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Brooke Haven Finished with Vicious Media

> The item we posted last week about Jack Richmond at Legend Video being institutionalized is now confirmed by the company.

> I hear that more shit is ready to fly in the Shy Love lawsuit and additional telephone transcripts suggesting alleged fraud are about to be published. Brook Haven has also backed out of her non-exclusive with Love’s company Vicious Media. The story I’m hearing is that Haven was approached to state in an affidavit that everything was on the up and up with the company. This was considered not a smart thing to do. I’m told that Love pretty much bought cars and furnished her house with the $250,000 from the former partner that’s now suing her. Love’s apparently going outside the business to find investors.

>Red Light District is not shooting for the summer. One distributor says yesterday, “Something’s wrong over there- they’re denying it; but something’s wrong over there.”

> Former AVN’er Heidi Joy Pike apparently has a deal over at New Machine, I’m told, with a series called Fat Bottom Girls. Story is that a certain someone appropriated the Queen song and re-wrote the lyrics. A conversation went something like this: “don’t you think you’ll get sued?” The answer: “how may people will sue a porn company for copyright infringement?” Ah, Absolut, Harley Davidson, Warner Brothers, Nabisco…

> Posted on Tory Lane, the big busted starlet who has been with LA Direct Models since she started in the business, has left LA Direct to branch out on her own.

“I plan to start directing, keep growing my website (, continue my feature dancing across the country and of cousre keep shooting scenes…. but with a twist!! I think I’v establised myself now, fans know me by name now, so I really wan to pick and choose my jobs. I want to work for specific companies and specific directors. Having my freedom allows me to do just that AND focus on all the other aspects of my career.’

On LA Direct and Derek Hay. ‘Derek has made me a lot of money, any girl getting into the business…. if you want to make a name for yourself Derek is the one to get you there. I owe a lot to Derek and I’m grateful for his help in getting me to this point.’

Tory can be reached at her email – [email protected]

> Martin Del Toro writes on MySpace:

While dating Monika Miklos, for the past several years, I befriended an American Porn actress named Haley Paige.

The reasons for this sudden romance was because my student visa expired and I was suddenly an illegal alien in America. (View my “PICS” to see our authentic marriage certificate).

After dating for a few months, Haley and I married on October 15th, 2005 in a ceremony attended by my cousin Tibor. The marriage was set up in 4 hours prior to the ceremony. I moved into Haley’s apartment in North Hollywood the following day. On Thanksgiving Eve, approximately 5 weeks after our marriage, I left Haley to move in with my girlfriend Monika Miklos with whom I was living with the entire time of the fraudulent relationship between Haley and I citing her addiction to painkillers as the reason. Neither Monika nor Haley knew of each other at the time. It didn’t matter that I knew she was on painkillers and even providing her with painkillers during the duration of the relationship.

I informed my wife Haley I would return once she sobered up and that my drug addiction specialist informed me that drug users should always be alone in order to successfully conquer their addiction. I promised to return to the marriage on Christmas Day, 2005, while Haley was completely sober and to live together. It never happened. I called a week later citing a trip to Las Vegas with relatives during the Christmas holidays. During the marriage, I begged Haley not to let anyone know about the marriage. The reasoning behind this stemmed from my desire not to have anyone know, especially my girlfriend at the time. What I told Haley was this … I want a huge Satanic wedding, complete with porn paparazzi to be videotaped and sold as a symbol of our love.

Unfortunately, I never returned to my wife who was battling addiction alone. I promised I was completely loyal to my wife Haley and never cheated on her to this point. I promised to move back in with my wife Haley a week before a scheduled Homeland Security interview which was conducted on February 14, 2006. Incidentally, it was Valentine’s Day where I would tell every stranger about my glorious marriage. After the interview where I was the only one questioned by officials (under oath), I stopped calling again, praising Haley’s miraculous recovery from addiction.

At this point, sometime in mid-April approximately 5 months after I left the marriage, Haley found the marriage to be a fraud. She was in denial about the fraudulent nature of the marriage until her friends started telling her how ridiculous this marriage truly was. Haley started to discover from friends who previously did not want to be involved that I was dating Monika Miklos and living with her during the marriage even though I claimed to live in a studio.

She talked to me one last time in mid-April where she asked me if the marriage was a fraud, simply for a conditional green card. Of course I denied it. As the love from her heart dissipated, she became much more rational and realized the only reason I married her, the only reason I promised her the world, the only reason for everything was my agenda to procure legal status in the United States.

I have not talked to Haley since mid-April when she moved out of her apartment. She refuses to talk to me after I threatened her against divorcing me. I even offered to pay for the duration of the marriage but Haley still refuesed any money from me. I even tried to tell her I love her and offered to move back in with me.

Alas, she’d rather erase the past all together from her mind. I’m sure she’d like to thank her friends and lawyers for supporting her throughout this entire ordeal and their continued support.


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