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Call girls write letters in support of Miami Companions boss

Tanya Danielle’s answer to the porn recession

Detroit- from – Attorney Paul DeCailly [pictured] has long argued that his client, Gregory Carr, never coerced or forced anyone to engage in prostitution when he ran Miami Companions, a high-priced escort service that was busted in Detroit last summer.

But don’t just take DeCailly’s word for it, he says.

Take it from the escorts themselves, who have written letters to a federal judge, telling them what a good person Carr is, and that he doesn’t deserve prison time for his crime.

“I don’t know how much you know about the escort business but I can tell you that I have never run across anyone that cared so much for another human being as Greg Carr,” Sol Hernandez, a former Miami Companions escort, wrote in a letter that was filed today in U.S. District Court in Detroit.

The letter, and two others like it, were filed six days before Carr is scheduled to be sentenced for his role in running the agency. He faces 21-27 months in prison.

Hernandez, in her letter, urged the judge to be lenient with Carr.

“I was shocked to find out that Greg was arrested and charged with coercion or enticement to commit prostitution as I knew a few of the girls that were working when I worked and everyone seemed so happy,” the letter continued. “ …. I know I was never forced or enticed to do anything that I didn’t want to do willingly and I doubt others were, either, which is why I am requesting that you be as lenient as possible when you sentence Greg.”

DeCailly filed the escorts’ letters, along with numerous other letters written by relatives and friends, in a sentencing memo in which he is seeking probation for Carr, who pleaded guilty in March to running a massive agency that dispatched waves of prostitutes nationwide, Detroit being among its busiest ports.

DeCailly’s filing came one day after the government issued its sentencing memo, in which it urged the court to give Carr a 27-month prison sentence. DeCailly, though, maintains that his client never coerced anyone into engaging in prostitution, but rather the call girls knew what they were doing, did so willingly, and that several of them are still working as escorts.

” Do we look at the Victims? Who are they?” DeCailly wrote in his sentencing memo. “It is clear that (Miami Companions) never made any woman do anything against her will. In fact, the irrefutable evidence, including the business records of MC, the client list, calendar, and escort contact list, is littered with references and notes indicating that the escorts were in complete control of their travel, rate of pay, the types of clients they would see or not see, and their entire schedules. No personnel from MC ever traveled with the escorts or even kept an eye on the escorts while they were touring. In fact, many of them traveled with their husbands or boyfriends, who were not in any way affiliated with MC. “

DeCailly also questioned the credibility of the government’s witnesses — the bulk of them escort girls — claiming that many of them continue to work in the escort world. He wrote: ” Witness C is an adult film star who has made over 75 movies during her career. Witness D currently tours as an independent escort … Witness E is currently working independently touring throughout Canada … Witness G is currently working independently out of Boston.”

DeCailly had argued this point repeatedly since his client was arrested last year, along with four other women, on charges they ran a massive prostitution ring that made millions and dispatched waves of call girls to locations nationwide. Court records show that some of the escorts earned as much as $500 an hour from clients, including a famous rock star in south Florida, a prominent Washington lobbyist and a retired Detroit cop who died having sex with a call girl.

According to court documents, Carr ran Miami Companions for nearly a decade with his now ex-wife, Laurie Carr, who cut a deal with the government and is awaiting sentencing. She is facing 12 months in prison.

Both Carrs pleaded guilty to money laundering and conspiracy to persuade or entice someone to engage in prostitution. Today, the first of the Miami Companions defendants was spared a prison sentence for her role in the operation. Nayubet Swaso, a former porn star and call girl who was the operations manager at call centers in Panama and Costa Rica, received a one-day prison sentence, but for time already served. She will be on supervised release for two years.

A federal judge gave her the sentence after Swaso told him she was a changed person.

“I have a plan, and everyday I wake up in the morning I don’t want to go back to what I was doing,” Swaso told the judge, later adding: “I really have changed.”


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