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Bree Olson: Don’t Ever tell me My Job is Easy 5/22/2009

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Olson writes: Fort Wayne Indiana is my home. When I state “My home” I mean the place that I still reside to this day. I grew up in the Fort Wayne area and have been here since I was two years old.

The same people I went to preschool with are the same people I graduated high school with. All of my family is here and not only are my parents still married but they’ve lived in the same house all of my life.

My upbringing was normal, middle class mid-western lifestyle. With that said I think it’s fair to say I had a stable upbringing. This helps to explain that when I first flew out to California to partake in the adult industry I didn’t make the “move” like most girls in the industry. I opted to fly to and from work. I have too many established relationships and grounded roots here in Indiana to just up and leave. It has in a sense “worked out” for me to remain in Indiana even though my work is elsewhere but there is a large price to pay to remain living in Indiana.

When I first got involved in the adult industry I was known as what the adult industry calls a “freelancer”. I was still attending Purdue at the time so I would go to class throughout the week and fly to Los Angeles on the weekends or on extended school breaks to work. I had an agent and he would set up bookings for me for all different types of companies. Some were to shoot adult movies others were for magazine shoots. After working in Adult for a few months my grades started to slip and being pre-med it was unacceptable to be receiving the grades I was getting so I dropped out. This is when I decided to take on the industry full force and go out to LA for a month to months at a time. I would shoot movies almost every day. My popularity grew alongside my positive reputation and at this point more opportunities came. Several of the largest adult companies asked me to be a contract girl, which entails working strictly for just that company and not only shooting movies but also promotional work. I went through my options and finally chose Adam and Eve.

Now that I had became a contract girl with Adam and Eve I was basically put on salary. My duties for Adam and Eve include the following: shooting 10-12 movies a year. Most of these movies are story line based. In each movie I shoot an average of two sex scenes. Also promotional work whether it be store signings or conventions. They also set me up with interviews via radio, television, internet, newspaper and magazine. I also get set up with red carpet events and hosting clubs, parties, and award shows. We do photo shoots for promotion as well as commercials. The list really does just go on and on.

Aside from my work for Adam and Eve I also have my website This is the personal site I have so don’t be fooled by imitators. I respond to my members daily via the mailing system through the site. I also respond to every single comment they leave. Also I answer all questions in the question section. I also do weekly webcam shows and write blogs for the site. I shoot my own content for the site and adam and eve provides the movies I’ve shot for them on the site as well. I do reality shoots where its me going on trips and I also shoot every type of sex scene you can imagine. Interracial, anal, gangbangs……I love it all. I also do photo shoots for the site as well.

Even though I am exclusive to Adam and Eve I still have the freedom to shoot for other companies as long as its not hard core ( meaning no penetration) So I can still do basically anything on camera for other companies as long as nothing is inside me. However, when it comes to photo shoots for magazines etc I am allowed to be penetrated. Outside of Adam and Eve I still have my agent, Foxxx Modeling. They help me get work with these other companies and they also organize mainstream work for me like reality shows and smaller parts in mainstream movies.

Something that I’ve started doing more recently is feature dancing. This is where my dancing agent comes into play. I average about one feature dance a month for right now. Due to my hectic schedule there is no way I could take any more than that right now. My agent organizes the details of my dancing gigs and I show up and perform. This tour I am on right now is called “The sexiest sides of Bree.” I travel all over the world performing these shows. Its an average of 5 shows over the course of two to three nights and I stay in each city an average of 4-5 nights. I’d hate to call it feature dancing because they are more of performances than anything. Whether the routine is a baseball player hitting autographed panties out to the crowd or a Hawaiian dancer “laying” the guys around the stage… everyone has a good time.

Now, the thing that upsets me and the reason for this blog is because some people are completely oblivious to the Adult Industry. When I tell someone, “Yeah, I’m getting ready to fly out tomorrow to go work.” And their response is, “Awe man you’re so lucky! Have fun fucking!” it leaves me feeling fairly irritated. If I had to put all the different responsibilities of my job onto a pie chart a very small percentage of that pie would be the act of performing sex. I have listed above all of things I have to do all the time.

When I am at home I am constantly on the computer and if I’m not working on BreeOlson.Com I am doing MySpace, Twitter and Face Book. Also networking and looking for more mainstream opportunities and just seeing what’s out there and what I can sink my teeth into next. Aside from that I respond to every single letter and package that comes to my PO BOX.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my job. I am blessed to be so successful and still rising especially throughout this recession that our country is in. I love the sex…. But you have to understand, there’s not much of it. I only have sex about 20 days out of the year for Adam and Eve. Just what do you think I am doing the rest of the year? I am attending conventions, award shows, signings, feature dancing, photo shoots, appearances, television shows, readings, business meetings and a whole lot more!

Most girls go to the mall to shop for an outfit for a hot date or a night out with the girls. I go to buy dresses for conventions or outfits for webcam shows. You think you’re nine to five is so bad? Well you still get to go home and sleep in your bed every night while I’m sitting in a hotel room all by myself. I could be sitting at home and get a call to fly out to LA the following day at 6am for TV show shooting one day and then fly back. Cause ya know what? That’s just what happened to me today. Sorry little sis. Our miniature golf is getting put on hold again. How many rain checks do you have from me now? Yes I have been all over the world but very little do I get to experience it. I see the inside of airports, conventions, clubs and hotels. That’s my travel life. One day I could be in Pittsburg performing a show then off to Miami for a week for a convention then to LA to shoot a movie then to New York for a few days to do interviews then off to Brazil for two weeks for conventions, interviews and appearances then home for two days and then off to Canada to partake in a signing.

My work never ends. Even when I am back in Indiana eating with a friend I am torn between being the Midwestern girl I was brought up to be or being Bree the Adult Film Star from Los Angeles. I am 5’3 and weigh 130. That is extremely normal here in the Midwest and people even say that I have a nice body here. Well not compared to the girls in LA. Compared to those tofu eating bitches I am “chubby”. When I go to pick up that piece of pizza I think about those pretty girls in LA and not being able to fit into the size 0 wardrobe on sets. Sometimes I say fuck it and still eat it. Other times I’ll go look in the mirror and cry. That’s what LA does to you. That’s what the entertainment industry does to you. That’s what I am judged on in this industry. Looks. Yeah, other stuff matters too but if you don’t have the looks none of the other stuff matters.

I love my fans. I love my work. But please…. Don’t ever tell me my job is easy.

Bree Olson


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