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Cannibal: industry is ripe with criminal activity, negligence, conspiracy, rape, and even murder/suicide

Anita Cannibal comments on regarding the Madison Scott “rape” story:

“This whole thing gives me lots of stuff to talk about on KSEX wed night. There seem to be several people here that agree when a person says NO to a sex act then it should not continue.

People agree rape is not right, even in this forum. Unfortunately a substantial amount of people seem to reflect what I find a sad state of reality in this industry when it comes to someone claiming a wrongful act was done.

Historically when someone claims that they were wronged, an empowered victim with speech that did not sign up for the wrongful act, the freaks come out to stand up for the wrong doer and claim the victim was full of shit. Bill Margold rebuts the fact that some infected with HIV/AIDS on the work site got it from their cat with AIDS? There is little support for positive change or for the victims of a wrong.

Bud Lee was sued by me in court three times for a wrongful act that he did where I was a victim and suffered great injury. At the same time he was praised by AVN for his role at Spice and his public record was ignored.

The landscape of the industry is ripe with criminal activity, negligence, conspiracy, rape, and even murder/suicide. To praise and support those that claim no liability for their wrongful act and publicly beat up those that bring these acts to light as perpetrated upon them is a something that needs to change.

I find it similar to the plight of blacks in the south during the civil rights movement. Should the man that is claiming harm be prosecuted for defamation? I think the public policy argument and whistle blower statutes that are in place to allow free speech of what is thought to be a truth should outweigh the injury of defamation. I belive that truth is a reason to exercise free speech, even religious or extreemly violent consenting sex acts. I find it difficult to belive that those in this forum would disagree with good faith honesty. How many of you engage in the unlawful act of not protecting workers from blood born pathogens on the work site? How many attorneys on this site co-mingle assets with clients?

How many of you engage in conspiracy? Is anyone here worried about the positive change needed in the industry? Is anyone interested in the rights of victims? If I was to have ten thousand performers on my show telling you that they want condoms on the work site would you still protect the unlawful acts of company owners that refuse to be legally compliant? We are, for the most part rebels in this industry and I am not so different. However, I will continue to fight for the rights of victims, those that want positive change, education about the general environment of the industry good and bad, and the protection of workers on the work site. If you stand in my way by claiming that I can’t talk about such matters then I will see you in court as a defendant.

In earlier posts she had this to say:I thought that there was gona be lots of BS and mean things said about me. The only thing I have a questions over regarding a claim of rape story is that it was pulled. If we are truely advocates of free speech then why is there a biased speech. I thought it was up to the jury and court to decide the facts of a claim of rape. I was under the impression that those in this industry were passionate about the rights of our US Constitution and the First Amendment. The fact that the claim of rape story was pulled and a story motivated by a parties self interest to claims of a happy go lucky work environment is still up and running suggests censorship and biased journalism. If there is an unbiased reporting then there needs to be both stories. Not only am I discouraged in the censor happy and biased speech but I thought that at least one attorney would notice that.

Furthermore, I refuse to judge those involved in this story but instead judge those that claim seats in this industry. The industry that I have advocated for relentlessly over the last decade. Those that only want to judge and not to understand. To my peers SHAME ON YOU! If someone is infact a victem of rape then do you want to be the one causes additional shame and injury to a victem of a serious felony or the one that reserves judgement and does no further harm? Doesn’t anyone have the clearity to see censorship when it hits you in the butt?

> She adds:It’s after 1 am. As you can see this story has caused a rift among peers and that bothers me. I am sorry that Brian’s name was brought up. I don’t even know the other two, no doubt because they never shoot with condoms. It’s late but I am very concerned for the two parties that I do know. On the one hand Brian and I have known each other for 10 years and I have always liked his funky self. Brian I am sorry your name was brought up, I felt very uncomfortable because I know you and I like you. I had no idea what to do and no file in my brain to access with the tools to handle this. I refuse to judge you or her on what was said. I do judge the free spirited work environment that you and I have enjoyed for over a decade and understand that we have both met girls who don’t enjoy such an environment.
That brings me to a sister, or peer, of mine claiming that she was harmed and gave me no reason to think that she did not belive she was harmed. I am sorry that Miss Scott feels that she was harmed.

It seems that just because I was a guest on the Fri show I have lost peers. I can not belive that Nick East, Brian, or Miss Scott came from hate or malice at anytime intended to me or to each other. Nick and Brian have known me for over a decade. I am sad that these two men will not have the same interactions with me when we see each other again.

Lastly, the show that I host on Wed. night 9 to 10pm will continue to have controversial discussions of worker safety issues, HIV/STD infection in the industry, allegations of crimes, government encroachment on our freedoms, and other shit. However, I will not let guests name others in statements that could harm those others if there is not privilege. Although I am not responsible for what happened I have learned how to do it differently.


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