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Brooke Havem Tricia Deveraux Visit KSEX – final

Porn Valley- With the K.C. Armstrong show and it’s version of the D.T.’s playing just around the corner, I only get about an hour to sit it on Jew Hefner’s Wednesday night KSEX show.

Hefner’s now working this interview gig solo but proves quite capable behind the mike- both in command of his facts and the assured flow of the conversation.

Besides, Hefner’s a sneaker junkie and someone notices that he’s wearing a pair of Japanese Nikes. Hefner seems pleased with this observation because it would be a waste to be wearing Japanese Nikes and have no one take notice. Me, I just ordered a pagoda for my patio.

Certainly one of the loveliest women in the industry, Brooke Haven’s also in the studio and made Hefner’s day when she announces that she’s got a thing for bald men. Haven mentioned that she was currently seeing someone in New York [which must make that 3,000 mile drive home after a date a bitch].

“I need a local bald guy,” Haven laughs.

Haven then, in another moment of self-revelation, concedes that after three years in the business she isn’t working as often as she did at the beginning. According to Haven, she’d be active maybe six days a week, sometimes twice a day.

“I was always seeing Dr. Riggs,” she states.

“I’m working about three or four times a month now,” Haven continues. “My shoots have slowed down tremendously.”

Because of that, Haven, who’s been with LA Direct since the very start of her career, said she had entertained the thought of going to another agency and testing the waters. Whether she would actually do that remains another issue, she says. Another consideration, she says, is the fact that LA Direct may be repping as many as 120 girls right now. Way more then when Haven first signed up with them.

Haven, who will be 28 in November, is basically saying do the math. Besides, another reason may hold Haven to the fort.

“Derek and I have a history of dating,” she explains. “He gets more sensitive with me, and he gets distraught with the idea of me going to another agency.”

“A lot of people might think he’s a jerk and an asshole but he’s a business man,” Hefner observes.

Asked if she was a real blond, Haven describes herself as having a chemical haircut. Haven is Italian/Venezuelan and was blond until she was eight.

Haven was also on the show to promote her upcoming appearance in Denver this weekend for the 4th Annual Porn Stars Ball which is being held at the strip club, La Boheme.

“We all go into this big circus tent to sign autographs,” she explains. “And next door is the strip club. It’s good times. I think there’s maybe 28 girls being flown out there.”

“Take me along, I’ll be a snake on the plane,” Hefner suggests. Haven then told a story about how she and Derek aka Ben English flew to London one time and that she wanted to fool around under the blankets in some capacity.

“He chickened out,” she comments. “He read and I watched 80 movies.”

Haven also mentions how she likes women just as much as men.

“I keep the men bald and the women bald, too,” she laughs.

At the age of 19, Haven was a house dancer for Deja Vu.

“I did competitions and traveled a lot,” she notes. “Lexi Marie brought me into this business.”

Ultimately the Lee Network began repping her feature appearances, and Haven said it was Lee that was putting on the shindig in Denver. After which Haven said she and Trina Michaels planned to attend the dancers expo in Vegas next week and do a little partying.

“Although you get drunker faster in Denver,” she observes. “The higher elevation.”

After having watched Boogie Nights and the Larry Flynt movie, Haven discovered that the adult business wasn’t quite like it was being portrayed.

“It was nothing like what I expected,” she continues. “I thought there were drugs everywhere. I was pleasantly surprised.”

Haven first began doing g-g scenes, quickly went to b-g and feels now that she jumped the gun by doing anal soon after. Haven’s advice is if you don’t do girls in your personal life, avoid those scenes. Another mistake, Haven admits was the fact that she hadn’t done anal in her personal life before trying it on screen.

“I was shy growing up and not experimental.” And, according to Haven, the subject never came up in her early dating career.

The drama surrounding her first anal scene wound up being in one of the Seymore Butts Family Business episodes for Showtime. Haven said she put a butt plug up her ass the night before, kept it there, and it got stuck.

Haven said she was educated about butt plugs from watching a Ben English movie where he was doing anal with Vanessa Blue.

“I saw she had a butt plug,” says Haven.

By the time Haven got her own out of her ass and was ready to do the scene for Butts the next day, her male partner was wielding a pocket rocket which wound up getting swallowed by her sphincter.

“I was so embarrassed,” Haven laughs. “I had to go to the bathroom and push it out. It was a day.” Not to mention, adds Haven, the Showtime crew being there.

“I have mad butthole skills,” Hefner announces apparently in a volunteer capacity.

Haven also described another mini-embarrassment which included the fact that the makeup girl ran out of eyelashes and put “drag queen” ones on her.

“I will never forget that day.”

Meanwhile, Tricia Devereaux [aka Karen Stagliano] had just arrived and Hefner wanted to get the business of Evil Angel’s recent piracy case against Kaytel Distribution in Canada out there.

Deveraux says it was no secret that Evil Angel won a judgment of $11M in punitive damages.

“Who knows if we’ll see a cent,” she adds. It was a two year case followed by a rwo-week trial in Los Angeles. And Devereaux described some of the circumstances that led to the lawsuit.

“We were getting complaints from some of the store owners in New York,” she explained. As Jules Jordan flew there to investigate, he was shown examples of the fake Evil Angel DVDS which Kaytel was selling. Upon further investigation, Devereaux said they were able to trace it to the Canadian licensing company.

“They license other companies in the business but they don’t license us,” said Devereaux. According to Deveraux, Evil Angel did not do well with the original Canadian lawsuit because of all the legal loopholes.

“But anybody who bootlegs product is bringing down the quality of the entire business,” she stresses.

Asked if she were still working in front of the camera, Devereaux said in an occasional S&M scene. Otherwise she spends most of her time in the office or taking on an occasional assistant driector’s job for the company.

Devereaux also chatted a little about the history of Evil Angel noting that John Stagliano began the company in 1988 with the help of Bruce Seven and Ed DeRoo [Loretta Sterling]. Stagliano at the time was shooting movies for VCA, Caballero and CDi.

“He was barely breaking even,” Devereaux notes. Evil Angel’s currently maintaining a roster of 12 directors and puts out between 10 to 13 titles a month.

For her personal tastes, Devereaux said her favorite EA director is Manuel Ferrara.

“He’s perverted, sexy and the girls love him,” Devereaux smiles. “And his production values are pretty damn good, too.”


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