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Carmen Electra Sues the President of the Naked Women’s Wrestling League

from – Katherine Jackson’s [Michael’s mother] new business partner, Howard Mann, the president of the Naked Women’s Wrestling League, is being sued by Carmen Electra, has learned exclusively.

Back in 2007, Electra filed a lawsuit against Mann and his wrestling league for one million dollars.

The sex symbol sued for failure to pay her an agreed upon on fee of $400,000 for four appearances that were to be made by Electra at NWWL events.

Electra stated in court documents, she only received a quarter of her payment.

However, the Baywatch beauty goes on to say that NWWL used her name without her permission or approval.

According to court documents, Electra’s lawyers state, “such unjust enrichment and benefits include… the value of the use Ms. Electra’s name, image, likeness, voice, commercial endorsement, and persona misused by Defendants or any of them for their own respective commercial purposes.”

Mann filed a counter-suit against Electra, but it was dismissed last year.

Mann and the NWWL were also sued by the law firm of Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton for breach of contract because the law firm says they were hired by Mann to assist in the ongoing Carmen Electra case, and the firm was never paid.

The firm claims they are owed more than $350,000.

The lawsuit against the law firm was ultimately dismissed without prejudice on December 17, 2009.

The next hearing in the Electra lawsuit against Mann is scheduled for a status conference on August 24, 2010.

Back Story, November 14, 2007: – Howard Mann, president of the Naked Women Wrestling League, said Tuesday that he paid Carmen Electra in full for the more than $300,000 she had coming to her to host his events, and called Electra’s lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court “malicious and highly damaging.” Mann, a defendant in Electra’s lawsuit, said he had not been served yet, but read about being sued on the Courthouse News Web site.

In a statement sent out over PRNewswire, Mann said, “To set the record straight, Carmen was paid in excess of $300,000 (receipted proof will be shown in court) for her work on NWWL (Naked Women’s Wrestling League) programs. I have not entered into any royalty agreements with Carmen, and have actually paid her in advance for an appearance that she has not yet made. I am reluctant to move forward with her in future roles, and have recently expressed my dissatisfaction with her performance and attitude.

“Carmen’s financial issues are simply not my concern. I would assume that simple six-figure math would not be beyond her capabilities, but I am frankly surprised that her lawyers and management would not correct her errors in simple addition ($100,000 paid in ’03; $200,000 paid in ’05).

“I am currently engaging California Counsel to actively defend my position, and I will be seeking damages for defamation, slander and malicious prosecution. I strongly urge Carmen Electra to govern herself accordingly.

“I feel that the is likely the best and most sociably viable product the Carmen Electra “brand” has ever been associated with … she should be thanking me, not suing me.


“Howard Mann 121 Ventures Inc. / NWWL Productions Inc.”

Here is the Nov. 8 story about Electra’s lawsuit.

LOS ANGELES from – Ahh, Los Angeles. Carmen Electra claims NWWL Productions owes her $300,000 plus royalties for her work as hostess of the Naked Women’s Wrestling League, and her appearance on DVDs. Electra, whose given name is Tara Patrick, also claims the many defendants falsely claimed that she created the league.
Electra says she is “an extremely well known and immensely popular actress” who is “highly sought after as a spokesperson and commercial actress”.

Defendants in 2004 promised her $400,000 plus royalties, to make a DVD/videocassette series and appear at four performances of the Naked Women’s Wrestling League, she says, but they only paid her $100,000 and stiffed her for the $300,000 and the royalties.

She claims they have been selling without permission the DVDs in which she appears, including Volume 1, “Carmen Electra’s NWWL: Operation Naked Storm;” Volume 2, “Tag Team Dream;” and Volume 3, “Twin Peaks.”
And, she claims, they are using her name without permission to sell the stuff.

Plaintiffs Electra Blue Productions and Tara Patrick pka Carmen Electra demand punitive damages from NWWL Productions, NWWL Productions, Howard Mann, 121 Ventures Inc., 121 Productions Inc., Erotic Wrestling Productions, Full Speed Productions, Geoffrey MacKay, Virtcom Enterprises aka VCE, and Douglas Freeman.

Plaintiffs allege breach of contract, negligence, unfair competition, unjust enrichment, violation of right of publicity, and misappropriation and unfair use of her name.Electra is represented in Superior Court by Rosenfeld Meyer & Susman in Beverly Hills.


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