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Brittney Skye Talks About Her ‘Perversions’

Porn Valley- Brittney Skye, noted for her streaking at the U.S. Open last year was a guest of the Sports Swami Friday.

Swami tried another of his specious romance rumors linking Skye to golfer Jim Furyk.

You might remember that Skye approached Furyk as he was on the 11th hole of the final round. Wearing pasties and little else, she streaked across the green to deliver two roses to the golfer. But Skye giggled denying any subsequent love connections.

Skye threw in a plug for Golden Palace who first contacted her to do the stunt. “It was really scary, actually,” said Skye. “I was so nervous. My knees were locking. I didn’t think I’d be able to do it but I did it.” Skye, who pretty much related the same story on last October, was subsequently arrested and said she was thrown in jail that night. “I got out early that morning and had to go back to court a couple of months later. Then I had to go back to jail for the night again.”

“It was disorderly conduct,” she said. “I wasn’t naked or anything. The judge just didn’t like me; I don’t know. He said I had left the state. I came home to California. They made me go to jail for the night for punishment.”

Swami again pressed the canard about Skye and Furyk being an item. Skye said that was absolutely silly. “He’s married and old.” Swami persisted in linking Skye to people in adult film, mainstream and sports. “Who is the lucky guy?” Skye said she was currently single. “I don’t attach myself very often. I just like to have fun.” Skye said another impediment to romance is the fact that she gets bored fast. “That’s another big problem. I like to be able to do whatever I want.” But asked what excites her, Skye said, men. “I’m more into men than women.” Skye said she also likes to go to concerts. “And I like running around, shopping.”

Skye said she’s been working with a relatively new adult company. Sineplex. “I like them a lot. We’ve got some really cool stuff coming out. Brittney’s Perversions comes out in two weeks so you’ll have to go get it. It’s really fun, different stuff.” Skye said it showcases her in a way she’s never been seen before. “I got to be a little nastier. It was real Brittney.”

Skye said the porn star she’d most like to work with is Jenna. Asked about the physical comparisons she gets between herself and Jameson, Skye said she takes it as a compliment. “I think she’s beautiful. I’d rather be compared to her than pretty much anyone else in the industry.”

Asked why she got into the adult industry rather than mainstream modeling or acting, Skye, who’s been in over a 170 movies, confessed she was a nympho. “I love it. I think I wanted to do it a long time. I finally found my calling.” Skye said she was very nervous her first couple of months in the business but did it for the money. “Now I love it. I never knew how much I’d like it.” Skye said her work days are long. “I go into makeup for an hour, two hours and sometimes sit around for 10 hours before you even get to have sex. But it’s all good in the end.” Skye said she likes to have fun when she goes to work. “I love my job,” she said, indicating that what you see on the screen is pretty much what you get in person.

Asked the inevitable question about family reaction, Skye said her folks were hesitant in the beginning but the fact that she’s making a lot of money seems to have softened the blow. “I go over there like five times a week.” Neither does Skye subscribe to the contention that porn degrades women. “I don’t think so. I pretty much do anything I want to do. I’ve been really lucky to work with great people. As long as you’re not doing anything that affects you or makes you unhappy.”

Skye said she’s had a lot of fun working with Vivid. “I think they’re a great company.” Skye also works a lot with JKP. “I love them also.” Skye also likes working with Digital Playground. “They’re a lot of fun, too.” Skye was also asked if she’d like a contract with Digital. Skye said if she’d sign with any company, it would be Digital. But Skye enjoys working a lot whereas a contract might only have her working twice a month. “I’m not ready to sign a contract yet. But I love Digital.”

When told that Devon made some very nice comments about her, Skye said she hadn’t heard that but thinks that Devon’s beautiful. “I haven’t got to work with her.” Neither has Skye had an opportunity to work with Jesse Jane though she’s hung out with Devon and Jane at parties. “They’re always so happy and cute.” Other than Belladonna or a couple of other girls, Skye, however, doesn’t hang too much with women in the business, she said.

Skye who chatted in 78 rpm mode throughout most of the interview, credited a director whose name she flew by with. “He probably was the best- he was really strict and gets the job done really well. He taught me a lot about acting, being on time and doing my job right. He put me in my place right away.” Skye said she particularly looks up to Jenna Jameson and Belladonna. “That’s who I like. Jenna looks so beautiful but she’s so good in the business end. And Bella’s so erotic. I figure if I could be like either one of those two girls, I’d be happy.”

In his constant probing for rivalries that don’t exist, Swami asked Skye if there were any between her, Carmen Luvana, Gauge or Aurora Snow. Skye said she barely knew the girls. “Gauge and Aurora are great. I think they’re totally different because they do a lot more than me. They do A. And they’ve just been there a lot longer and have done a lot more than me.” Skye said she was just starting to get into the more nasty stuff. “I get to live out my fantasies every day I go to work. It’s great.”

Skye described AEE as crazy and chaos. “It was a lot of fun. I got to see all my girlfriends.” Skye also talked a little about her website, noting that she personally answers her e-mails and just the other day spent 10 hours working on her two sites. “I love to do content.”

Skye said she’s still too busy in the industry to give thoughts to dancing. “Probably next year or towards the end of the year. But I will be doing it.”

[There was more to the interview which unfortunately met with technical screwups and rendered it garbled.]



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