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Capitol Weekly Profiles FSC Lobbyist Matt Gray

Washington- [Capitol Weekly]- Matt Gray is lead lobbyist for Capital Alliance. A jack of all trades, this former legislative staffer now divides his time between nuclear physics, mentoring and lobbying for the adult film industry.

Could you explain what your job is here and how you became a lobbyist?

I left the Legislature after 12 years. I was the deputy chief of staff to Senator Vasconcellos, who retired. I was looking around at whose office I might want to go work for and decided that it was time to spread my wings and go out into the lobbying field and see how I could do there. … So I decided at the end of the day just to open up my own firm.

You lobby for the adult film industry. Would you say you enjoy a challenge?

I have about 16 or so clients. I lobby for the Free Speech Coalition, which is the trade association of the adult-entertainment industry. I also lobby for the gentlemen’s clubs … the union of crime victims and inmates and their advocates. I do enjoy a challenge, and I also very much support protecting our constitutional rights and the First Amendment is certainly included, and plus, that association has become more mainstream, it’s ever more popular.

What difficulties come with that?

Closed-mindedness is probably the greatest obstacle. Some people are unwilling, or at least don’t want to be confused by the facts. They’d like to remain in their own little world, and that’s dogmatically to issues, which is unfortunate but that’s one of the challenges that I have to overcome.

What is your favorite memory as a lobbyist or staffer?

My favorite memory was Willie Brown hopping on someone’s motorized scooter on the sixth floor, back when there was ways and means in the office, tearing around inside and out, bumping into desks, people jumping out of the way. … He was quite a character and it was just amusing to watch him act like he was really having fun and not take himself to seriously.

Did you always want to work in this field?

No, I used to be rather cynical before I knew much about politics first-hand. I was rather cynical about the process, wanted to be involved in some way but certainly never saw myself in this position.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to be creative in my free time. I like to restore my house and spend time with my family and dogs. I like to build things and create. I weld, I do wood work, go up to the gun range.

What is the most enjoyable part of this job?

The freedom. I’ve always enjoyed waking up only knowing a portion of what I was going to do that day because a lot of things get thrown at you from left field.
How did you become involved in the Big Brother program and how has that affected your life?

John Vasconcellos mentoring me probably saved my life. I had some very difficult times in my life early on. I’ve always believed in the power of mentors and seen them as very valuable in every child’s life. When I came of age where I was thinking about having children I wanted to become a Big Brother beforehand and look at some of the challenges that these kids can face. … I’ve been with the same match for almost six years now . … he’s now 16.

Could you elaborate on your interest in chemistry and physics?

My major was chemistry. … I was one chemistry class away, three physics classes, and two calculus classes away from having my bachelor’s. All I saw myself doing was sitting locked away in a laboratory corner somewhere working on experiments for the rest of my life, and I knew that wasn’t me. I’m more of a people person…. I’ve always been into the sciences … and I like unlocking the secrets of the universe.

Could you talk about your involvement with Modulated Quantum Neutron Fusion?
I’m one of the co-patent holders … to a process which converts hydrogen into helium with an 891 percent energy release. … My father’s theories lead to this, I applied the chemistry part of it and we came up with a process to synthesize neutrons without radioactive materials.

Does it work?

Yeah it works. … The problem is it kept melting down our reactors because it got very hot, so we’re now on generation six.


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