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Carmella Bing Singing?

Word around a certain escort agency is that former LA Direct girl Carmella Bing is singing like Bing Crosby. And the song sung blue is being directed at guys who wear that color uniform. Does it have anything to do with what Bing wrote on her MySpace site May 11?

Bing wrote: As you may know already how much of a hot head Derek Hay is… If not then check this out, I was featuring at Rouge in Van Nuys CA May 4th 5th and 6th. Obviously a holiday weekend, Lakers game Cinco De Mayo, the fight… So here I spent over a grand for all my DVDs, magazines, and some s—ty coppies of my 8x10s. The 4th and 5th were dead, I was humiliated to see that no one was interested or had they even known of me, I sat there looking stupid for nothing. So on the 6th my roady bails on me, leaving me scrabling for help. With tears in my eyes, Derek starts screaming at me that Im running late, well duh, Derek its your job to provide me with a roady. So the conversation gets a bit hostile to put it lightly. I feel that if someone is having a hard time that it is wrong to make it any worse, do you agree? Well it escelates into derek threatening to sue me over his contract with Rouge. I just say f— it, Why am I even going so you can look good? No! f— that! Im outta here! f— you! So what if Rouge sues me, I signed a contract, Im sure Ill have to take care of that, but derek. Dont you have enough to worry about? Like the girls you bring in to the United States who dont pay taxes and work illegally? Or that time you sent me to Hong Kong to do a private not knowing that it was a private? Isnt that called PIMPING and PANDERING? Oh, what is that you say? Its called human trafficing? Huh. Well whatever it is this LUKE IS s— is rediculous. Derek says, he dumped me – not true, I left. And that I flaked out on my feature causing lost revenue – well if a tree fell in the middle of the woods and no one was there to hear it would it have make a sound? Well im sure it would but no one really gives a f— do they? So my point being exactly that… Derek go out to the woods and blow off all the steam you want, cause nobody really gives a f—! Thank you for your interest in my post, pass it on to a friend, the feds, fbi, the irs, or anyone who needs a reason to kick this pencil dick in the face! Id really appriciate it.

Bing then wrote a follow-up on MYSpace the next day: I just want to say thank you so much to all my buddies out there that have read and replied to my blogs. Ive been pretty pissed off about this whole thing with LA DIRECT, but I hope nobody (except DEREK) takes this personal. Ive been nothing but cool with everyone, and I mean no harm to anyone (except to DEREK). To all my fans and friends, I love you. And thank you so much for having my back. Im sorry for not writing you personally, I just havent the time to reply to all the emails. I hope that this will all blow over soon. I feel really bad to a special friend who called me this morning expressing her disappointment to me for what I did. I know that was kinda out there, well it was definatly out there. And Im sorry. I just wont let anyone walk all over me and then on top of that publicize it. I really appriciate all of the support and encouragement. I will keep my head up always. As far as the industry goes, Im taking a break so I can get this bad taste out of my mouth, and think about what I might get into next. If you are a director looking to book me please email me, we will keep in touch. I will up and f*cking in no time!!! Love you all!!!

In an interview on a couple of weeks ago, Bing states the following: “Derek, has a lot to lose. He has the business. I’m a porn star. That was his stupidity for doing that. You want to play games? I can play hardball. A lot of people said I was the first person to stand up to Derek. What is he going to do? Kill me? Two grand isn’t going to put a dent in my pocket.”

According to Bing she got in the business last November, is good friends with Davia Ardell who introduced her to Derek.

“I’ve made at least a hundred movies by now,” states Bing. “I got a house in Vegas three months ago. I’ve been there twice.”

“Derek and I just don’t get along,” Bing went on to say. “We both have strong personalities. We don’t lie on our back and let people walk on us. If somebody has an issue with us, we’ll lash out. There’s no turning back.

“I have brand new three cars,” she continues. “I’ve got myself into a situation where I have so much that I’m not able to afford it all at one time. You get yourself into a higher standard, your lifestyle is more expensive. I paid rent at Derek’s place. I never got a receipt for it to write that off. I’ve got a rental car. I spend about a thousand bucks a week on clothes. If a director tells me they want something, that’s what they’re going to get. I love accessorizing my outfits.”Bing, who’s from Salem, Oregon, was a dancer from the time she was 18. She attended college at Portland State, moved to Vegas and started escorting at 21.

“I did bachelor parties, not so much privates, but when I was with my girlfriends, and they’d say, ‘Let’s go out to the clubs.’ It was cool. We’d hang out with guys and they’d give us money to gamble.

“At bachelor parties, we’d get our double whammies out and lick each other and it was so much fun,” Bing went on to say. “If you can party and have fun and get paid, what better life could there possibly be?:Bing met Davia Ardell in Vegas through one of the VIP hosts.

“Everything was really cool with Derek,” Bing continued. “He really helped me out. I was struggling with my weight. I’m 5’10 and I weigh about 130 pounds. He’s been getting me into the gym with him. He’s been a really cool guy. I have to admit that. I stayed at his house. He’s been lenient with me. I’ve been late to work. I’ve been in the office and we’ve screamed at each other. I don’t want to say that I’m the cause of a lot of problems… His tone with me set me off a few times.

“I thought we got along pretty good but when business comes up, it’s a different subject. It’s hard to stay calm around him. He’s not an easy person to work with.”

Bing was saying that a few people had tried to direct her to Gold Star Modeling but that she was sitting back, relaxing and taking care of a few things. “And try to get this bad taste out of my mouth,” she added

“I was mainly getting into the [porn] industry so that I could charge more for escorting obviously. I got into the industry and I loved it. I don’t what people think about me. They might think I’m a bitch, a whore…

“A porn star can charge $1,000 to $2,000 just to hang out with a guy for a couple of hours. That’s not all inclusive. That’s just to be seen. That’s just to go gamble and have dinner.”


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