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Porn Valley- On his Young & the Curious Show this week on KSEX, Jason Sechrest,, interviewed gay industry icon Caesar. During the show, Sechrest’s mother called and said she was confused because Caesar mentioned that he had a beautiful wife. And Caesar wasn’t talking about somebody who looks like Colin Farrell with a four-day stubble, either.

Sechrest, never prone to exaggeration, described his having Caesar on as a spiritual experience. “This will be his third appearance on my radio show.” Sechrest said he wanted to give Caesar a full hour on the show because of his status in the business.

“This is one of gay porn’s elite- this is a huge, huge name.” Sechrest said Caesar, a former newcomer of the year, was the first guest to appear on his KSEX show when it first started. “When my show started Wankus and other management people were really very skeptical of giving me a show because they knew that – obviously I’m pretty gay- I’m screamingly flamboyant.” To seal the deal, Sechrest promised that he would bring tits on the couch as well.

“Now over three years later, and many mainstream personality guests and adult personality guests, the Young & the Curious is one of top three longest running shows and one of the highest rated shows on the station.” Sechrest said he was very proud of that fact. “And it’s not all because of me.”

According to Sechrest, Caesar already had the huge fan following the first time he was on the show. Sechrest felt Caesar deserves an amazing introduction because he’s a great talent. Sechrest noted that he and Caesar rode in The Gay Pride Parade together. “We totally intimidated the fuck out of some small child before we got on the float,” Sechrest said. “People are still talking about that. And you intimidate people from time to time.”

Caesar, who speaks in a growl anyway, attributed that to his presence more than anything. “I think people look for me to do that. So they already have preconceived notions.” Sechrest was of the opinion that some people, to prove a point that they’re not intimidated, behave like assholes. One guy at the parade was like that, and Caesar said he doesn’t remember his name.

Sechrest mentioned a site, Caesar said he worked for them and went to an event in Germany last year. “I was a good opportunity to see some things and do a show and get paid.” But Caesar apparently wasn’t paid what he was promised. Caesar said he went along with a couple of other performers that included Jason Adonis. The contract, according to Caesar didn’t specify Euro dollars or American dollars. “In the conversion rate, Euro dollars are much less dollars. The conversion ended up screwing us a little bit. We let it go.”

Sechrest said he was then approached by Brandon Baker about, if you’ll pardon the pun, a joint venture. “He was running this whole thing. He came to me and we talked about it. he said if you can bring in some really big name stars.” Sechrest said he called Caesar who was skeptical at first because of his past with Rentboy. “They tell me what they will do for Caesar if give him three free months of premium listing on Rentboy.” Sechrest said it ended up being a huge debacle. “First they credited you then charged your credit card twice. Now you account’s just gone.” Caesar said they haven’t been responding to his e-mails. “It’s sad,” he said. “They’re supposed to be a reputable company.”

Caesar said the fact they he’s done the company favors and they’ve screwed him twice is his fault. Based on that incident, Sechrest said he won’t be working with the company again. Sechrest mentioned that Caesar’s fans can find him at [how’d the casino drop the ball on this one?]. Sechrest also advised fans not to go to Rentboy expecting to find him there. Caesar said he’s completely revamped his site so that the design is different. He has live streaming video. “The webcams are archived,” he added. The site is updated several times a week including the gallery. “We have video clips up there every Tuesday and Friday- it’s something every day.”

It was noted that Caesar had just finished two new videos which can be found on the site. They’re for Caesar’s own production company. One is a solo video; the other is a workout video. In approaching the solo video, Caesar said he checked others out as well. “There’s only so much one guy can do- stroke himself- in different locations. It’s kind of boring after awhile.” To entertain some variety in the production, Caesar let his body hair and facial hair grow. “I set it up like a dream sequence. I’m home looking at some pictures and kind of horny. I fell asleep. In the dream I’m with my wife.” Caesar said his wife is in the movie. Sechrest said she’s beautiful and loves her.

“Then I see this other guy who happens to be a non-hairy smooth Caesar. It’s me. I see myself walk by and I decide to go after that.” Sechrest said it was fucking awesome to see a hairy version of Caesar jerking off to a smooth version. Caesar does three cum shots in the movie and eats it. There’s toy action as well, he says. “The hairy me is more of the rough neck kind of guy. And the smooth Caesar is more of the show off. I’m shaving my balls. It was all shot in 123 degree heat.” Caesar said he was dehydrated before the shoot so he could looked ripped but he had to stop a few times or else faint. “It was record heat.”

