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Britney Stevens, Rikki Six, Laela Price Compete on Stern Dumb as a Box of Rocks Contest

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from After a commercial break Howard came back and said that it’s time for everybody’s favorite game show ”Dumber Than a Box Of Rocks.” Fred played the theme song and Howard said that the girls are hot and he doesn’t care if they’re dumb.

Howard said this is the tournament of champions for Dumber than a Box of Rocks. Howard said they’re playing for $5,000 from Steven Singer Jewelers. One of the girls, Rikki, was wearing her earrings from the last time they played.

Howard explained the rules to the girls and then introduced Britney Stevens. He played a clip from one of her porn movies called ”Face Fucking 3.” Howard asked if she was putting that noise on. She said it was real. Howard said this man is insulting her during the scene. He asked if that’s right to do. Britney said that she was doing the same to him. Howard said Britney had trouble spelling ”retarded” last time. She tried spelling it this time and Howard said she did it wrong. She actually spelled it correctly.

Howard said he thought she threw in an extra T. Howard said she did learn from her first experience. Howard said he heard that Britney is out of porn. She said she’s still doing it but not as often as she was.

Britney said she’s doing make up for the industry and she’s doing the webcam thing now. Britney said she got tired of the whole thing. Howard said she read she gets $14.90 a minute. He said that’s pretty good.

Howard said he read that she did a threesome with her sister in one movie. She said she did that. Robin asked if they touched each other. Britney said they touched and kissed. She said she didn’t do anything else.

Howard asked Rikki if that’s going too far. She said that her sister wants to do it too so she’s willing to do it. She said her sister wants to go down on her. She said they have fucked the same guys. Howard asked if they’ve done that with each other in the room. She said they haven’t.

Howard said that the next girl is Rikki Six. Howard said Rikki had trouble with the word feces last time she was on. Howard asked if she has learned. She spelled it ”FECIES.” Howard said that’s close. He said she spelled it closer this time. Howard said they asked her what the abbreviation for oxygen was and she said OZ.

Howard said that Rikki just flew in from Las Vegas where she was doing a super bowl party. Howard asked if people try to have sex with her at the party. She said that they do that all the time. Howard asked if guys get physical and say they’re going to do it anyway. She said she has security that takes care of that.

Howard said Rikki studied for this last time she was on. Howard said that didn’t help last time. Rikki said she didn’t study this time. It didn’t help last time. Howard said she has enough to do.

Howard asked Rikki how she decides who she’s going to have sex with. Rikki said they can’t be a douche. She said guys with a big ego are out too. She said that she got married since the last time she was there. Howard asked if that’s going to work with her being in porn.

She said he’s very supportive actually. Howard asked if maybe he doesn’t care that much about her if he doesn’t mind. She said that this is the way it is and she’s not going to change. She said he’s a freestyle motocrosser. Howard said she must bring home other women. She said she does and she fucks a lot. She said they fuck 3 times a day. Howard asked how long they’ve been married. She said since the 16th of January. Howard said it’s no wonder they’re still fucking. Howard said they’re still on their honeymoon.

Howard said that Laela Pryce is in the game but she’s never played Dumber Than a Box of Rocks before. She said her agent called and asked if she wanted to do it and she said yes. She said she’s only been in porn for about 5 or 6 weeks. She’s only done 8 scenes so far. She said she had to stop doing her webcam thing. She said she’s doing two more scenes this month but she might get booked for more stuff.

Robin asked how the girls feel about the condom laws in California. Laela said that she hasn’t heard anything about it. Rikki said they’re in California but now where the law is. Britney said she doesn’t care either way. Rikki said she hates condoms. She said they get stuck inside her pussy. Howard said his mom always said that to him too.

Howard asked Laela about how she got into porn. Laela told him how she got into it after someone suggested it to her. Howard said it’s time to get to the game now.

Howard said he had to take a break and then get to the game. He said you can follow the girls on Twitter @BritStevensall, @Rikki_Six and @LaelaPryce

After the break Howard came back and got to the game. Howard started with Britney. Howard said the rules are simple. He said they get a point if they get one right and -1 if they get one wrong. Howard said they also have to say they’re dumber than a box of rocks.

Howard asked ”What state is home to the Grand Canyon?” Britney said Arizona and got it right.

Howard asked Rikki ”Who is credited with discovering electricity?” Rikki said ”What?” Howard asked her to think about who might have found it. She said Abraham Lincoln. She was wrong. She had to say she was dumber than a box of rocks. Howard asked Laela the same question. She said she knows that and said Benjamin Franklin. She got that one right. Rikki said she knew that it was a President.

Howard said the game is long so Rikki isn’t out yet. Howard asked Britney about who said the famous quote ”Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” She said Martin Luther King. She got that one wrong. She had to say she’s dumber than a box of rocks. Rikki said she was going to say the same thing. Howard asked Rikki the same question and she said she knows this one. She said she thinks it’s a president. She said that it’s not Ben Franklin. She guessed George Washington.

