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Bree Olson: “Go Vegan and I’ll Have Sex With You”

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JG: What’s your name and why do we know who you are?

Bree Olson: Bree Olson, and as far as why anyone knows who I am… haha it depends! I WAS a porn star and now I am a mainstream actress and model. I am most recently known for my cover and 8 page pictorial in the August 2011 issue of Playboy.

JG: Isn’t there some other way that we know who you are as well…?

Bree Olson: Yes, but I am sort of sick of talking about Charlie, hence why I didn’t bring it up. We are still very close so it’s actually quite funny because yesterday he and I were laughing and joking that every time I do an interview all people want to do is talk about our relationship considering we dated for quite a while. He assured me it’d get better 😉

JG: No, I meant… because you just got named CarpeVegan’s 2011 Vegan of the Year. Who’s Charlie? I’m kidding. He’s not vegan, is he?

Bree Olson: No, but I got him to eat vegan almost every day I lived with him. 🙂

JG: By the way, congratulations on winning our little contest.

Bree Olson: Thank you! I went up 89 spots! You guys started me at 90 so that was quite the accomplishment. A huge shout out to the authors of Skinny Bitch and also the Supreme Master Chang Hai for encouraging this vegan restaurant I eat at ALL THE TIME in Fort Wayne, Indiana (the Loving Cafe). Honestly if it wasn’t for seitan and tempeh being so delish and so close to my natural craving (remember, Indiana people) I don’t know if I would have been able to stick to it. I’ve traveled all over the world and honestly the Loving Cafe is THE BEST VEGAN RESTAURANT I’ve ever been to.

JG: So, starting out at number 90, did you think you had any chance of winning the whole thing?

Bree Olson: It is insane for me to have bypassed everyone including the people that got me here in the first place! All I can say to that is I have VERY DEDICATED fans! I am happy for the recognition but everyone on this list is just as deserving. I am just so happy we are all raising awareness and making a difference!

JG: In 2008, you won the AVN [Adult Video News] best new starlet award which, as I understand it, is one of the two biggest honors an adult film actress can receive. Be honest, though: winning this award from CarpeVegan is a way, way bigger deal, right?

Bree Olson: I worked really hard that year and was very happy to have received the award but nothing compares to a competition like this where I am actually changing the world and bettering lives. Even saving lives. There is just is no comparison.

JG: Wow, I was just joking. But if you actually feel that way, that’s awesome. What other kind of attention have you gotten from the vegan community?

Bree Olson: I was named PETA’s honorary lettuce lady which was pretty cool! I also got a shout out from the ASPCA on twitter, and I loved that! The best thing for me though is being in this competition and CarpeVegan staying open-minded and allowing me to be a part of this amazing change we are all trying to make.

JG: Of course we “allowed” you to be in the competition. You’re a well-known individual who is extremely passionate and outspoken about veganism– why the hell wouldn’t we include you? Has it been your experience that sometimes doors are closed to you because of choices you’ve made in the past?

Bree Olson: Mmm… Not necessarily closed doors. Just doors not opening as often reaching out for me. But no worries, I will get there. I’m going to work my butt off this next year going to all the acting classes, auditions, meeting with agents etc. I have nothing else to do now. That is my focus. I will give 110% and I think with my determination this next year is going to really pay off in the long run.

JG: So what are your goals in that area? Sorry if this sounds like a job interview question, but where do you see yourself in ten or twenty years?

Bree Olson: Well, wherever I am and whatever I am doing I hope to be blessed with a husband and children. Other than that I would like to be a well known actress in mainstream television, theatre or the big screen. I would love to be a main character in a television series. I love True Blood (hey, they eat each other, not animals). I’d love to be on a show similar to that. I also hope that with my growing popularity I can further educate people on the importance of veganism. Stars are so highly looked up to, and I think that’s a great way I can make a difference. I also hate euthanasia of perfectly healthy animals so I would build large non kill sanctuaries and shelters all over the globe with all that money 😉

JG: Okay, so let’s talk about veganism a little bit more. When did you first become vegan and why?

Bree Olson: I have been vegan for over a year. I was overweight, especially for being in front of cameras all the time. My diet consisted of meat in every meal and most snacks too. I remember the day it all changed… I had sausage and eggs for breakfast, a burger and fries for lunch, and a meat lovers pizza for dinner. I went to bed feeling disgusting. I felt not only unattractive but physically sick. I decided while I was laying there in bed I would look on my iPhone in iBooks for a diet book. I saw a title called “Skinny Bitch”. That was the end. I bought and read the whole thing that night. When I woke up in the morning I cleared all non-vegan food out of my house and told everyone I was going vegan. They thought I was crazy (I live in Indiana). Nobody believed me but I stuck with it and lost 40 pounds in two months JUST by eating vegan. I still read Skinny Bitch and pull out verses as if it is my Bible. I guess it is… Skinny Bitch is my Bible for veganism.

