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Can You Guess It’s Kurt Lockwood?

Porn Valley- Robert Lombard of Creative Image Management, was a guest on KSEX’s The Wanker Show Friday night.

“He’s known as the nice guy of porn,” said Wankus making the intros. Lombard appeared a bit tentative to take a seat on the KSEX couch and Wankus told him not to worry that it had been sanitized. Co-host Katie Morgan was talking about some of the boy-boy hijinx going on Jason Sechrest’s show earlier and Lombard said if given another 15 minutes there would have been a bigger mess to mop up. Lombard basically came on the show unannounced to tell Wankus there had been a role written for him in episode 3 of the softcore series Sinsations.

“It’s been developed and written about the adult industry in a very positive manner,” Lombard pointed out. “We’re trying to be very careful to have the writer [Fozzi] write it correctly. We’re not making anybody look bad. And we’re not putting the industry down. It’s a very positive look. But we are speaking some truths and when we do speak some truths it’s done with some humor.”

Lombard brought with him some clips from Episode 2.

“In every episode we try to create a story line that has a comedic bit to it,” Lombard explained. “In Episode 2 we created a character-who- I don’t know. Someone said it’s kind of similar to someone in the adult industry. We used a mainstream actor.” [Danny Dagger]

Lombard then played a couple of the scenes to see if Wankus could figure out who was being spoofed with Dagger’s performance. It took Wankus about two seconds to figure out that it was Kurt Lockwood who was getting roasted.

“If he has a tattoo pointing to his ass I’m going to die,” laughed Wankus as he watched Dagger’s obnoxious performance.

“Baby there are no other men- the rest are just boys,” Dagger is heard telling Syren. Syren next tells Dagger where he can find the makeup room.

“I don’t think I’ll need makeup,” Dagger states.

“Someone in the chatroom says look it’s Keanu Reeves doing Kurt Lockwood,” Wankus chuckled. Jacy Andrews’ character then tells Evan Stone who’s playing the director that he scraped the bottom of the barrel with his choice of male leads.

“No one wants to work with that arrogant prick!” Stone pleads with her, that it’s just one scene. Dagger then asks Stone if Andrews is going to be able to keep up with him.

“You know, Robert, as the nice guy in porn you’re destroying Lockwood right here, you know that,” Wankus told Lombard.

“I didn’t say it was Kurt Lockwood,” Lombard replied innocently.

“You said it without saying it,” Wankus added. “That’s fucked up.”

“Please tell me you put a tattoo with an arrow pointing to his ass, please tell me you did that,” Wankus said as he watched more of the footage.

“I’m not saying it’s Kurt Lockwood,” Lombard kept repeating.

“I know you’re not, but we all know it is,” Wankus insisted.

During the course of the scene, Dagger’s character can’t get it up and blames Andrews.

“It’s her, man. She’s on my no-list,” Dagger tells Stone and Andrews mutters something about hiring little boys to do a man’s job.

Lombard told Wankus a part had been written in the series for him as well. Handing him a script, Lombard said this is what he had to look forward to, but there would also be an opportunity to wing it substantially and be in-character.

“Too bad you didn’t have me working with that guy [Dagger],” said Wankus. I would have had a field day.”

Lombard just said there would be more surprises in store. Lombard also announced that Michelle Maylene would be brought back for episode three as well as Andrews and McKenzie Lee who was introduced last episode.

“She’s [Lee] coming back to continue on with her character,” Lombard added, noting that Lacie Heart would be an additional to the ensemble as well.

“What we try to do is develop characters around the individual porn star so she doesn’t have to play a given character,” Lombard noted. Wankus mentioned there would be a big Lacie Heart announcement related to KSEX coming up soon but he wasn’t at liberty to say for now.

Someone in the chatroom asked where this series could be seen.

“It’s coming soon to late night cable near you,” Wankus announced. “The third episode [of Sinsations] is being shot right now.” In another announcement, Lombard said that the series would be released on DVD’s with extras, behind the scenes and photo galleries.

“I’ve done some surveys and most of the fans who’ll buy a softcore DVD want to see other stuff,” he said. “We’re not trying to re-invent the wheel but add a little more twist to it.”

Lombard mentioned that Fozzi was doing a great job writing the script and a buddy of Wankus’- Jimmy Sprague- is directing the series. Lombard also introduced executive producer Nick Lambert, noting that Jason Sechrest had already hit on him earlier that evening.

“An old man working for a young kid,” Lombard said, introducing Lambert. Lombard brought up the fact that Nick had talked him into using or trying to use Ava Vincent in the series.

“That would be great but she’s currently using so you really can’t get in touch with her,” Wankus laughed. Lambert said he was relatively new to the adult business.

“We had done a few movies before this one and now we’ve started this episode series,” Lambert added. Wankus wondered how Lambert felt having Sechrest all up in his ass, though not literally.

“We’ll blame it all on Robert,” Lambert commented. Lombard then confessed to instigating the matter by introducing Sechrest to Lambert.

“I want you to meet my executive producer- he’s thinking about crossing over,” Lombard told Sechrest. Wankus told Lombard you can’t say those kinds of things to Sechrest.

“I’m sure Jason’s probably still in the back room waiting for this guy,” said Wankus. “Jason’s one of those gay guys with the mindset that everyone’s gay- they just don’t know it yet. That’s his attitude.” Lombard also announced that Lambert has another company that’s introducing a product via infomercials called Heart’s Start.

“I’ve been on it for a day and a half and it’s great,” Lombard said. Lambert explained that it’s a pill that’s very good for combating heart disease.

“Will it counter the effects of Viagra?” Wankus joked. Lambert said something about it dealing with triglycerides and Lombard added that you have to be over 50 to take it.


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