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Bill Margold: The Industry’s a Freak Show, Now; “I Wish I probably Had Been Bisexual”

Porn Valley- Bill Margold was a return guest on Anita Cannibal’s KSEX Show last week.

Cannibal was talking about the recent decision from the Sixth Circuit pertaining to 2257’s.

“I don’t believe it’s pertinent in the long run to the overall hardcore industry,” says Margold. “Connection [the company which fought the case for 12 years] was a swingers magazine. They were basically fighting for their rights to privacy more than anything else. It was an invasion of their privacy because swingers are not commercial, hardcore performers.”

“It’s easier for you and me to go out there and find our stuff [ID’s] and get into peoples, personal private records at these Internet Service Providers than it is to find a child pornographer,” Cannibal thought. “Because you have to get these special subpoenas, and that’s bullshit.”

Cannibal said the current laws seem to be protecting child pornographers more adequately than people in the adult industry.

Because he was wearing a doctor’s white coat for Halloween, Margold noted that he created both PAW and AIM.

Margold also mentioned how he tried wearing high heels one time on a drag queen set.

“It was the third floor of a building on Hollywood Blvd and I tripped and headed towards the window,” he recalls. “Literally I was pulled back in. I would have been sprawled on Hollywood Blvd but I was saved. How do you even walk in those damn things?”

Cannibal also introduced another guest whom she called Master Love [formerly Cinder Gold]. Cannibal mentioned they at one time had been lesbo lovers.

“We used to go to porno sets and she’d come on as my roadie,” recalls Cannibal.

“She’s my personal trainer at the gym. Next you know she’s picking out guys on the porno set, and we’d be taking them home, fucking the shit out of them then kicking them out. Then we’d make mad, passionate love to each other.”

Margold agreeing that it was probably the only woman Cannibal was ever in love with, recalled another instance when they were at a restaurant in San Francisco a few years.

“That’s when Dita Von Teese was with us for dinner,” he said.

“That bitch,” snarled Cannibal.

“She’s bragging about her movies and I said they’re the dullest movies I’ve ever seen,” Margold continued.

Cannibal recalled that Von Teese was eating lobster with a book store owner who was all engulfed with her.

“And you noticed her saying she was on the cover of several pornos from Blake and Ninn,” Cannibal told Margold. “She said she wouldn’t be caught dead fucking on film and you thought that was the most hypocritical thing.”

“I told her, ‘your movies are like watching paint dry,'” Margold remembered saying to Von Teese. “And you’re a farce.”

Cannibal, too, recalled a time when Master Love’s tranny-hooker husband saved Cannibal’s niece when she was out “being junkie Jane on the street”.

With the subject of trannies being brought up, Margold said he works at the LA Xpress.

“And I deal with a lot of transsexuals- and a lot of them are very attractive, not like you,” Margold laughed, addresing Master Love’s husband..

Getting back to the issue of 2257’s and the provisions covering secondary producers Margold comments, “The secondary producers were never going to be in jeopardy. I always figured that was going to go, too. We have a couple of legs up, now, but the problem with the X-rated industry has always been whenever we win something, we squander our victory.”

Cannibal also wondered why more people aren’t ratting out the “motherfuckers” who are stealing their content.

“So I called the FBI and I asked them,” Cannibal giggled.. “I’ve been trying to get a hold of them forever for my film [Cannibal’s been shooting a documentary].

“Apparently they can’t confirm or deny that yet but it looks like it’s possible that it is a solution for people who are having their stuff stolen,” she said.

“There’s companies out there who are hemorrhaging money and what are they supposed to do?” she asked.

“Stagliano won a case in piracy,” Margold points out. “What is the letter that defines our industry? X. And what is an X but skull and crossbones, do not enter. Piracy. Right off the bat. So you get screwed by getting screwed by getting screwed.”

Margold said the industry was also approaching Fear Factor in its content.

“It gets more and more violent- it’s a freak show, now. We’re trying to see how many poles you can stick into how many holes without ripping the body apart.” Margold recalled hearing an anus being ripped wide open in the movie, Disco Dolls.