JG: Yeah, I think that’s one of the best books out there.

Bree Olson: When I read that book the whole time I was thinking, “Why didn’t they teach me this stuff in school!” “Why doesn’t anyone seem to know about any of this!” I have also always been an animal lover so they gave me some references in the book and one thing I did was watch “Meet Your Meat” on PETA’s website. That was horrific to me. I never want to contribute to being the cause of what those poor innocent animals go through ever again! I am outraged since I have become so educated on the treatment of animals and our food corporations in general. I try every day to channel my rage into positivity. The only way it will change is by the general public going vegan, eating organic and buying local food and products as much as possible. All I can do is set an example and spread the word and hope for people to follow.

JG: Well, it’s obvious that you look better than ever since going vegan; have you noticed any other effects (positive or negative)?

Bree Olson: Thank you! Since I’ve gone vegan I have so much more energy! I feel like I’m 15 again! It’s ridiculously awesome! I am slim and fit and my skin is clear. My nails and hair are even healthier. I can just feel it to the core of my body and it feels great! I also feel more spiritual as though I have a connection with the animals and everyone that suffers because of animal consumption in this world. I feel guilt free and that is a good feeling.

JG: What reaction have you gotten from friends/family about your veganism?

Bree Olson: I take my friends and family to the Loving Café here in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It is actually a restaurant opened by followers of Supreme Master! They love it and I have converted several of my friends into FULL vegans, and for those I have not they have either gone vegetarian or eat much less meat based meals. I am very influential when it comes to things I am passionate about. 😉

JG: And what about your fans?

Bree Olson: Well, they REALLY appreciate my vegan body! I can tell you that! As far as making a difference, I talk with them often about being vegan, many are curious, some defensive… but I am patient and kind and with that, people open their minds and are receptive of the information I give them.

JG: Yeah, I’ve been following you on twitter for a while, and you tweet about veganism constantly– which is awesome. And, as you mentioned earlier, it’s obvious that you’ve got a really dedicated and supportive fanbase overall. However, there’s always a couple of idiots who respond to anything you post about veganism with the same stupid, tired joke. You know which one I mean [use your imagination, readers]. How do you keep from slapping these people?

Bree Olson: They are just bored and silly. I’ve learned to just laugh when I read them. They think they are clever but they are only the millionth person to use that comment, so I guess the joke is really on them.

JG: I’ve also seen several guys respond to you by bragging about how they could never be vegan, as if you’ll be impressed by how masculine they are for eating meat. How do you actually feel about this?

Bree Olson: I don’t think men who eat meat are more masculine. I just don’t think they’ve been provided with enough information for them to make the proper decision on being vegan. A well educated man is most sexy to me, so by all means guys, pull out that Skinny Bastard book and get schooled!

JG: In a recent interview, you made a statement that I think might be the t-shirt slogan of the decade: “Go vegan and I’ll have sex with you”. My question is: are you serious about that?

Bree Olson: I wish I was. I bet I could get a great vegan turn out from that! It was said jokingly 😉

JG: Oh, okay.

Bree Olson: I’d gladly send anyone that did turn vegan a full Bree Olson care package though, consisting of movies, magazines, posters…

JG: Yeah. Yeah, no. Yeah, that’s good too. Hey, so, this might get into an area that’s a little bit personal, but… there is a perception among certain people that women get into porn only if they are forced to against their will or because they need to pay for a drug habit. Would you mind providing me with the name of the person who forced you and a list of the drugs to which you are addicted?

Bree Olson: Haha! I like you! 😉

JG: Actually, I’ve read that you were a pre-med student at Purdue, is that right?

Bree Olson: I was bored with my life and loved porn so I did an Internet search and typed in the words “porn applications”. I didn’t plan on making a career out of it. I wanted to stay in school, but as the demand for me grew in the industry and as I made more money at doing something I loved, I stayed. 🙂 I never will regret it, because I wouldn’t be where I am today, and today I’m very happy and content.

JG: Well, I guess we’re glad you did it too, because it put you in a great position to advocate for animals and veganism. We’ll be following your career and rooting for you. You’ll check back in with us now and again, won’t you?

Bree Olson: I NEVER forget my roots. To CarpeVegan for the ultimate recognition I’ll be forever grateful. You’ve gained a life long follower.


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