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Can Ducati Sell the Movie?

Porn Valley- I don’t know how true this is but Skeeter Kerkove’s telling me that a porn company can’t sell a movie unless all the performers in it have been paid. [A signed model release doesn’t necessarily mean you were paid on the spot.]

“You do not own a movie until everyone is paid in full,” Skeeter contends. “If somebody dies, you can’t release it. You’ve got to get it taken care of in court. There’s no way out of it. The bottom line is a cancelled check, or a sign receipt for cash received that will match a handwriting analysis test. Let’s be real. This is porn. No jury is going to listen to one person’s word against another.”

Which brings me to an interesting point. I had a meeting with Kevin Rubio [pictured] of Ducati Productions this week and during the course of conversation we talk about a movie Skeeter directed for him titled Welcome to the Bunghole #2. Skeeter was telling me that all the performers in the movie had problems getting paid. Rubio assured me such was not the case that all checks were taken care of within a week of an August 2, 2005 shooting date.

Rubio proceeded to show me cancelled checks. Leah Luv’s was dated within a week of the shoot, but Skeeter says he talked to Luv three months after the shoot and she still hadn’t been paid. But the most egregious example was Hillary Scott’s. Rubio is showing me a post office returned envelope with Scott’s check apparently still in it. The address was incorrect but Rubio said that was the one Scott had given him. But then Rubio shows me his checkbook from 2006 and says a check dated June 16 was the makeup check for Scott.

Which, if you follow Skeeter’s argument makes Welcome to the Bunghole #2 illegal to sell because it was released October 2 of 2005 before Scott was supposedly paid. But it gets better. Rubio at our meeting on Monday swears Scott was paid but as soon as our talk was over, Rubio was on the phone to Scott giving her “attitude” from what I’m told. It was then that Rubio made arrangements to send Scott a check which she received Tuesday of this week, the day after my meeting with Rubio. That means Rubio was bullshitting me. He hadn’t paid Scott like he said he had.

On another note, Rubio told me that he was selling Welcome to the Bunghole #3 as a comp because he had to yank a scene out of there which apparently appeared in another company’s movie. Rubio blames Skeeter for providing him the scene that needed to come out. Yet Skeeter did some research yesterday to discover that #3 is being sold as a first run movie. Skeeter also contends that Rubio’s running a scene featuring Katsumi in several movies which are being sold first run. Rubio told me that he bought the scene from another source yet Skeeter contends that Craven Moorehead shot the scene specifically for Rubio.

“Craven Moorehead personally does not shoot a girl fucking a girl with strap-ons- that was done for Ducati. That Katsumi scene with Victoria Sweet was shot for Ducati. If kevin Ducati had been on a set they would have worn pigtails and then he doubles it up.”

All of this is coming out of a lawsuit that Rubio filed against Skeeter in June and then reported the fact last week on the Internet. I asked Rubio in the meeting what he was suing Skeeter about and Rubio said it was over Welcome to the Bunghole #1, that Rubio discovered a scene with Nicki Hunter, Reno and Bad Bob appearing in another movie for another company. Yet Skeeter keeps insisting the matter is over Welcome to the Bunghole #2. I asked Skeeter for a copy of the suit and said he’d provide one.

“One of my attorneys said you’re such a beautiful client- you can pull facts that would cost $40,000 to $50,000,” says Skeeter patting his own back. Kerkove next tells me that Adult DVD Empire is selling Welcome To the Bunghole #3 as first run.

“For $24.95 retail,” says Skeeter. “They bought it for the high wholesale provided it was like #1 & #2. Every single comp DVD- and just so you know there’s over 100,000 of them at Adult DVD Empire- everyone that is a comp, at the way bottom of the page is listed as compilation. Kevin Ducati is selling Welcome to the Bunghole #3 to Adult DVD Empire for the exact cost of #1 and #2. Otherwise Adult DVD Empire pays 60 cents to three dollars for a compilation, maximum. But it is sold as a comp and listed as a compilation at the bottom of every page.”

According to Skeeter if you were to type in the word “stickit” and hit DVD search on Adult DVD Empire it would take you to one of Skeeter’s movies.

“At the bottom would be director-Skeeter Kerkove and if you click on that you’ll see maybe 60 of 70 movies they have of mine out of 200. Some of them are too hardcore after the Rob Black indictment. That’s when they pulled over 40. That happened to a lot of directors. I’m not the only one.”

Skeeter says if you then go to the Welcome to the Bunghole series you will find that it’s being sold at full price.

