d do her too. Pete told her he’s the guy. Howard said this is a bizarro world where Pete turns down getting laid.

Robin asked why Pete got fired from his health club job. Pete said that’s a good question. Pete said he’s still living at home with his mom. He said he still goes to the library every day.

Howard said he thought BiBi would say no to Pete but she said yes. Howard told Pete to stick around and see BiBi later. Pete said he’d do that. BiBi said goodbye to him and Pete said he’d see her later.

Howard said you can see BiBi Jones in The Crib and Fighters at He said you can check out her web site at She’s also going to be dancing at a club in Flushing, NY at the Expertise club.

Howard asked BiBi if she gets laid every day. She said she does. Howard asked if she masturbates every day. She does that too. Howard asked if she’s ever taken multiple guys to her room after meeting them at a bar. She said she has done that. She said they have to be down with it of course.

Howard asked how she supports herself. She said she makes good money stripping. She said she spends most of her day hanging out.

Howard asked what kind of money she makes in porn. She said she can make about $60,000. Howard asked BiBi why she doesn’t charge for sex. He said that she could make a living doing that. She said that’s basically what she does with porn.

Howard asked if her breasts are real. She said they’re not but they look real. Ralph called in and said that he was thinking of banging her but she appears to have no standards. Howard asked BiBi if she gets that. She said she does. She said that the guys she hooks up with don’t know who she is. Ralph said the kid at the store might make that leap when she just shows up at the store and asks him if he wants to get laid.

BiBi said she thinks about settling down but she’s not sure if she could do that. She said maybe this is just a phase she’s going through. She said she has to think about her future husband getting upset about it all. Howard asked if her parents are upset about this lifestyle. She said they are but they don’t talk about it when they get together. She said she’s actually fucked her father’s friends. She said if she knew she wouldn’t have done that. BiBi said that she met this guy at a club. BiBi said that she was dancing at clubs with a fake ID and she met the guy there and later found out who he was. She said that her father eventually found out when someone told her dad.

BiBi said that she fucked two of her teachers too. She said that the students she fucked were so many she didn’t know how many. Gary said that she doesn’t use protection so it must be scary. Ralph said he likes that. He said he doesn’t like that she’s with so many guys.

Gary said he heard that she has fucked guys while giving a lap dance. She doesn’t even charge extra. She once fucked 12 guys at a super bowl party. Howard asked if her pussy gets worn out after that. BiBi said she’s so wet from it that she doesn’t get worn out. BiBi said she doesn’t kiss the guys or anything. She said that she will blow some guys while another one is fucking her.

Gary asked BiBi about going on a date and going to the bathroom and fucking the janitor in the bathroom. Howard said she told that story last time she was there.

Howard said BiBi is a very interesting girl. She started with other girls at the age of 6. She said she was licking vaginas at that age. She said she just knew what to do somehow. BiBi said there’s something wrong with her. She said she’s so sexual.

Howard had a caller on the line who wanted to fuck her. He put the person on and it was Sal and Richard playing Leon Spinks clips where he was mumbling. Howard and Robin had to translate for her but BiBi was up for fucking him. BiBi said that she loves swinging too.

BiBi told Howard that she’d fuck her second cousin. Howard asked about the last guy that she kissed. She said she has a couple of guys that she does that with. She said she likes to get fucked and be left alone but there are times when she would like to be with a guy and just cuddle.

Howard asked why she’s in a battle with Jesse Jane. BiBi said that they shot a scene once and Jesse grabbed her neck and threw her head up against a wall. She said that she cried and got a giant goose egg on her head. BiBi said she’s not sure what she was thinking. BiBi said she got upset and shocked that she’d do that to her. She said that she knows they tell her to do that stuff and it might have become her thing. She said it completely shocked her. BiBi said she just ran out of there after it happened. Howard asked how old Jesse is. BiBi said that she’s 31 and she might be jealous of her youth. Howard said it could be. Howard asked if she would ever work with her again. BiBi said she doesn’t think that will ever happen. She said it’s too bad because Jesse got her into Digital Playground.

Howard asked BiBi if she could go back and do things over, would she do this all over again. She said she knows she’s hurting her family by doing it but she has so much fun she’s not sure.

Howard took a call from the guys in the back who were playing clips of Howard doing his impression of his mother. They had Howard saying ”Now give it to me” and ”I’m parting the hairs.” Howard asked BiBi why she wasn’t playing along. BiBi just wasn’t getting into it. They had Howard making sex sounds as his mother and BiBi asked if it was a joke. Howard said it wasn’t. Howard said this woman was acting out her fantasies. Howard said that was Ray and she was acting out her fantasies.

Howard said that some of the guys on the staff wanted to squeeze her breasts. Benjy was one. Mike Gange said he was definitely in. Howard asked Benjy why he doesn’t fuck her. Benjy said she’s really hot and he’d like to do that on a daily basis if she lived there but there’s a stigma with other chicks.

Mike Gange got up first and felt BiBi up. He said they were the best breasts ever. He asked to spank her too. She said that was fine. Howard said this can’t go on all day. Howard told Benjy to go up next. Benjy got up and Howard asked what he was doing. Benjy said ”Shhh…” Benjy said that she has great implants. She said that Dr. Melick did them. Benjy had a weird expression on his face according to Howard. Benjy spanked her and BiBi said that was her thigh.

Howard said Medicated Pete was next. Pete got up and Howard said this was some line up. Pete felt her up and said she had a nice set up there. Howard asked if that was turning her on. BiBi said it was. Howard sounded shocked that even Pete turned her on.

JD was in there too so he was next up. JD said that was good. He didn’t last long. Howard asked if she rode the Sybian last time. She said she did. Howard let her off the hook for that today. Howard gave her some more plugs and wrapped up the interview.


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