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Brianna Love & Daphne Rosen on Carolla-final

Porn Valley- Brianna Love [picture-] and Daphne Rosen were guests on the Adam Carolla Show Wednesday morning.

Love was talking about some of her movies and Carolla referred to one of them as The Dr. Zhivago of interracial hole-stretching films.

It was observed that Love had “an innocent puss about her”.

“Innocent Puss 5 is one of her movies,” Carolla noted dryly.

Carolla announced that Rosen was from Tel Aviv with “nipples the size of cantaloupes, the size of yarmulkes”.

“That’s where I was born,” Rosen said. It was duly noted that Rosen was possessor of the largest bosoms that ever entered the studio.

“Those are obviously enhanced,” observed Carolla.

“Slightly,” replied Rosen who was a natural F and now she’s 41 G. Her ass is also 41 inches around. Carolla, who imagined that Rosen’s boobies could be seen from space as well as The Great Wall of China, compared her ehancement to a guy who was walking around with 13 inches in his pants and wanted to get to 15. According to Rosen, she came to the states when she was two and grew up in Massachusetts.

“I went to college and started taking pictures- I was a total ham in front of the camera,” she added. Noting that Rosen was actually her last name, Carolla said she must hate her parents.

“I know the Jews and I’ll tell you this,” Carolla continued. “Most parents hate their kids getting into porn, but a Jew? Whew. Maybe second only to Asians. Asians will actually take their own lives if their kids get into porn. Jews, second. Your parents must hate this career you’ve chosen.”

Rosen claims no.

“My parents are all for it,” she commented. “I was never raised with oh my goodness, having sex is a problem. I’ve never been raised with that as a bad thing.” Rosen noted that her mother’s Israeli.

“We have a softer breed of north American Jew over here,” said Carolla. “They’ve been domesticated. In Israel they have the commando Jew and the women have followed suit as well. The Jews come in two forms- I’ll snap your yarmulke ass like kindling or please do not hurt me. A huge, hairy forearm guy who speaks with a weird accent and used to be part of some commando team in Israeli. It’s one of those two guys, nothing in between. The same with the women.”

With her being in college, Carolla was curious what got Rosen on the booby train.

“I took pictures for a whole bondage-thing that somebody thought they were going to make into a magazine and it never happened,” she answered. Rosen said she’ll try anything once and if she likes it, great.

“If not, I’ll never do it again- at least I’ve had the experience,” she continued. Rosen said she loved the experience. Rosen continued to say that her family was thrilled about her being in porn.

“I don’t let it take over me- I take over it,” she said. “If I was being taken advantage of in the industry they would have a problem with it.” Asked what her father did, Rosen said he teaches Physics.

“What range!” mused Carolla.

Carolla got to Love and asked her what her story was. Love said she’s been on her own since the age of 15.

“I’ve been traveling through the world trying to find my mark,” she said.

“Now we’re talking- an abused runaway,” observed Carolla. “Now things are coming into focus. This whole went to Amherst by way of Tel Aviv-thing was not working for me at all with the Physics professor. But now a young runaway. Finally, back to terra firma.” Love acknowledged that she ran away to Las Vegas.

“The city of all bad things that can happen,” she laughed. Love’s originally from Fresno and has lived all over the US. Love was raised by a single mom always trying always to find a better school for her.

Abusive step dad one step ahead of the law?” Carolla asked. Love said she moved to Vegas and began doing everything that she could, illegally.

“I was 17 years-old doing parties and just a lot of fun stuff- having way too much fun,” she stated. Carolla kept pressing the abusive step dad issue and Love claimed she was emancipated.

“I did it the smart way,” she said. “I was, like, look, my mom is so strict, she’s trying to pull me out of school because I’m having sex. And I’m involved in everything at school and so I need to graduate. She’s trying go pull me out of school. I did it right and now I can be the rebel I wanted to be.” Love said she began doing bachelor parties in Vegas.

“I did have a fake ID for a minute,” Love said in response to the question. “By the time I got into the business I was legal but I did run around in Vegas for a long time illegally. In Vegas all you have to have is a hundred dollars to tip somebody and you can do anything you want.”

“You’re just on the streets in Vegas?” Carolla asked her.

“No, I actually found a friend and started singing at the Bellagio,” Love answered. “I was working on tips and making too much money.” Love explained that she was singing in a lounge.

“In Las Vegas you have to be able to sing different things because different crowds come through,” she went on to say. Love mentioned that she had been to Porn Star Karaoke the night before and was doing Eighties. Love said she was doing Xanadu, gave a rendition, and Carolla mentioned he had the movie on laser disc. Carolla was amused by the notion of Porn Star Karaoke, and Love said Stephanie Swift was there as well.

“A couple of major girls were there- we were having a couple of drinks, singing and picking up girls for our party,” said Love, noting that it was at Sardos in Burbank. Asked if she was there, Rosen said, no, that she skipped out.

“She knew she had to be at the radio station early and didn’t want to still be half drunk like me,” Love chuckled.

“That’s the Jew in her,” Carolla commented. He wanted to get back to the subject of Love being in Las Vegas.

“You’re living on the streets like a feral child…you get some money together and what happens?” Love said she was singing at the Bellagio when someone approached her and told her she was gorgeous and had a sexual energy about her.

“That turned me on,” she said. “I went home and masturbated to that.” Carolla said in a guy’s case when someone comes up to you and says you have sexual energy, they usually hand you a shovel.

“That’s what happened to me.”

Asked about Ron Jeremy, Rosen said she’s done some great scenes with him.

“A little Jew on Jew taboo,” Carolla called it. “He finished up then you guys read the Torah?” Carolla thought Rosen would have been disgusted by him and Rosen said it was quite the opposite, that she adored Jeremy.

“He’s hairy, he’s zaftig and he’s old,” Carolla objected.

“He wears it well,” answered Rosen. Carolla noted that there’s a certain musk that a man who carries weight in his underpants has. Love said she was just in Houston recently doing a signing with Jeremy.

“He came up and gave us all hugs. We were, like, Ron, did you shower?”


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