She had to say she’s dumber than a box of rocks. Howard asked Laela the same thing. Laela said two people come to mind. She said she wants to say John F. Kennedy or Obama. Howard asked who she’s going to choose. She said JFK. Howard asked if she’s sure. Laela said she thinks she’s going to stick with that. Howard said she’s right. Howard said she must be in Mensa. Britney and Rikki had no idea what Mensa was.

Howard asked Britney ”Who is the Vice President of the United States?” She said Mitt Romney. Howard said she was wrong and had to say she was dumber than a box of rocks. Howard asked Rikki the same question. Rikki said Joe Biden. She got it right. She was back up to -1 which was a tie with Britney.

Howard asked Laela ”Who invented the telephone?” Laela said she didn’t know. Howard told her to just name anyone. She had no idea. Howard asked Britney if she knew. Britney said she has no idea either. She took a guess with Albert Einstein.

Howard said she’s wrong. She said she’s dumber than a box of rocks. Robin said Laela never said that so Howard had her do that first. Then he asked Rikki if she knew the answer. Rikki said she didn’t know either. She guessed Abraham Lincoln. She was back down to -1. She said she’s dumber than a box of rocks. Howard told the that it’s Alexander Graham Bell.

Howard asked Laela what Venison is. She said ”Italy.” Howard asked Britney if she knew. She said ”California.” Howard said that’s wrong too. Rikki said she’s got this one. She said Greece. She was wrong too. They thought he was asking ”What is Venice in?”

Howard said Laela is in the lead with 0. The other two had -3. Howard asked if they knew what Venison is now. They said it was meat. Howard said he’s glad to see they’re paying attention.

Howard asked Britney ”How many angles does a triangle have?” Britney said three. She got one right. She had -2.

Howard asked Rikki ”The U.N. stands for what?” Howard asked if she’s ever even heard of that. Rikki had no idea what he was talking about. Howard said it’s a governmental organization. She said that it’s United Nations. Howard said she’s right. She was up to -2. Laela was still in the lead with 0.

Howard said it’s time for some spelling. Howard asked Laela to spell atheist. Laela said that she knows what the word means. She spelled it ”ATHESIT.” Howard said that’s wrong. She had to say she’s dumber than a box of rocks. Britney spelled it ”ATHEIUS.” Howard said that’s wrong too. Rikki tried and spelled it ”ATHIEST.” Howard said that’s wrong too.

Howard asked Laela what the F in JFK stands for. She said Frederick. She had to say that she’s dumber than a box of rocks. Howard asked Britney what it stands for. Britney didn’t know either. She said ”Freida” or Fred. Rikki said it was Franklin. She was wrong too. They all had to say they were dumber than a box of rocks.

Howard asked Laela how Bill Gates made his fortune. She said he invented the internet but she’s not sure how he made his fortune. She blurted out Microsoft and got it right. She was up to -1. Rikki had -4.

Howard asked Britney what HBO stands for. She said she knows what it is but not what it stands for. She said she has no idea. Howard told her to give it a guess. She said ”Home…” but that’s as far as she got. She had to say she’s dumber than a box of rocks. Howard asked Rikki what it stands for. She said ”How Boys get Off.” Laela said that it stands for Home Box Office and got it right.

Howard asked Rikki an easy one. Howard asked what the shortest month of the year is. She got it with February. Howard asked what a baby cow is called. She said it’s a calf. She got that one right too.

Howard asked Laela what the E in email stands for. She got it with Electronic. Howard said that it’s time to count the score and see who won. Laela won with a score of 1. He said Rikki and Britney had -4 each. Howard said they both won $500 each. Howard said Laela won $5,000. Howard said that Steven Singer was there to present Laela with the check. Steven came in and gave the check to her. She said she’s not sure what to do with the money because that’s a lot of fuckin money.

Howard gave Steven some plugs for the special roses they sell and Steven thanked Howard for promoting that because they’ve sold out of two of the colors already. Howard had all of the girls say they love Steven Singer. Howard said they do everything he says. Howard had them say that he’s the hottest guy on the planet. Howard asked Steven if he had anything to say. Steven thanked him for having him on and for being such a great spokesperson for them over the years.

Howard gave the girls their Twitter plugs again and asked if they had any plugs. Britney said that she did some movies for Evil Angel and had fun doing that. Howard asked what the biggest penis was that she took in her ass. She said it was like 9 inches.

Howard said Rikki tweets out naked pictures of herself naked every day. She said she does that every morning. Howard asked if she has done anal on film. She said she hasn’t yet. She said she’s saving that. Howard asked if she had anything to say to the audience. She got in a plug for her web site

Howard said Laela won and asked if she had anything to talk about. She said she’s doing some scenes this month. She said that she’s not sure what else is going on. Howard said she should buy an island with that 5 grand she just won. Howard said he has to buy one so he can get away from everyone. Howard thanked Steven Singer for coming in and giving $500 to each of the girls who didn’t win. Howard said Steven is great to the fans. Howard said that he has to thank everyone for coming in and went to break after that.


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