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Capo Comments on OSHA Story

Porn Valley- As the situation warrants, director Guy Capo holds premier parties on his Tuesday KSEX show to flog his latest creation. PROS is the new Capo movie for DVSX, , and Capo was in full swing by having the cast on as guests.

Before he got to that, however, Capo talked to co-host Nicki Hunter about some of her latest projects. It was noted that Hunter was sick the week before. “You were sicker than a chemo patient with botulism,” Capo noted. Hunter said she didn’t know whether it was food poisoning or a bad case of the stomach flu. Hunter said her digestinal system was running amuck.

“It was coming out both ends and just did not quit.” With a week to recover, Hunter said her asshole was in fine fettle enough to accommodate her fist in a scene that she did this week. “I did a Euro-version of fisting myself,” Hunter reported. “I like doing myself better.”

Hunter went into a whole thing about how the body produces salt and sweat. “I don’t sting with my hand. But other peoples’ fingers and hands have different salts so it actually hurts my asshole.” Hunter says she enjoys the do it yourself aspect of fisting herself doggie style, noting that U.S. rules only allow four fingers. [Like bondage with sex, I’ve never seen those rules and I’ve never seen those laws.]

“You have to leave the thumb out,” reported Hunter without qualifying her pronouncement by a Supreme Court ruling. Capo and Hunter then offered meditations upon a gaping asshole and its aesthetics or lack thereof. On the news front, Capo made reference to my interview with OSHA’s David Pies which addressed the first business at hand which is to define the employer-employee relationship in the adult business.

“This is a big issue for us- it could totally change what we have to do on the set,” said Capo. Hunter’s opinion is that talent are sub-contractors and not employees. Capo thinks the same but OSHA is inclined to look at porn talent as being employees.

Capo, having been an ex funeral director, said you don’t want to have the Feds crawling up your ass. “You don’t want to fuck with OSHA. They are Feds. They will fuck you up in a heartbeat. If we are held responsible as employers for providing a safe work environment for talent, universal precautions laws are soon to follow. They’re the things like goggles and condoms and rubber gloves and biohazard suits. And that also includes all the other blood-borne pathogen rules of cross-contamination and proper disposal of everything that’s on the set. If this all comes down to being followed by the letter, porn production in this country will cease without fail. It will cease.”

Hunter still holds to the party line of the sub-contractor, believing that it’s the porn talents’ option. “They can’t force you to use it [condoms, etc.] while you’re doing a scene, when you’re doing your job. That’s a personal decision. I think somebody should be able to say yes or no.”

It’s Capo’s opinion that talent has a lot more say now than ever before. “You’re gaining a lot of control in the industry.” But as it’s playing out, Capo could see the industry doing a lot of shooting in Europe. “Every other country in the world would be happy to take the revenues that our industry generates.” Hunter wondered allowed whether it would come down to the industry being required to use mouth protectors for oral sex. “It’s so absurd.”

If so, Capo predicted that the state of California would lose “a shitload of money”. Noting bureaucracy at work, Hunter said that with her new studio, , she has to fill out forms and acquire extra insurance.

“I’m paying thousands of dollars for this.” Hunter said it’s costing her between $500 & $700 every 14 days just to have the proper paperwork to run her studio. “It’s not even registered as a studio,” she said. “It’s the cheapest I can go being a warehouse acting as a studio. It’s the cheapest thing I can do. If I registered it as a studio-studio, then I’d have to pay tens of thousands of dollars. And I’m just one studio. Imagine every single other director has to pull their own permits.” Capo also pointed out that if things go down this way, the 99 cent stores will be up to their ass in baby wipes inventories with no place to sell them.

“If the federal government really wanted to help us out, if they really wanted to help get the reins around the adult industry in a responsible manner, they would be looking at ways to provide us with some kind of affordable health care for the industry workers,” Capo said. “It is in desperate need. We’re all walking around uninsured.”

But Hunter was also quick to point out that she couldn’t find another job in the world that pays as well as porn does.


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