“Hearing flesh tear is something you’ll always remember,” he says.

Margold also recalled a scene he did where he jacked off in a roomful of mirrors while an alien watches him.

“It was a gay film,” he explained. “But I don’t do anything gay in the movie.”

“I wish I probably had been bisexual, but it’s way too late to teach this old bear new tricks. James Dean had the line, ‘Why go through life with one hand tied behind your back?'”

Continuing with his anecdote, Margold said he was crushed in the scene during the moment of orgasm.

“I’m blood packed so not only do I come in the mirrors, I explode blood into the mirror.”

According to Margold, the scene was in a movie titled The Specimen.

“It was show in the early Seventies at gay orgies,” he goes on to say.

“This guy comes up to me- a gay hooker- he said he had seen me the night before. I said where. He said at a Hollywood producer’s house and they were all jacking off to my jacking off scene. That’s sort of cool.”

“They probably showed that at MIT,” mused Cannibal. “They used to show the pornos.”

“We used to make good movies,” said Margold. “We really did make real films.”

Margold took note of the interview I did with him concerning the film Dracula Sucks.

“It had nine Hall of Famers and of course, myself. It was the biggest star cast of all time.”

Cannibal was curious what character Margold was in Boogie Nights.

Margold adds that Roller Girl was Serena.

“The Burt Reynolds character is an amalgam of myself and Bob Chinn and Bill Amerson,” Margold said. “But the one thing they took from me when they interviewed me they heard the term Family of X. This is the family of X. We are a family. We used to be a closer knit family.”

“That’s why the worker-thing is so important to me and the girls that I talk to,” stressed Cannibal. “There’s so many more people and it’s insane. They used them up like tissue paper.”

“I want drug testing in the business,” adds Margold.

“You’d have no performers, honey,” said Cannibal.

“Then you’d have to get a whole new generation of clean people,” said Margold.

“There’s so many people that do drugs, come on,” Cannibal shot back.

“I’m not talking about stupid marijuana but injectable drugs,” continyes Margold. “If you’re polluting your body you deserve to be dead. I have no sympathy- I hate drug dealers more than drug addicts- but if you’re already tearing your body apart and lowering your immune system, why foist that upon an industry? When you’re treating your body like a trash can, it should wind up in the dumpster.”

Margold felt that both PAW and AIM were important.

“AIM is the medical end of things,” he stresses. “For what it is, it’s done a wonderful job. It’s given the industry a comfort zone that it didn’t have.”

“It’s also shown us what’s really fucking going on,” Cannibal agrees. “Who the fuck knew everybody had herpes? I didn’t.”

“We knew,” said Margold.

“I didn’t!” exclaimed Cannibal. “I had no idea. You can’t see it.”

Margold said it was part of the risk factor of living. To which Cannibal said herpes rents space in your body for free and doesn’t do anything like the other STDs.

To which Margold commented that you have to treat the body with some kind of concern.

“When it says it’s unhappy, let it rest,” he advised. “If you beat the damn thing to death, bad things are going to happen to it.”

Margold pointed out that he lived with one of the wildest women in the business for five years, Viper.

“She went into every scene to tear people apart- she did double anal, double vaginal, double fisting. She looked for three dicks in her ass. The guys are idiots. They think if three dicks touch, they’re homosexual which is a crock of shit.”

Margold thinks that because of paperwork and red tape, the industry’s going to become horribly dull.

“I was much more fun when we were illegal.”
Margold’s also of the opinion that that there should be a mandatory age of 21 to get into the industry.

“At 18, 19 these people can’t even read,” he argued. “They don’t know what the fuck they’re signing. Half of them look at the paper and hope it fills itself out. What’s a release? Orgasm?”

According to Margold, he’s wanted the 21 year old age stipulation for 35 years.

“They’re more prepared for what’s going to happen to them,” he says.

“What’s going to happen to them is forever.”


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