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Did Anita Cannibal Comments Prompt Cal-OSHA Visit?

Anita Cannibal on her Wednesday KSEX show has been harping on the fact that adult performwers are working in non-safe working environments. On one show a couple of weeks ago she urged performers to rat out to Cal-OSHA and provided a phone number to do so. Did the following instance occur as a result?

> LIB writes: CAL-OSHA Visited Set Monday – Cal-OSHA’s representative was pleasant and professional. He wanted to know if the sex on set was protected. He passed his card out to all the performers and encouraged them to call or email him if they had any question about their rights.

Cal-OSHA published guidelines about 18 months calling for an end to unprotected sex but this was the first time, to my knowledge, that a Cal-OSHA rep visited a set, inquired if the sex was protected, and handed out his business cards to all the porn actors.

If Cal-OSHA enforces these guidelines, it would be the end of Southern California’s porn industry.

> Chuck Spears writes on i’m sure we can all thank Anita the snitch Cannibal for this.

> Porn Law comments on XPT:I was afraid this was going to happen. I really thought it was going to take another HIV scare/outbreak for them to start visiting sets though.

Maybe it was Anita, maybe it wasnt. Either way, this kind of governmental regulation could be worse than 18 USC 2257. If the Dept of Industrial Relations starts sending people to inspect work comp insurance certificates, there could be some major shut downs of production companies and heavy fines. $1000 per day per employee if there’s no insurance.

I have had several non-adult clients locked down and fined heavily because they were operating without insurance.

If this becomes a regular event we are in for some real impact.


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