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Candystripers, from Arrow

Porn Valley- Ginger Lynn was telling a story on KSEX,, the other night about how, because she thought it was so hot, she wanted to hold her boyfriend’s cock while he was taking a piss. Lest you think Ginger’s a bit weird, you might want to check out Candystripers, a classic porn film and a must-see, available from Arrow Productions, For there you’ll find a scene very similar to what Ginger’s talking about.

Candystripers, directed by Bob Chinn, stars porn legend Cris Cassidy who was billed in the film as Montana. And Joey Silvera is marqueed under his former porn name Joey Nassivera. More notably, however, is the fact that porn censors went back and excised two fisting scenes. But the film remains a testimony to full scale production, solid acting and goose pimply erotic entertainment. Cassidy, along with fellow ‘stripers Amber Hunt and Nancy Hoffman, pretty much have the run of the hospital in this comedy including the hospital broom closets- where the roving medics catch an occasional blowjob. In one such sequence look for Richard Pacheo who’s billed as Marc Howard.

Hoffman’s particularly out of control because it’s her last day at the hospital, and the rest of the nursing staff have a farewell party planned in her honor. If you read the word orgy between those lines then you qualify as an adult screenwriter. In one spectacular scene, Hoffman double teams with the lovely Eileen Welles in a threeway with Paul Thomas. Thomas, who’s married to Welles, has been cooped up and is telling her how he misses the taste of her pussy. “I miss eating you,” he says, looking at her dolefully. And as Thomas is doing so, Hoffman’s in the room jerking him off. Before you can say happy ending, Thomas’ hospital bed is a tangle of convulsing, sweaty bodies.

Amber Hunt is no slouch, either, when it comes to bringing shame to her uniform. In the scene I was getting to earlier, Hunt is trying to calm down the penis of patient Rock Steadie so that he can piss in a bottle. But you know how pissing in a bottle can be, and, pretty soon, Hunt’s hairy female ass crack is all over the screen, with Rock steadying his first two fingers in her for a manually applied d.p. Later, Hunt shares a more conventional moment in bed with Joey Silvera who seems to be on a mission to work his way through the nursing staff.

A wonderful girl-girler also brings Cassidy, who’s opening scene with Joey is pretty hysterical for its nonchalance, together with patient Phaedra Grant. Grant, a stunning redhead, is caught pleasuring herself under the covers with a banana, but Cassidy soon makes Grant realize it’s but a poor substitute for womanly love- a message brought loud and clear when the majority of the Hoffman orgy goes lesbo.


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