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Bizarre Tale of Underage Strippers

Porn Valley- Chef Jeff told a story about underage strippers on his KSEX show Thursday night. Jeff said he shot pictures of a stripper whom he called “Trixie” about two years ago and just recently she called him out of the blue. By way of explanation, Jeff said Trixie was stripping with his ex wife and that Jeff hooked her up to do pictures for his website.

In the process of taking her pictures, Trixie told Jeff that having her website is something she’d like to do. Trixie told Jeff that she and her boyfriend, whose real name is Jesse, were going to try and do it on their own when they moved to San Antonio, Tex.

Chef said he got a call from Trixie that she started up the website, and started taking pictures. According to Trixie, Jesse started bringing girls home to take pictures for the website. Jesse met two girls at a strip club called The Paradise where they worked and he worked as a bouncer for a week. “Trixie who called me- they all worked there.”

Trixie worked at the club on and off for about four years. According to Trixie, Jesse brought the girls home in November, 2003 to take pictures for which they were paid $300 each. Trixie scanned the I.D.s, and, according to the I.D.’s the girls were 18. “Now she knows they were fake I.D.’s. At the time she didn’t know.”

According to Trixie, Jaz, the owner at The Paradise not only hired the girls knowing they were underaged, but allegedly helped them in obtaining phony I.D. Under the pretext of an I.D. being lost, they would allegedly get birth certificates or social security cards from other girls, and use the documents to get new I.D. Trixie is quoted as saying that Jaz is the most crooked man she’s ever met and that everyone talked openly at the club about getting underage girls fake I.D.’s. “It was not something that they hid.”

Trixie went on to tell Jeff that she and Jesse took pictures and videos of the underage girls who were 16 and 17 years old at the time and one of the girls is still under 18. The pictures consisted of solo and girl-girl action. There was nudity but no sex was shown in the pictures. One of the videos depicts a girl named Crimson playing with toys. “That was the most sexual stuff shown in those videos.”

According to Trixie, she kept in touch with the girls after the shoot because the girls wanted to do more photos. Trixie in turn gave copies of the photos on a CD to the girls for their personal use. One of the girls parents found the disc, put it in her computer and found the pictures. Crimson, according to Trixie, has also been and on and off runaway. The parents called the cops who in turn went to the home of Trixie and Jesse who were living with his grandmother. Trixie and Jesse weren’t at the house but at the strip club. The cops questioned them there. Trixiw took the cops back to the house and showed them the I.D.s that she scanned.

Trixie was not charged with taking pictures of the girls. It was Jeff’s opinion that there were several holes in the story, one of them being the fact that she took pictures for their website. Jeff said he asked her if the website was opened. It was. But Jeff said he looked up to see who the owner was of licketyclit and it wasn’t Trixie. “And she claimed this happened in November, 2003, but every misspelling I could find of licketyclit showed that it was owned by someone else long before that. “It’s not adding up from the beginning,” Jeff said.

According to the story, the parents of the 17 year old girl, Crimson, didn’t want to press charges. But Trixie claims that after the whole incident, Jesse, 28, left her for the 16 year old whose stage name at The Paradise Club is Candy, and is now dating and sleeping with her. “They don’t live together necessarily but they go to his grandmother’s house to have sex.”

In further developments Jesse was arrested for buying Candy drinks at a bar and charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. That incident occurred in December. That’s where the story stands at the moment.Jeff said he hears this is a regular occurrence at strip clubs, that there are underage girls working with fake I.D.s. [That’s how Alexandria Quinn got into the adult business.]

As recently as Tuesday of this week, Jesse apparently called Trixie to see if she would come together with them as a threesome.


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