Bisexual Britni Places 1st In Fan Favorite Poll

Bisexual Britni Tricky D (
of Adult Talent News posts:
“The models attended the First Internet Model Palooza by the dozens. Everywhere I looked, there was a beautiful women bearing her breasts, dancing or making out with some other model. It was a veritable buffet of physically perfect women and it nearly brought tears to my eyes. I recall asking myself what I had done to deserve to be in the midst of such carnivorous, bisexual porno girls. The Score Club in Santa Fe in South LA outdid themselves and deserve a great deal of credit. The promotion and handling of this event was first rate. My only suggestion for the Score Club in the future would have to be to work on the access control. It could have been better organized.

I interviewed several ladies but will only discuss the three girls that placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the fan favorites poll.

The first place winner was BisexualBritni from an obvious favorite and the best known girl that attended this event. I was not expecting this event to attract Mega-Stars from as far away as Denver, Colorado. BisexualBritni was the surprise winner of the 2002 Rog Reviews award for “Best Adult Starlet”. She defeated such huge names as Jenna Jameson, Bridgette Kerkove, Tera Patrick and a long list of others. To my knowledge, she is unbeaten in such contests and tonight would be no different. I chatted with Britni for about 10 minutes and took a few pictures of her. I watched her light up the dance floor with her sultry, sexual moves along with Catalina of Max Hardcore fame. These two girls should just get a room as they looked simply awesome together. Does anyone know if Britni and Catalina have ever starred together in a movie? If so, please let me know the title. This is what I found most odd about my conversation with Britni and her!

presentation on her table. At no time did Britni discuss her website nor try to sell a single person a signed photo or a video. She did not do one lap dance and turned down any and all requests. Her table lacked the assortment of movies, photos and sex toys the other girls were displaying. Rather, she was advertising for two non-profit organization. The first being the IFA or Internet Freedom Association, an organization she helps run along with the world renowned trial attorney, Larry Walters. The second being a organization she started called CARE or Carnivores Advocating Responsible Eating”. A vegetarian advocacy group. I guess I was taken aback by the fact a star as well known as BisexualBritni was not promoting herself in an arena designed for self promotion. Fire Marey Carey, let Britni run for office.

The second place winner was Catalina, a girl I know well and have spoken to several times at various shoots. As always, she was very busy posing for pictures, dancing on the table tops and generally making a hot presence of herself. Catalina and BisexualBritni, as I said previously, seemed to be joined at the hip for the night. For those who do not know Catalina, she is a girl with few limits if any limits at all. If you are shooting hard-core stuff, this is your girl. She is durable, rugged, and totally hot. Catalina was obviously well known but maybe not as well known as the man that brought her to the party, Max Hardcore.

The third place winners were Tina and Trina. Now, I had never heard of these two before but identical twins always get my curiosity up. Of course, being sexy, identical twins makes them very interesting and I am sure it is what attracted enough votes for new comers to place in a contest as rigid as this one was. I figured Sierra Sage for either 2nd or 3rd place after I saw the lead BisexualBritni had on the board. Tina and Trina must have made a mint posing for photographs as the line to see them was always too deep for me to try and get in. I hope to get a chance to take a few pictures of them at a later date. One question I have for the twins, that I have yet to get an answer to, is this: Are you simply nude models or hard-core models? Do you two “work” with one another or simply pose with one another?

All in all, it was a great time had by everyone. I am sure this event will be come a common occurrence in the LA area. I know the fans loved being able to rub elbows with porn stars and their Internet fantasies. Count me in for the next event. I am outta here.”

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