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Bud Lee: Lynn Said Kat Can’t Be Away from Her Blow Too Long

Porn Valley- Bud Lee tells me he’s not been a deadbeat with Anita Cannibal, that he can produce receipts and check stubs amounting to $63,000 as part of a judgment he’s paying off to Cannibal.

Lee was responding to comments made by Lynn LeMay Thursday afternoon that he not only orchestrated some cop invasion of LeMay’s premises but had been delinquent in paying off Cannibal as well.

“I did not incite a riot as it was suggested in your column,” Lee states.

“The reason that Leonard [LeMay’s former webmaster] went to the house with a cop was because Lynn was furious with him about talking to me. I merely helped him as well as Joel the investor.”

“Lynn told Leonard she was going to have the cops waiting for him,” adds Lee.

“I said to Leonard take your own cop. He said are you sure? I said absolutely. If they don’t give you all your stuff put in a theft report.”

In the alleged Kat Kleevage [pictured] cocaine scandal, Lee first said it was Leonard who had ratted Kat out then later in the conversation said it was LeMay who also told him about Kleevage’s alleged cocaine problem.

“She told me about Kat’s drug problem at a cookout last Fall at Lynn’s apartment in Santa Monica. Kat left early. I asked why and was told she really likes her coke and can’t be away from it too long. Then Leonard later told me Lynn was doing cocaine with Kat Kleevage.

“At that cookout we were all up on the roof by the pool. Eddie [LeMay’s boyfriend] was cooking ribs, hot dogs and hamburgers. Kat was there. She was there, maybe, an hour then gets ready to leave. I go where you’re going? She says I have a lot of things to do and Lynn waves her hand at me and Kat leaves.

“Later Lynn comes up to me and says, ‘Kat can’t be away from her blow too long. That’s one thing I’d like to help her with.’

“Looks like she found a way to help her- I’ll do half and you won’t do as much.”

Lee said he’s been in touch with Joel and claims Joel is at a total loss because LeMay won’t return his phone calls or talk to him.

“I told him he needs to see what he can have salvaged.”

Lee can’t see, either, where LeMay had the idea he was on an exclusive with her.

“For $4,000 a month, that’s ridiculous,” says Lee. “I’ve got all the proof in the world but Lynn is trying to be a big shot, though she doesn’t know what the fuck she’s doing.”

“And as far as her connecting with Anita Cannibal? Lynn hates Anita Cannibal with a passion. Anita doesn’t know why.”

Which is to say, Lee doesn’t believe LeMay had any phone conversations with Anita.

Lee is also willing to offer proof, he says.

“I can back up everything,” Lee says.

Which is exactly what LeMay’s been saying, but so far no one’s offering anything.

“Absolutely I will lay down the paperwork,” Lee insists. “I have no problem doing that. Because, to this day, I’m still the only one who brought money into the company [Lemayzing]. And Joel still speaks to me two, three, four times a week. If he doesn’t believe any of the crap, why would anyone else?”

According to Lee, the reason why Powder’s check bounced, is that LeMay, herself, took money out of the company checking account for no rhyme or reason.

“I’m telling you from the bottom of my heart and I have no reason to lie- she is a world class liar,” Lee insists.

“And you’re giving her a forum.”

“Yeah, but I’m Nero and this is the Circus Maximus,” I remind Bud.

“I have no reason to lie and I could give a shit less,” continues Lee. “I talked to her very first boyfriend in this business. I was back in Cincinnati where he was working and he said to me what in the fuck are you doing? Are you out of your mind? She’s crazy and she’s going to fuck you up.”

Rather than keep responding on the Internet, Lee said he’d prefer a confab with LeMay and Joel to talk things out.

“But she’d never let me be in the same room with her and Joel, or her and the attorneys. Ever,” says Lee.

In my conversation with LeMay Thursday, she alluded to some confidentiality agreement and said Lee broached it with his comments about inside doings in the company.

“And she didn’t sign the same agreement?” asks Lee,ironically, saying there was no contract nor confidentiality agreement signed.

“I didn’t sign shit with her any way shape or form,” says Lee. “All I did was sign the back of my checks. And she didn’t mention that I took a voluntary $2,000 cut in pay the first of March because the money was getting tight.”

[LeMay claims she deducted that amount as money owed the company from Lee’s withdrawal in December.]

Lee says he took care of that by not taking any additional money until the middle of February, that this was totally different.

“She came to me the first of March and said we need to head in a new direction,” Lee relates.

LeMay apparently wanted to cut his hours and his pay, Lee claims. Then she asked him to sell LeMay as a shooting company.

“I talked to a couple of people and they said why would they do that when they could just hire me. If I’m going out to find new work it’s going to be for Bud Lee first. No doubt about it.”

Lee says it was around November that LeMay told him to quit paying attention to the websites.

“It’s true,” says Lee. “Leonard and I did go at one another several times but we didn’t hate each other.”

“He’s a pretty smart guy but went in a direction I didn’t think was right.”

LeMay also took issue with Lee’s comments about her as the owner of the company needing to be the first one to work and the last one out.

“I lived there, remember?” LeMay told me.

“She would have been, then she took naps and watched soap operas,” Lee mused.

“Let’s look at facts,” says Lee. “Frank Marino moved out of the fucking state when he broke up with her. Cameron Grant is like get the fuck away from me. You’re crazy.”

“I did exactly as I was told to do, I worked as hard as I was told to work,” Lee insists. “I was only working 100 hours a month. Why would I take a job and expect to live off that? She didn’t expect me to live off that, did she? It’s ridiculous.”

To which Lee says his bills are $6,000 a month.

“Yes, I took other jobs. No I did not use her camera to shoot Turned Out [for Sin City]. I used another guy’s camera and he’s the one who edited it. Yes, I used her camera as a BTS camera for another movie called Curfew for Sin City but only ran it for a couple of hours that day.”

Being the fact that Lee’s been around for 27 years I asked why he doesn’t have his own camera package.

“I never thought about buying one,” he replies.

“The last job I had was at Playboy and didn’t need one. I had an XL 1 for a long time and sold it. I sold another camera when I went to Playboy. And cameras sit around collecting dust and they get old. You buy a brand new camera today, it’s past tense in six months. There’s no reason to invest in one because there’s so many cameras around. You can get one from Woodland Hills camera for $150 a day. So it’s no big deal.”

“This is a pretty clear cut issue,” Lee goes on to say. “She’s lying her ass off and wants Joel to believe that other people destroyed the company. Joel [an attorney] doesn’t believe that in any way, shape or form. I’ve talked to him this week. I think he’s very skeptical about seeing his money back.”

“Remember that guy Dale Dabone and Joey Ray had down in Florida?” Lee asks. “That guy lost his ass.”

“Look, Lynn’s not going to work,” Lee continues. “She told Sean the editor I’m looking to build a big website so I can sit around and fuck off all day.”

Lee seriously put some ideas in my head with that remark. If only I could get one built like that.


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