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Brandon Irons is “A Sexual Sociopath”

> Moronboy?!? posts on Face Slapping (in porn anyways) does not really bother me unless it gets too repetitive. One or two here and there can add to a good sex scene, but kinda like adding salt and pepper to food, too much can ruin it you know. The thing that really disturbs me is the donkey punch worming it’s way into relatively mainstream porn. A bit much for my tastes, but we won’t get into that one again.

> Willie D writes: I place the blame squarely on Brandon Irons, who in his brief yet ironic time working at Extreme, produced a series called Slap Happy, where he would slap the talent while they were blowing him, and which aroused a fair amount of anger over the overt sexual abuse it alluded to. Ironic that a sexual sociopath like Brandonna talked so lovingly about his experiment to L-ke, then turned around and took a free shot at JM over the obscenity indictment.

In short, Brandon Irons:

–Cheats on his girlfriends and creeps them out by shooting scenes on his own sofa, the one he and his love have to sit on to watch M*A*S*H reruns.

–Is a sexual sociopath

–Is a pornorapic hypocrite

–Infects porn whores with Herpes, and refuses to take the (optional) AIM HPV test

–Thinks the best way to market his shitty disease ridden porn is by logging a few thousand posts under up to 80 aliases, then making them have arguments with each other

–Likes to drive around in a Dodge Caravan with PXP’s logo on the side, thinking he is cool, while the 99 999/1000ths of the rest of L.A. County who do not make porn just think he is a douchebag

I will say a prayer for you tomorrow, Brandon; I only hope the Jesuits know what a “Baker’s Dozen” is.

>Steveb writes: It’s because porn is NOT run as business. Despite the humungous amounts of money spent on wank-fodder it’s still largely the province of hobbiest, malcontents and jaded, hedonistic, self-destructive types.

They want to be outlaws! But they also want to be left alone to do whatever they want. So when they ARE left alone they don’t feel “outlaw” enough and push the envelope a bit more to get a reaction!

That distant thump, thump, thump you can hear ISN’T legions of girls getting slapped or donkey-punched, it’s the inevitable jackboots of the backlash from the forces of law and order which will march into the porno biz and kick everyone in their collective nuts.

>Willie D posts on concerning Mary Carey: Luke, I will pay for a new phone number for you, just so long as this has-been crackhead, her miscarriage-waiting-to-happen drunk girlfriend, and the assorted other wackjob friends of theirs don’t call you any more. These used-up attention whores should not be drinking at the James, they should be further down Miller Rd. at the rehab center.

from LiB dot fucking com: Mary: “Tawny Robert, Erica Alba and I hung out in my hotel room [Wednesday afternoon] after we spoke to you. We were up until 6 a.m. partying. Tawny wanted to hire a limo for $600 a day. I said no. Tawny got mad at me. ‘Mary, why do we have to do what you want to do all the time?’

“I said, ‘I have to go to Legend to have a meeting. I have to get a facial. I have to get my hair done.

“She gets mad at me. She said, ‘Is Erica your new Tawny? Are you going to replace me with her?’

“I said, ‘No. Tawny, I love you. But slow down the drinking and the partying.’

“They get in the town car to go to Legend. Tawny’s drinking beers and champagne [while seven months pregnant]. She just thinks she can’t drink hard liquor.

“Tawny and Erica go to the mall while I go to the hair salon. Tawny took Erica on a $3,000 shopping spree. They came out of the mall in matching outfits screaming, ‘We hate Mary Carey.’

“The two of them said I was talking about them behind their back. They teamed up and left me. They went back to the Mondrian and drank and said, ‘We hate you, Mary.’ Tawny was calling me and saying ‘F— you.’ All they do is text-message me mean things. ‘I hear you told David [Tawny’s boyfriend] I was having Marvin’s [Tawny’s previous man] boyfriend.’

“Erica’s got my Louis Vutton purse. They won’t respond to me.

“Tawny’s baby’s daddy David in New York has been calling me. I’ve been ignoring his calls. I called him up. ‘Your little girl is here drinking and partying.’

“He cancelled her American Express card.”

David’s flying into L.A. Friday night.

“I just want to know what caused them to snap on me,” says Mary Friday afternoon. “I flew Erica out here first-class. I was going to help her have a career. I know Holly doesn’t like me but I thought she’d like Erica.”

>USA writes: Sounds like a couple of hens with too much time and money. Problem isn’t them, its they have no man to keep them from squawking when they shouldn’t.



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