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Bridgette Kerkove: Fed News About to Break?

Skeeter Kerkove posts: Bridgette Kerkove is furious, husband Skeeter Kerkove received 2 nominations from His Bad Ass Pictures Metro movies and Bridgette only received one. Bridgette is blaming the publicity dept., because a former Metro employee who Bridgette was having an illicit affair with, made sure Skeeter Kerkove received no publicity whatsoever, including no publicity on screeners,

Skeeters nominations are Teenage Heathens a mexican experience in the Latin category and Best Anal Themed feature Wild Side.

Skeeter Kerkove is the only director in the history of porn to shoot an all Latin movie, all anal and D.P. and every Latin girl a real teenager either 18 or 19 years old, all shot in one day, including the cable version.

Skeeter Kerkove also has the record for the highest amount of automatic DVD sale sold to Europe without screeners, one thousand five hundred pieces per movie. 800 by sea and 700 by air to Erotic Media Playhouse.

Skeeter Kerkove was the first director in the History of Metro’s tenure, to receive back to back Editors choices. Sodomy Law of the land Dec. 2004 and Spent Jan. 2005. Skeeter Kerkove movies were the most profitable ever for Metro based on cost per movie versus gross income.

Sadly Bridgette Kerkove has never even had an Editors choice, and her spotlight picks were movies Skeeter Kerkove, cast, produced, directed, did full wardrobe on and all paperwork.

Gustavo Chaverria conspired with Bridgette Kerkove to break both state laws and federal laws in an attempt to frame Skeeter Kerkove. There were also 3 other males and Bridgette Kerkoves mother, Debbie Felekel involved in the conspiracy.

The illicit affair between Gustavo Chaverria and Bridgette Kerkove aka Patricia Lynn Kerkove, Newhall, California resident started March 17th, 2005.

Bridgette Kerkove told Keith O’Connor and Gustavo Chaverria I want Skeeter out of Metro, I want his name and reputation destroyed, I want him unemployed. I want to take him down. Both Keith O’Connor and Gustavo Chaverria confided to Skeeter that Bridgette said this. Kelly Wells was jacking off Skeeter Kerkove’s cock, while Gene Ross called Skeeter, the outlaw of the West Pecos.

When Keith O’ Connor called Skeeter, Kelly Wells answewred his cell phone, while taking care of his white boy cock. Things heat up at Metro, as Bridgette gets busted, Even Noel Bloom cannot completely cover this one up, Bridgette is going down in flames, she is an illeagal prostitute according to the IRS and Skeeter Kerkove, nobody will and commit perjury to come to her defense, everybody is embarrassed, publicly of their association with Bridgette Kerkove aka Patricia Lynn Kerkove, Newhall, California resident, 2-08-1977. Are you next? On her illeagal framing, or her illeagal prostitution. Do not become a victim of Mrs. Kerkove or Ms. Felkel. You have been warned.

Above picture, Mrs. Kerkove compliments her next lie, not that is not a B-class shemale, that really is Bridgette Kerkove un re-touched!!!!!.



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