Sechrest asked him how much time he spends at the gym. During competition time he’ll be at the gym twice a day, the first time doing cardio and abs; back in the evening he’ll spend another two hours. Sechrest aid he just wanted to crawl in Caesar’s chest and live there. Knowing that he was coming to the show, Sechrest said he got in shape knowing that Caesar liked the slim-slink boys.

One of Caesar’s first films was a gangbang. “And the latest movie you’ve done is a solo,” Sechrest remarked. “You’ve gone from gangbangs to solos. The complete opposite of what every other porn star has done.” According to Caesar when he first got into porn, he was into drugs. Sechrest asked if that was when he was a Falcon exclusive. Caesar said he never signed with the company. “I didn’t get sucked into that. I did do Falcon movies in the beginning.” He was never an exclusive for any company. “I never wanted to be.” At the time Caesar was a partyer and lacked focus. “Once I got off of that and back into bodybuilding, my life got smarter. I’m just more calculating now with my career then I was then.” Nevertheless, whatever he did, Caesar suspected that it worked because he got a few awards. “People like me.”

Regarding the solo video, Caesar said he did it for the demand of the fans and for the website. The last webcam show had 250 people watching. “That’s not bad- it is pretty good.” The point that Caesar also wanted to make is that there’s nothing pornographic about the workout video. Caesar said muscleheads will obviously like it. “I did it more for me and educational purposes and to inspire and motivate people- and make money.” Caesar said he was doing a series of those tape, the first one emphasizing chest and shoulders. And I got diet- film of my cooking in the morning, my supplementation- the supplements I take and why and what they do for me.”

It was noted that Caesar’s also a champion bodybuilders and has competed on the national level in the super heavyweight division. His first contest was in 2002 and he had been bodybuilding prior to porn. The passion for him, says Caesar, is not so much the competition as the workouts in the gym and achieving your goals. Caesar said he’s less of a competitive person than when he was younger. “I’m still competitive but it doesn’t eat me up as much as it did.” Sechrest then began focusing on Caesar’s eyes, making gushy, goo-goo comments. “Your face looks so much like it did 10 years ago,” said Sechrest wondering if there was Botox involved.

According to Caesar. his wife has made him pay more attention to night masks. “And my diet during contest time is much cleaner.” During the last couple of months he’s been eating broccoli, wild rice, chicken breasts and egg whites as well. Asked where he shot the workout video, Caesar said it was the World Gym in Palm Springs. “They were kind enough to allow us to do that for free. That was very cool.”

Sechrest thought there was also a mansion used as a backdrop. Sechrest said it was a very sweet setup with great vistas and, again, 123 degree heat. Caesar’s last visit to the show was two years ago with Sechrest nothing there had been a lot of changes in his personal life since then. Caesar said he was with Forest Men back then and is no longer being repped by David Forest. Sechrest noted that Caesar chose a public venue to disengage his business relationship with Forest. Caesar said the only way he could answer was by ramming the guy.

“He wasn’t doing his job- he was focused more on parties and other things,” Caesar noted. “He had newer models. And every time he gets a new model, he focuses it all on them and forgets about the ones making him money. The point is he stopped doing what I needed to do. I was allowing it to happen, getting lax and not paying attention to my career.” Caesar had been with Forest for five years. “He was not doing his job.”

Sechrest asked Caesar why he chose a public venue, one that Forest booked him at, to let everyone know Caesar fired him. “Basically, again, he wasn’t listening to me,” Caesar answered. “And from my past experiences of watching other people who decide to do it privately, it becomes a big mess. And David spins his little webs out there and makes it look like it’s all bad on you and he did this. I wanted to make it very clear.” According to Caesar, Forest went on a forum and began ripping him. “I decided to go on there and post the truth. I said at the time he had some drug problems- he wasn’t doing his job. He had some legal problems. After that he stopped harassing.”

Even with that Forest has apparently booked Caesar for some gig in August. “The deal was through him. But we didn’t speak.” Caesar said he just doesn’t have anything to say to Forest. “And being away from him I’ve been more motivated and got things started that I’ve been talking about for years.” One of those, said Caesar, is the start up of his video production company. “I’m more focused on myself now that I’m not with him.”

