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Case won’t save Felicia Fox, if he has to receive anal sex to do so!

(PORN VALLEY, CA) —’s night time psycho, Wankus, had a little chat with Felicia Fox’s man, Tim Case today and was kind enough to send us the text. In it, Case admits to jealousy of Marc Davis, would allow a gang of thugs to knock off Fox to avoid anal sex and talks about current projects, including a future show on KSEX.
The interview:

WankusPD: How’s it hangin’ the infamous ‘Suitcase Pimp’, Tim Case?

FeliciaFXX: Ha ha ha — it’s hanging pretty limp right now, Wankus. Felicia’s not around

WankusPD: You’re a lucky man being the ‘other half’ of the adorable Felicia Fox. That being the case, with the work she does, do you ever get jealous?

FeliciaFXX: well, you know… I’m not going to lie and say I NEVER get jealous. But we are pretty open-minded and very committed to each other. Jealousy is just a product of insecurity, and I’m not exactly insecure…I get jealous when she shamelessly throws herself at Marc Davis when we’re at industry functions

FeliciaFXX: You want to have some hot sex on the couch on the Wanker Show? Invite Marc and Felicia Fox to the same show

WankusPD: LOL I don’t know how you do it to be honest with you. You think we can replace Marc with me on that couch? How you get jealous of a guy named Wankus?!

FeliciaFXX: hell, she was feeling up one of the gay performers on Jason’s show the other day

WankusPD: I’ll be happy to assist her in those areas. (Getting it on, not with the gay guys)

FeliciaFXX: I was going to ask…

WankusPD: Random Seg: I’ve spoke many times about how much I really can’t stand the typical “suitcase pimp’ but you’re different….you actually have purpose. LOL

FeliciaFXX: it’s become a joke, to be honest…Skeeter [Kerkove] is the all-time great suitcase pimp, dude — I only aspire to be half the man that he is

WankusPD: Skeeter is another one though. He has proven to be pretty talented and providing good things to the industry. What I mean is, you have your own things going right?

FeliciaFXX: absolutely

WankusPD: What is Tim Case’s typical day?

FeliciaFXX: I’m Sean Michael’s main cameraman now — his work has really been shot poorly for the past year or so, and we’re changing all that…so when we have shoots scheduled, I’m Sean’s camera bitch for the day

WankusPD: Sean Michaels is the shit, I like him a lot. (BTW, next time you see him tell him Wankus is still waiting for a return call)

FeliciaFXX: Sean is supposed to call you?

WankusPD: I leave Sean a message a month just for fun

FeliciaFXX: I’m also a writer — constantly working on scripts, columns, and articles about the industry. I also have two books I’m working on

WankusPD: Very nice! What are the books about?

FeliciaFXX: A mystery novel set in porn valley that heavily involves the industry — it’s called “The Devil’s Business…and one nonfiction book about how two “normal” people from Ohio wound up in adult

WankusPD: rofl, I know who the second one is about

FeliciaFXX: I can’t imagine. LOL In addition to all that, there’s this radio show I’ve been thinking a lot about…

WankusPD: That the one you think I’m going to give you on KSEX right? 🙂

FeliciaFXX: well, we can hope, can’t we?

WankusPD: Yeah, it looks like a winner. And you’ll probably be hosting it with Felicia, right?

FeliciaFXX: absolutely…I’ve drafted her

WankusPD: That should be hot…Tell us briefly the kind of things we can expect to hear on the show

FeliciaFXX: she’s going to be molesting whatever guests we have each week

WankusPD: Deep content…sounds like you put a lot of prep into the show…lol

FeliciaFXX: Well, what I’d like to do is follow the basic KSEX format of giving the fans a glimpse into the performer’s inner life

WankusPD: Are you going to talk any shit about people we know in the biz?

FeliciaFXX: Have them discuss all their hopes and fears — while naked, of course…Absolutely…Names will be named

WankusPD: I love that!

FeliciaFXX: the lid will be blown off the adult industry, here

WankusPD: Oh shit….better start my disclaimer audio recording now…air it b4 your show

FeliciaFXX: LOL

WankusPD: Do you like the smell of your own farts?

FeliciaFXX: of course — who doesn’t?

WankusPD: Do you have sex with Felicia when she’s on her period?

FeliciaFXX: fuck yes

WankusPD: lol

FeliciaFXX: I earned those red wings

WankusPD: If there was a gun to Felicia’s head by a gang of thugs and they said they won’t kill her if you bend over and take all 10 of them in the ass, would you save her life?

FeliciaFXX: could I just give them hand jobs instead?

WankusPD: lol, nope…Picture 10 Skeeter Kerkoves

FeliciaFXX: oh shit…sounds like an episode of Oz

WankusPD: Waiting on an answer

FeliciaFXX: to save my lady’s life, I’d have to say — uh, no…Sorry FiFi

WankusPD: ROFL…Damn….I see a headline…lol


WankusPD: Exactly

WankusPD: Do you wash your hands after you pee?

FeliciaFXX: not always…I do when I’m in a restaurant

WankusPD: after a Shit?

FeliciaFXX: yes

FeliciaFXX: I feel like I’m in health class

WankusPD: Have you noticed that Felicia is a hand washer as well?

FeliciaFXX: Felicia is very much a hand washer

WankusPD: Does she have any habits or lack of grooming that disgusts you?

FeliciaFXX: dude, we’ve been together for 8 years, and the only thing that she does that disgusts me is when she farts in bed and pulls the covers over my head…well, that and when she picks her nose in the car and wipes it on my arm

WankusPD: ROFL… Ok, that’s fucked up…remind me never to ask for a ride

FeliciaFXX: you can sit in the back seat…LOL

WankusPD: Great, sit where she flicked the left overs…lol Basically, that’s it Mr. Case. Thank you for spending the time and we’ll chat with you soon!

FeliciaFXX: you rock, dude…keep up the great shows



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