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Brian Surewood in Protective Custody

Porn Valley- Attorney Michael Fattorosi aka Pornlaw, was a guest on the show Lynn LeMay and I host on KSEX, Fattorosi was on this past Wednesday afternoon.

After casually suggesting an image change in which I, as Fattorosi’s potential image consultant, would have him adopting more of a General Custer look by wearing attorney Jerry Spence’s old fringe buckskin jackets, Fattorosi said lawyers tend to have their own style and look.

“I’ll tell you what Brian Surewood’s mom said when she met me,” Fattorosi continued. “She goes yes I can imagine you being Brian’s attorney.”

Fattorosi felt that had he walked into that first meeting with a pinstripe demeanor she would have looked at him, “How could you be his lawyer?”

Since he brought the subject up, I asked Fattorosi how Surewood was doing

“He’s doing okay,” said Fattorosi. “Without going into too many details, he is in protective custody. It means he’s in solitary confinement for his own protection.

“Not so much for Brian but for the other gentleman [Armando Ayon] that was involved, the other gentleman I had heard- don’t know how, don’t know where- that there was some death threats made against his life.

“And he requested to stay in protective custody. And at that point we talked to Brian and he requested to stay in protective custody as well.”

Surewood’s arraignment was October 17.

“Had Brian come up with the bail, he would have been on his own recognizance,” I said.

“It’s a very large bail- it’s a $1.2 million bail,” said Fattorosi.

“By putting that bail up, your price of freedom is $125,000. That’s what you’re going to have to pay and you’re not going to get that money back to be able to walk free. Not a lot of people have $125,000 sitting around to say, hey, I want to be free. Especially when you’re looking at a criminal case the way we’re looking at it. You’ve got to conserve resources and spend the money where it’s best spent.”

According to Fattorosi, a preliminary hearing is scheduled some time in January, so Surewood remains in custody until then.

I asked Fattorosi what Surewood’s day would be like.

“He can receive letters, he can receive care pacakages,” continues Fattorosi. “But as far as interaction with other people, no.”

Which means no TV.

“You can’t do shit and just stare at a wall,” I add.

“Read and stare at a wall,” Fattorosi agrees. “Jail’s not a fun place to be for any situation. But when you’re in protective custody that makes it much more difficult.”

Another attorney was brought into the case.

“I’m not a criminal defense attorney handliong criminal; cases of this magnitude,” Fattorosi explains. “For a thing like this, I wanted an attorney involved in the case that knew the Van Nuys court house, knew the judges, knew the prosecutor and we actually went through a fairly long list of attorneys that were capable of handling this case.

“With his family and his friends input, we selected a firm by the name of Jonathan Kissel. The actual attorney that’s going to be handling the case over there is a man by the name of Peter Korn who was a prosecutor in the Van Nuys office for 14 years.”

“He knows prosecuor Falco who is handling the case on behalf of the county of Los Angeles,” states Fattorosi.

“I know that Brian’s in very capable hands with Kissel and Korn doing the vast majority of the criminal defense work. I’ll sit second chair; I’ll help out where I can but they’re going to be doing the vast majority.”

I thought that the LA mayor’s comments about throwing the book at Surewood were a little disturbing.

“What would you expect him to say?” comments Fattorosi. “Honestly, as a politician there was a lot of uproar over this case. I remind anybody who’s watching or listening, the day before this happened there was another incident in El Monte where you had to road racers, allegedly, who ended up killing a mother and two children. Their car flipped over and burst into flames. So when you have that back-to-back, you got to have the mayor step up and say something. I don’t blame the mayor for what he says. He’s a politician and he’s going to do what he can to stay on the voters good side.”

“What I don’t like is what LAPD is doing,” Fattorosi adds. “Those are police officers not politicians. Some of the quotes they’ve made, while not being inaccurate, are sensational. And to go out there and make sensational quotes about an ongoing criminal investigation makes me a little concerned.”


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