Brazzers abuses its performers on set?

Nikki Benz

According to Nikki Benz. Some of her nearly ONE MILLION followers chime in:

@AdriManningEveryone needs to know what happened to @nikkibenz on set for @Brazzers She was basically beat and raped. What the actual FUCK!!!
@devonxxx @nikkibenz @Brazzers I’m soo fucking sorry this happened to you. Same thing happened to me. #no one gave a fuck.
@chiveliciousAfter the shit I heard what was done to @nikkibenz , I’d say @Brazzers is nowhere near premium. Time to update that bio assholes.
@FilthofGen@nikkibenz Peace and Peace unto you. May you find peace and may you take the necessary steps of letting people know about Brazzers.
netcum | inso@netcumWelp…There’s a business getting buttfucked real hard for treating models like shit. No means no. Have respect. @nikkibenz vs @Brazzers


  1. I think that Nikki is full of shit! After the recent BS allegations of Jessica Drake against President-elect, Donald Trump, it’s hard to believe ANYTHING that these whores say! Let’s not forget, ALL WHORES LIE! These women in porn are drug addicts, alcoholics, and most of them have been abused by their daddies and a bunch of them enjoy romantic relationships with men who beat on them.

    I don’t know how Nikki Benz became famous because she looks like shit, but I don’t believe what she says. If what she says is true, then why did she go straight to social media and talk shit about Brazzers? Why didn’t she take legal action and THEN talk shit on social media?

    What pisses me off about this business, is that these WHORES cry rape when they can’t have their way or whatever else! What’s even sadder, is that all of the men in the porn biz are aware that these women are fucked up in the head, yet they won’t admit to it because they’re too busy banking off of them.

    Again, ALL WHORES LIE! I am willing to bet money that Nikki Benz won’t take any legal action against this nor Brazzers and that all she will do is bitch! These lying whores can cry rape and then the whole industry will go and support them, even if it turns out to be BS lies!

    • She looks like total shit and she has makeup on there. Imagine her without it.

      The Brazzers guy was fired already. Any woman or minority that accuses a man of something will cost the man his job whether or not the accusations are true.

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