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Bisexual Britni on Diseases

Bisexual Britni posts: This was an article that I wrote in the space of seven minutes while appearing live on KSEX, to prove that I did, indeed, write my own shit and also to prove that I was not stupid. It seems this article needs to be viewed again, as of late, so here it is.

Actors and actresses in the adult industry are subjected to various criticisms and complaints by American society and many times they are simply… well, full of shit.

Whether or not we should be concerned about the opinions of “civilians” who don’t have a thought in their mind, let alone a single sexual tendency (or a tent in their pants), seems like a simple and closed issue. In other words, we are doing a job, and, just like any other employee, we take risks when it comes to our work. Although we are tested for AIDS, gonorrhea and chlamydia, we exclude herpes, hepatitis ABC, and syphilis.

Unlike most civilians, we have repeated sexual encounters with strangers for compensation, normally in the form of American currency. Wait…. isn’t that like going on any date? Well, at any rate, besides the fact that non-pornographic actresses flaunting their assets on the stage of life, engaging in sexual activity without a camera pointed straight up their assholes, civilians get much the same advantages through intercourse (i.e. orgasms) that adult stars do, except that instead of $1000 bucks, they get a cluster of severed plants.

They have a certain amount of risk during such a situation, though they don’t obsess over it as civilians tend to do when they examine the lifestyle of the average porn star. How many times would you guess a 21 year old gal gets laid in her personal life? Well, let’s just pretend it’s only one guy that dips her twat spot… he likely doesn’t get sampled for plasma every three weeks, as does every male/female actor/actress in the pornographic industry.

But, excluding these differences, the question of why the adult industry doesn’t test for all STDs still stands. My opinion is this: 1. We, as an industry, do not band together and demand the simple and essential elements of working in a sexually mandatory environment; 2. We check for chlamydia and gonorrhea, both of which are dispensed with the intake of a one-time pill and powder. Why not check for the fucking flu? One could argue that, like any profession with any measure of risk, said risk is accepted and therefore isn’t an issue. One could contrarily argue that the industry could easily and efficiently dispose of such risk with a simple STD screening of other diseases in one fell swoop. It’s a debatable issue, but the conclusion is dictated by the circumstances, and the circumstances stand at an incomplete testing screen for certain prominent sexually transmitted diseases.

I am somewhat disillusioned by this lack of accuracy, and have found the inconsistency in herpes testing to be simply this: there are many long-time actors and actresses carrying the disease, and they would be instantaneously unemployed were new and intricate testing practices enacted. Besides that detriment, I strongly advocate full screen testing and believe that those involved in the sexually active pornographic business should all be able to trust one another based on an up-to-date test for all STDs.



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