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Brandie May Interviewed

Porn Valley- The last time I interviewed Brandie May which was on a Tom Zupko set, May said things like the fact that she hates cum, she won’t work with black guys and Mr. Pete fucks like a chimp

Last week May was on KSEX but didn’t issue comments like that. Then, again she only had half an hour on air with Taylor Wane’s KSEX Show. May said she knew co-host Dick Nasty from the fact that she met Katie Morgan at AEE.

“She gave me their modeling info- I called up and was asking all kinds of questions, what their modeling was and who they could get me work with,” said May. “I was leaving California to go back home because I live in Florida. At the time I didn’t have time to go and see him.” May wound up with a different agent- Foxxx Modeling but couldn’t tell Wayne how that happened.

“I just don’t remember.” Wayne also said she has to be careful who she tells that Nasty’s on the show.

“Sometimes they flip out,” she explained. “One girl wouldn’t come on the show- Alexandria. She was German or Austrian or something.” Nasty asked if he knew her.

“Apparently you knew her really well- she was scared shitless,” Wane replied. “She wouldn’t come on the show.” Wane told Alexandria that Nasty was in England at the time and it was alright to come on the show. Nevertheless, she wouldn’t come on.

“I don’t know what that was about- it was very strange,” Wane added. Nasty protested that he’s nice and couldn’t understand what the problem was. By the same token, Wane told May that Nasty would be on the show. Wane also asked May if there’d be a problem, first thinking that May would also run away.

“But that other girl- fuck it. She wasn’t as hot as Brandie.” Wane asked May if she wouldn’t stripping down. May said as long as no one minded the string.

“We’ll pull it and see if you sing a song,” Wane answered. “You’d be like a talking Halloween fucking decoration.” Asked how she maintained her build, May said she works out 7 hours a day, seven days a week.

“I dance.”

May says she’ll eat McDonalds and Taco Bell. “Everything.” May dances at Oz in Clearwater, Florida. She doesn’t have a website as yet but says it will be

“It got changed from the last time because I let my name expire,” she said. “I didn’t mean to. They just never sent me a reminder. I called up the people and they wanted to charge me $200 to get my name back. I was, like, fuck it. I let it go. Someone else bought it- somewhere out here, actually, for some company. So now I have my actual real name as my stage name and everything.”

It was noted that May is into gay guys. Wane said May had been trying to pick up her assistant all day.

“She didn’t know he was gay- she thought he was feminine.” May explained she has a fetish for gay guys. Wane observed that May also had a great ass. “That’s what seven hours a day of dancing does for you.” May said she can’t work at a club that doesn’t have a pole- “if I’m going to feature dance, yeah. The thing about working at a club that has no pole, you can’t do floor work which is doggie style on the floor, on your back or whatever. You can’t do that.”

May was a porn performer first before she became a stripper. She started her career in Florida.

“There’s not a lot of porn in Florida,” said May. “It’s more or less like Internet-stuff. You’ve got Dream Girls which is in Tampa which is like the movie company that comes out with all the flashing. They have no hardcore-thing. But there’s a lot of Internet companies down there. There’s a lot of bad Internet companies and there’s a lot of good. Same here.”May says she graduated high school when she was 16.

“My husband [Nick Sparxxx] was in an adult movie store for two years before I met him. And when I met him he presented the idea to me to start up a company and start doing porn and develop something off that.” May said she’s working on a company.

According to May, part of her plan is to come out with five websites- hers, her husbands, one devoted to sloppy blowjobs- “instead of paying a monthly membership you buy the clip you want”. May said the cost was essentially a dollar per minute- 15 minutes for $15. Wane asked if you couldn’t buy a porn movie for that amount.

“I know that movies are expensive,” said May, “because I forced my husband to buy Belladonna’s Evil Pink for $60. He didn’t want to spend it because the movie had just come out. I wanted it.” May said she was supposed to do Belladonna for her birthday but couldn’t get a hold of her.

“I met her at Bowling for Scholars. I couldn’t get a hold of her. She was going to shoot me for my birthday in her movie Belladonna is my idol, and, no, I don’t want to do some of the things that she’s done in the past. But I want to come out with a girl-girl hardcore anal line like she does. I want to come out with a girl-girl anal movie. I figured that it would sell really good for the simple fact that there’s not a lot of it out there.”

Wane asked if she was more into girls or guys.

“I don’t know- am I on Ecstasy or not?” May asked. “It doesn’t really matter- whichever one’s there first.” If it didn’t matter, Wane asked May why she brought the issue up in the first place. May said she’d prefer to have a man while on Ecstasy.

“Because it’s one of those touchy-feely drugs.” May explained that you don’t get the same penetration feeling with a girl.

“I like girls just as much as guys,” May continued. “I’ve been doing girls since I was 8. It doesn’t matter to me.” May who claims she did three girls at once at that age, said she was going back home the following day.

“It’s the first time I’ve been away from my man for a week,” she said. Nasty, who was going to London the next day, said he’d like to take May with him, not necessarily pay her expenses. When May said Nasty was a cheap fuck, Wane said he used to have money but that it was all gone.

“You should have invested it,” said May. Nasty said he did that he got hurt in the stock market. To that, Wane said don’t overlook stuffing your money in a mattress.

“Don’t ever put it in the bank,” said May. “I owe Bank of America like $500. I had a large chunk of money in there and it kind of like disappeared within six months.”

“It kind of disappeared?” Wane asked incredulously. “This is a teenage daughter that you don’t want to give a fucking check book or credit card to.” May said she’ll give her activation code to anyone who wants to take care of the matter for her.

“I think they may be shutting my account down soon- that means I won’t be able to open up anywhere for like ten years. I’ll just put it in the safe.”

Wane told May she must have made money while working the past week, why didn’t she take care of matters.

“Because I have four kids,” said May testily. “Bank of America can wait.” Nasty was getting lost in the story, particularly the part where May is 19 and has four kids.

“My husband has four kids,” May explained. May’s kids are ages 10, 8, 6 and 5. According to May, Sparxxx is 20 years older than she.


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