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Big Story Breaking Friday…?

Porn Valley- Skeeter told me a bed time story. I particularly liked the one about Metro contract director Bridgette Kerkove, the two IRS agents and a company called Body Miracle. If I’m correct the word “prostitution” was used quite extensively by the agents.

> I’m hearing that Jamie Gillis is making a living these days playing poker.

> I’m told a startling expose is coming involving some well known figure in the business. Enough hints have already been tossed out there on one of the message boards promising a good read; from what I’ve been hearing, the charges being made are totally contrary to the “good guy” image this person projects. The story should break Friday.

> Put it this way, I’ve been promised an interview with Tom Sizemore.

> From what I’m being told there are 2257’s for the Paris Hilton tape which means that Hilton did that tape with full compliance and was in on it from the very beginning. Of course she’s told a much different story to the mainstream media.

> XXX writes me about the Judy Sweeney case stating that the racist overtones of the case harken back to AVN’s endorsement of The Cambria List which was hardly warm and embracing of African-Americans. “If you look at what’s going in-house with them [AVN], the fact that they discriminated against a black pregnant woman and have no other black employees, they’re in big shit.”

> On KSEX Wednesday Jersey Jaxin said she had a website in the works but that her webmaster got fired. “He told me that if I didn’t leave my other half, he was giving up on me,” Jaxin said in her interview. “I had to find a new webmaster.” Jaxin went on to identify the “webmaster” in question as Kevin Rubio. But Jaxin claims she didn’t have sex with him. Jaxin said she’s talked to other girls and heard similar stories from them. Jaxin also said Rubio tried to play off the fact that she and her other half were arguing. “Of course there’s up and down moments,” Jaxin concedes. Jaxin also said Rubio was telling her that she needed to be treated like the princess that she was. Wankus who was doing the interview wanted to get in touch with Rubio live on the air but Rubio conveyed the message that he wasn’t going to get on the air if he didn’t know what it was about. Later, Rubio had this to say.

Upon reading those comments, California Joe Loughlin who heads AMA Talent is telling me that Jaxin was right, that Rubio pulled a similar stunt with Jessica Dee. Prior to Dee’s unfortunate circumstances with HIV, Rubio apparently fucked Dee in four scenes for content but wouldn’t give the scenes over to Dee who was living in his house at the time. Dee had to leave the house when the sexual tension off camera got too aggressive, says Loughlin. Loughlin, in turn, went to Rubio’s house to get the content for Dee but there was an altercation, four cop cars showed up on the scene and Loughlin was slapped in handcuffs. With generous hindsight, Loughlin admits he would have handled things differently. The matter was ultimately resolved with Dee getting her content. Loughlin, of course, tells this story much more colorfully, noting that the scenes in question were horribly shot. “They were crap,” says Loughlin. “But Jessica wanted them because she fucked him. I’ve told it to his [Rubio] face at a trade show to fuck off. He came up to me at Erotica LA and said we should be friends and trade girls. In front of everybody I said I’ll never do business with you. I’ve made mistakes in the past, but it’s over and over with this guy.”


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