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Brittany Andrews: Diva Las Vegas; Arrow Creating an Interactive Legends of Erotica Site

Las Vegas- Everybody’s retiring.

Jenna at the AEE show said she’s no longer spreading her legs, got booed and the whole world Googled it. Teagan Presley this weekend makes a valedictory speech on her blog hinting at forces sinister behind her leaving the business.

Then Brittany Andrews at the Legends of Erotica show last week addressed the issue of life after porn. Andrews said she was going to film school in New York and didn’t want to make movies at this point in her career. It was time to move on, she said. Andrews also conceded that she was getting too old for this stuff and wanted to do something else in her life.

In Andrews’ case, there were some last gasps of diva-ism before she even got on the stage.

I tried contacting her a handful of times in the weeks before the Legends of Erotica event. Each time Andrews’ “assistant” leaves messages telling me that Andrews was either so very busy, or could do an interview only at a selected time on the weekends. No problem there.

But, as you might expect, Andrews would never be available even at the times she suggested which suited her convenience. The last tentative appointment was the Sunday afternoon prior to AEE when Andrews left me hanging. Again.

I also heard from several of those present at Legends of Erotica who thought that Andrews carried herself like a plate of hot shit. On another occasion at the Arrow booth, Andrews apparently refused an offer of a the new Deep Throat energy drink saying, “I would never drink THAT!”

Other offers of accommodation to Andrews met with similar responses- except for the issue of supplying AEE show badges to her troupe and other cronies. A ride on a mechanical bull often serves well to adjust attitudes.

If nothing else, a ride on one is a conversation starter. That being the case, Arrow Productions, had plenty of chatter going on at AEE . Arrow which shared space with PAW, headlined the week with Debi Diamond.

“And we brought a bunch of girls down from our strip club- Talk of the Town- dressed in costume,” says the company’s marketing director, Robert Interlandi.

For auto buffs, Auto also brought out the Deep Throat Corvette plus the Devil in Miss Jones T-Bird. [Company owner Raymond Pistol’s car.]

“We had Howard Stern TV do a skit on the mechanical bull,” notes Interlandi.

“Benjy got on the mechanical bull with two other twinks who were dressed only in jockey shorts. Benjy had on boxer briefs. Then they all got on and Benjy was in the middle of a twink sandwich. Benjy’s riding the bull between the two twinks. The first time, he falls off with a twink. Benjy likes it so much he gets back on for a second go-round then he falls off again- and they’re all rolling around.

“It got really gay,” chuckles Interlandi. “Benjy started holding the hands of the twinks, and they’re bouncing around. Then they bring in this black woman with a huge ass and Benjy rides face to face on the bull with her. He falls off again, hurts her and she punches him in the face. Then, for some reason, it could have been her makeup or ass juice but there was a big brown spot on his shoulder. A commentator’s going: ‘Benjy has got ass juice on his shoulder- it could have been from the twinks or the big black woman.’

“Then we sent in the Deep Throat nurses to revive him because he was pretty muck knocked out by the black chick.”

“They were doing CPR and mouth-to-mouth,” Interlandi continues. “When Benjy came to he picked the nurses up and fireman carried them around the bull. It should be a pretty good segment on Howard TV. It was too ridiculous.”

During The Legends of Erotica show as Ron Jeremy was being inducted, all the girls wanted Jeremy to stick his penis in the concrete, according to Interlandi.

“Ron didn’t want to do that- because he saw what happened to John Holmes and there was no way in hell he’s going to stick it in that; John Holmes’ dick got burnt by the lime,” Interlandi laughs.

“Ron said he’s not attracted to concrete and there’s no way it can make him hard. He said he could get hard in this whole crowd of people but no way for the concrete. He then asked Pistol if he had a cast of his penis. Jeremy said it looks just like my penis, the only difference is my penis doesn’t have a suction cup. So Ron cut off the suction cup and Debi Diamond grabs his ‘penis’ and throws it in the crowd, telling him stick your real penis in it [the cement].

“I caught the penis in the crowd of people,” says Interlandi. “Ron goes, just give me my penis. So I throw it at him and it lands right in his hand. Right after that, Ron sticks it in the concrete- so I was the last person to touch his cock before it went in the concrete, you might say. That was also kinda gay.”

Interlandi also said he was going to ask people to submit videos and pictures they took at The Legends of Erotica event.

“We’re going to put them up on the website, ,” says Interlandi. “There were a lot of people that were shooting pictures and videos. Anything that they’re putting up on YouTube they can just send to us, too, and we’ll post it up on the site. “

Submissions should be sent to: [email protected]


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