Porn News Taking to the Races

Los Angeles, CA – – the Internet’s top adult search engine and porn directory – is taking to the race courses of America with Booble Racing. Started in 2005, Peter Zekert of Zekert Racing met with the owners of Booble to discuss advertising on one of his race cars. After meeting with Booble, both companies agreed to run 2005 with the single Booble race car and the Booble Racing web site. And Booble Racing was born.

Peter Zekert, driver of the Booble Racing Nissan 200SX, won Sunday’s Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) GTLite race at Heartland Park Topeka, a huge win for the team. In qualifying, Zekert and team Booble placed second in GTLite with a time of 1:59.750 on the smooth 14 turn racing course. At the start of Sunday’s race, Zekert made his move going into the first turn and opened a three car length lead over the pole position driver. Zekert and Team Booble were home free, but unaware of their lead. “The radios were not working and I couldn’t tell how big of a lead I had,” stated Zekert. “I kept pushing the car hard thinking that the other driver would come on strong. If I knew how big of a lead I had, I would have been easier on the car. But we won and that’s the important thing!” This fall, Heartland Park Topeka will host the SCCA National Championship Runoff Races where Zekert and team Booble hope to contend for the 2006 GTLite National Championship.

Peter describes the initial hysteria of Booble racing. “A week before my first race as the Booble car, I got calls from the SCCA headquarters and from the Executive Steward telling me I could not run as the car appeared in the web site. Stewards (the primary law enforcement agent at the racetrack) were at my trailer at 7am Saturday morning telling me I could not run.”

But Peter fought back, stating the following rule: ADVERTISEMENTS AND GRAPHICS, Advertising and graphics (names, symbols and logos) may be displayed on cars provided they are in good taste and do not interfere with identification marks and SCCA logos.

Finally the Chief Steward, Ken Patterson, took Peter aside and said, “I personally don’t care what you do, but I’m getting a lot of heat from upstairs to find a way to keep you off the track. If you could just cover the nipples then I could say that I kept the breasts off the track”. Peter decided to cover the nipples with white vinyl and took off racing. “That afternoon, two of the girls/women who work in the hospitality area came over and checked out the Booble logo. Unbeknownst to me, they snuck out to WalMart, got some bicycle streamers and came back that night and made tassels for the front boobs and took black tape, covered the side boobs and wrote the word “Censored”.

Throughout the 2005 season, every chief steward made a personal trip to Peter’s camp to tell him he couldn’t run. Every time, he raced. Peter took Booble racing to 13 races in 2005, including the year end championship Runoffs on Speed TV.

In 2006 Booble Racing expanded, adding racers and cars all over the country. Recently, Peter has worked with a few of the series promoters and marketing officials, as well as the drivers themselves, who run in the Drift series and Formula D. With the new Fast and The Furious movie featuring Drifting, Booble is on target to bring the Booble Racing minds to yes another part of the racing world. “We have found that Booble Racing can cross over the entire gamut of racing,” says Peter. “We are working hard to give the people what they want: Booble Race Cars.”



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