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Cara Lott Interviewed

Porn Valley-Cara Lott was a guest on Tony Batman’s Thursday night KSEX Show I Don’t Think So Buddy. Batman mentioned that Lott was an AVN Hall of Famer as well as having 25 years in the business.

“And she looks awesome,” he said. Before Lott came on the show, co-host Monica Mayhem was talking about a feature she did for Michael Raven and Wicked Pictures.

“I was expecting it to be one of those all-day things- I did it for two days and dialogue on one day,” said Mayhem. “But it was half days and the dialogue seemed so easy. I’ve always been good with dialogue. It’s easy for me.”

Batman remembered talking to Mayhem last weekend asking her if she was going to the Britney Rears 3 party. Mayhem apparently told him she couldn’t that she was studying her lines for the Raven feature. Mayhem said it was a pretty big script and she had to get her lines solid before the shoot on Sunday.

Last week on their show Batman and Mayhem got on a conversation about Mayhem getting a possible assistant. Mayhem made the offhand remark asking, “Who can you trust nowadays?”

Batman thought it was a pretty innocuous comment save for the fact that Mayhem’s manager Harry Weiss called her afterwards.

“He tries to bitch you out!” laughed Batman. Mayhem said Weiss later told her she was just busting her chops.

“I was upset that he was upset!” she laughed. Batman said he called Weiss and busted his balls because he was busting Mayhem’s balls.

“I told him you give him props every weekend,” stated Batman. ” I said you better be nice to people that still love you.”During the course of conversation, Mayhem again brought up the fact that she used to indulge in booty calls but is now seeing someone, a celebrity.

“He’s encouraged me to take care of so much shit in my life,” she said. Batman took that to mean the guy wants her out of porn. Mayhem said if he did, he could totally take care of her and she would get out of porn.

“But I guess he’s got issues,” she added. Batman pointed out that this guy probablyu likes having her around the house but that she’s got to come in the back door. Mayhem agreed that they can’t be seen together and go out.

Batman then brought Lott on. Lott made reference to having a “slut bag” saying that it was everything a slut could need including a dildo. Lott mentioned that she’s done over 300 films.

“Which isn’t that much these days,” she said. Lott again emphasized the fact that she did hers over a 25 year period.

“Back in the old days we did ‘talkies’- scripts.”

Lott, now 45, said she still gets paid the same but that it doesn’t take as long any more. During her career, Lott was a Hustler centerfold in 1981. According to Lott, she hasn’t retired.

“I probably should have said I was retiring then everyone wants to shoot you all of a sudden,” she observed. “But I’ve never used the ‘R’ word.” Lott, however, has taken sabbaticals. According to Lott, she always gets paired up with young guys.

“That’s a good thing about being an older model,” she laughed. “The older I get, the younger the guys get.”

Batman wondered whether Lott likes porn better now or back in the day. Lott called back in the day black & white and laughed about how she shot on Super 8.

“Suze Randall shot me on Super 8,” said Lott, noting how Randall was climbing up ladders while pregnant. Asked if she banged John Holmes, Lott said she never did.

“I wouldn’t do a dick that big,” she commented. Lot said Randy West was her favorite male performer, and Lott made note that she just got into the Hall of Fame this past January as well as the Legends of Erotica which is also held in Vegas the same weekend.

“I got my pussy put in wet cement- that was a lot of fun- very squishy.” Batman said he’s been told by other porn stars that as soon as you win the Hall of Fame award it’s the industry’s way of saying thanks for being here- you’re going to retire now. Lott said it felt like that.

“It was like the Miss American contest,” she mused. “You do your tour and then you’re washed up.” Lott said you don’t go up and get your award at the AVN show. Lott talked about how she had to get a photographer to take pictures of her later that evening.

“The only people that got photos, they had their clothes on- I approached a photographer. I said I’ll bet you got a lot of people with their AVN awards. But you haven’t got any with their clothes off. I got in two magazines by doing that.”

Asked if she got put into any MILF movies, Lott said no, she isn’t put into any of those and if she did, she’d probably would retire. Lott doesn’t have any children.


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