Sechrest noted that Caesar appears in a movie Cowboy for Big Blue Productions. “You were nominated for tons of awards for that.” Asked if it was one of his better films, Caesar didn’t know if his sex was the best in that movie. “It’s a very cool movie. The acting, the storyline- as much as you can act in porn. But it was enough to get me the best actor award. I’m glad I got to do it.” Sechrest asked why he wasn’t in the sequel, Cowboy Rides Again.

“Money,” said Caesar. “Flat out. He didn’t want to pay me what I was worth. I’m definitely overpriced.” As far as Sechrest knew, Caesar was the highest paid person in gay porn. Caesar said there were a few people ahead of him. Sechrest wondered if Caesar’s price range hindered him from making more movies.

“I think it probably has a little bit,” Caesar replied. “But I think the biggest hindrance was being with David Forest. A lot of companies wouldn’t work with him.” Caesar admitted that he gets paid maybe ten times the average of a porn star so he figured he might as well form his own company and make his own movies. “Expect the beginning of next year to see my first XXX movie.” Asked if he had seen the Cowboy sequel, the comments Caesar heard were the fact that he wasn’t in it. Caesar said the only thing that bothered him was the fact that the company felt they could get away with not paying what he was worth.

“I’m not sure how the movie did but I’m pretty sure it’s not any where near what Cowboy did.”

Sechrest asked Caesar to describe what his relationship was like with Tom Katt, another gay porn star.

“We were like brothers,” said Caesar. “We worked out together- we eat together.” Sechrest thought they lived together. Caesar said Katt was paying a ridiculous amount of rent for a one-room apartment and so invited him to move in. “He lived with us for a year. We both had the same interests. We both loved bodybuilding. We’re both fanatic about it. We both had the same sense of humor. We both got along and had the same understanding of the porn industry and how it can make your life difficult in other areas. Back from where he lived- Atlanta; back from where I’m at, Indiana- the troubles we had back there, we just blended really well. We were around each other a little too much.”

Caesar said he tends to be the leader of the pack and if you’re slacking, he’ll push you to move. “Come with me or get out of my way. I think that he didn’t want to go in the same direction. Instead of talking to me about it, he just disappeared. In the end he wanted to go one way and wasn’t quite honest about it.” According to Caesar, Katt wanted out of porn but didn’t talk to him about it. “He just disappeared but from what I’ve heard that’s not the first time he’s done that. he has a lot of issues.” The last time Caesar saw Katt was maybe two years ago. “But I think it’s better the way it is.” Caesar heard that he was into bible studies and doing personal training. “He’s probably the best personal trainer I’ve ever met. He’s very knowledgeable- very good at it.”

Sechrest heard rumors that Katt wanted the relationship to go further than Caesar was willing to take it.

“I’m pretty sure that was the case,” Caesar replied. Sechrest was curious why Katt wouldn’t come out and tell him he was attracted to Caesar. “I think maybe sometimes he thought I wouldn’t be his friend,” Caesar speculated. “I wasn’t attracted to him in that way. People know pretty much my attraction to twinks.” Sechrest said that’s why he’s lost a few pounds so he could sleep with Caesar.

Caesar said Katt was more of top whereas that’s why Caesar is. “I wouldn’t want to top him- that wouldn’t turn me on. That wouldn’t work sexually. For his part, Caesar says he loves topping twink boys.

Sechrest’s mother then called expressing confusion about Caesar having wife. “You are a handsome whore- that’s all I can say.” Speaking on behalf of the KSEX chatroom, Sechrest’s mom said there was conversation about the wife and what was that all about. “I think you need to spell it out.” Caesar said if there was a label on him, it would be bisexual.

“But I don’t think I have a label,” he said. “I don’t think I fit into a neat little box like that. I’ve had a boyfriend that I’ve loved. I thought that was something that would never happen.”

Sechrest was of the opinion that both he and Caesar would have to be dominated in a physical relationship. But Caesar said he knows for sure that he likes twinky, feminine boys to top. “I know that for sure.” The last time Caesar had sex with a guy was a few weeks ago. Asked if he did it in front of his wife, Caesar said not this time. “But it has happened.” Caesar found the guy via an e-mail. “I get a lot of work that way,” he laughed. According to what Tom Katt told him, bodybuilder-hunks usually just pose and flex for their admirers.

Caesar said that was a fetish but by being a porn star, a litle more might be expected of him. “It’s harder to do to sit there and pose for an hour and flex. That’s a lot of work. I’d rather be getting a blowjob.” Some guys have gotten off on his biceps, he says. “It’s kind of cool- you’re getting off on my arm. It’s good for the ego. It makes you feel good.”


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