“I know he told you he’s selling it as a comp. I know monster companies that are selling new releases for $4 each and these are being sold for $13.50. Until this week neither Kevin Ducati nor North Star claimed this was a compilation. This is rolling in the dough. This is how they have the Ducati ranch which isn’t a ranch. Hundreds of compilations are done daily but they’re never done with the same, exact name of a continuing, exclusive series. I put my name on that. When Zero Tolerance and Third Degree does a comp, they’re sold as comps and every Internet website that buys them knows they’re comps. But they don’t have the same name as the ongoing series. And I mean never.”

“I know Kevin Ducati- the butt pirate- told you he’s not suing me over Welcome to the Bunghole #2,” Skeeter continues. “But I will give you my $9,000 Rolex watch if he can’t show you his legal paperwork that he’s suing me on numerous things over Welcome to the Bunghole #2. Even the past week his attorney told him you can’t go after him [Skeeter]- this is frivolous.”

On the matter involving Scott, Skeeter said he got it straight from the horse’s mouth that Rubio gave her “attitude.”

“He said I sent a check to you and it came back returned to sender. Hillary told him my address is my address and that I moved. She asked him if he re-sent the check, that what is this envelope that you sent me because I called you numerous times and said this is my address, this is where I live.” In the conversation Scott was supposed to have had with Rubio, she was told that she would be sent a check that day. Skeeter remembers Scott coming to him a couple of weeks after the shoot wondering about her money.

“He wants me to go to his house,” Scott is supposed to have told Skeeter. “He creeps me out.” Scott never went to pick up her check.

“There’s obviously nothing wrong with that,” thinks Skeeter. “Kevin Ducati has creeped out a person or two.” As far as Scott never getting paid because of an issue on addresses, Skeeter says Scott retains the same cell phone number she’s always had.

When Skeeter renewed talks with Scott about the missing check earlier this year, he went to Derek at LA Direct for advice.

“I called Derek,” said Skeeter. “Derek has had a couple of girls win big, BIG lawsuits settled out of court because executive producers said we tried to pay them, we couldn’t find them. That wasn’t true because, thank goodness, their cell phones on the model releases were the same then as they are now.”

Going back to what he had said earlier about not being able to release a movie until everyone’s paid in full, Skeeter also states, “When it happens to an LA Direct Models girl, they come up way ahead for the pain and suffering and embarrassment they had to go through.”

According to Skeeter, Alex Sanders who had shot over 80 movies with him voiced equal concerns about getting paid.I asked Skeeter, given the fact that he was the director, how come he didn’t make out the checks.

“I asked Kevin Ducati should I pay everybody and he explained it to me- he says that’s how he gets the girls to the pad.”

Skeeter also claims that Rubio is bullshitting about taking a bath on #2. Skeeter claims Rubio had a chat with Otto Bauer to say that “Skeeter’s movies sell good- real good.” Besides, said Skeeter, it would have been impossible for Rubio to have lost money on it.

“Kevin Ducati made a European sale on it- and he told me the cable deal would be no problem.” Skeeter also admits that the movie was made on the cheap, for under $11,000.

“You had six girls doing anal with a cable version, a Euro-version, how could you not recoup your money on it? Every single girl does anal. You have Audrey Hollander, the AVN female Performer of the Year and the movie has definitely the top three girls in the world, for real. You have Hillary Scott. You have Kelly Wells, Alex Sanders and Otto Bauer. But you also have a scene I did not want to direct. Four of the scenes in the movie the girls are wearing fetish clothes. Why would there be a fifth scene of girls [Leah Luv and Hillary Scott] in pigtails?”

And that’s Skeeter’s argument that the scene was shot that way so it could be fitted into other Ducati movies that would also be sold as first-run.

“Hillary especially will tell you that I’m so not into that, but it was Kevin Ducati’s order and I carefully told them in front of witnesses you have to dress like this because this is going to be in my movie and you’ll going to get paid for it. Kevin has told me he’ll put it into Pigtail Cuties and the Star-on Girl series and make a lot of extra money- that’s two scenes for free. I did tell them I got to shoot it this way because Kevin needs it for three different movies to be sold as a brand new release.”

According to Skeeter, he was not paid in advance to shoot the movie, either.

“But when you read the lawsuit, Kevin is saying I was paid in advance for the movie. And he wouldn’t even give me money for two enemas.”

Skeeter says after some discussion at length it was finally decided to shoot the movie at his house.

“I told him my house is not for free, it’s a million dollar home, and it’s never for free,” said Skeeter. “He told me to give him a good deal. I told him it depends on how many hours. He told me to go ahead and shoot it.”

The only reason why Skeeter’s bringing up this point is that he’s claiming Rubio never gave him a location fee.

“Then I got a call the night before that I cannot have a makeup artist,” Skeeter goes on to say. “Every set you’ve been on of mine has a makeup artist. It was to save money. Then he had a fit about paying the guys their rate.”


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