Britney Fooling Around with Married Man?

Is Britney Spears moving in on another woman’s husband? Paparazzi recently caught her lip-locking with 21-year-old Columbus Short, one of her backup dancers.

Short’s Los Angeles agency would not comment yesterday on reports that his wife is pregnant with their first child. But in the picture at right, he certainly looks like he hopes no one is watching.

Spears and Short were snapped on Aug. 23 in Culver City, Calif., during a rehearsal for Spears’ number at the MTV Video Music Awards.

But Spears, with a cigarette in her hand, appears to be practicing for the smooch she shared with Madonna. More pictures of them are available online at the Dutch fan site, in the “miscellaneous” gallery.

Spears even threw Short a birthday party in New York over the weekend, reports Us Weekly.

A spokeswoman for Spears said, “Britney and Columbus Short are friends. He is one of her dancers and is helping choreograph some numbers for her.”

She didn’t say what kind of numbers.

Britney has a history with choreographers. Unconfirmed reports suggest she may have linked with dance prodigy Wade Robson, who has worked with both her and Justin Timberlake.



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