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Casey Parker Pays a Visit to PrimeTimeUncensored; will be on the Tyra Banks show- final

Porn Valley- Shane’s World contract girl Casey Parker paid a call on Tony Batman’s PrimeTimeUncensored, show Wednesday night. During the course of her interview, Parker put in a plug for her appearance on The Tyra Banks Show which airs Thursday.

Parker said she didn’t know how the show was going to be edited but thought she did okay with the questions.

You wouldn’t know it to look at her pictures, but, up close, Parker’s a miniature Christie Brinkley. Brinkley, of course, being nearly six foot, but Parker in looks and nose crinkling mannerisms is almost a frame-by-frame study of Brinkley’s appearance in National Lamppon’s Vacation.

Before the show gets rolling, Parker’s telling Batman that she’s learning the stock market.

“It’s fun, but it’s scary, dude,” she says. Parker tends to begin and end her sentences with “dude.” Parker, who’s billed as the girl next door, is also talking about her two roommates, that they don’t know she’s in the business. Batman thinks that since her lease runs out the end of the month, it might not matter anyway.

Parker states that she told her parents what she was up to before she signed her contract with Shane’s World, which runs another year. Except her parents aren’t cool with the idea of her being in porn.

“It would be weird if they were,” Parker laughs. She brings up the fact that she’ll be on Tyra Banks and notes that Banks has a pretty big ass. Parker’s asked about her first movie for Shane’s World.

“Dude, I haven’t even watched my own movie,” she tells Batman. “But I was there.” Again, all this banter’s going on before the show and Parker seems to think she isn’t sexy.

“I’m a dork!” she declares. Nonetheless, by the looks of it, Parker’s a one woman beer party who seems to find the mundane quite amusing. Batman wants to see her tits and Parker apologizes for their size.

“I’m not nursing,” she says. Parker, who wears her blond hair almost down to her ass crack, announces that she’d like to get buzzed.

“I just don’t want to get wine-stuff on my lips.”

Once on air, Batman announces that the regular co-host Candy Manson couldn’t make it for the evening because she had an earlier shoot. However, Batman also announces that Manson, who wrecked her 320 Mercedes the first week she got it, was finally getting it out of the shop after five weeks. Regan Anthony who was filling in for Manson reported that she was going to San Francisco the next day to do an anal scene with Steven St. Croix for Batman thought it might be interesting since St. Croix’s cock tends to point magnetic north.

Anthony mentioned that she also worked with Herschel Savage recently, extolling the attitudes of veteran male performers who tend to treat the women more graciously than the newer guys in the business.

Surprisingly, Batman brought up the Wankus leaving KSEX story; not surprisingly, he avoided any mention of his own involvement in it. James Bartholet, Monday night, said he heard Batman was going back to KSEX and two versions of the story have unfolded since- either that Batman was offered a position by KSEX owner Jon Belinkie or Batman had begged for his old job. It was obvious that Batman wasn’t going there except to acknowledge Wankus for giving him his start.

“I can’t say anything bad about him,” Batman commented. “He taught me a lot.” Up to that point, Parker hadn’t realize Anthony and Batman were a couple one time.

“Come on, guys, I’m gullible.” She was assured it was true. Parker then recapped her resume, explaining that she was from a small town and saw a Shane’s World movie.

“I go to school- I’m a regular girl,” says Parker.

“I was a little crazy- and bi-curious. I wrote them. They called me.” After doing a scene for the company, Parker was surprised when a Shane’s World crew visited her school during finals and showed up at her dorm. She says the whole incident’s documented in Casey Parker: The Girl Next Door. Another one of her movies, Winter Break,comes out this summer. Parker is amused acknowledging the timing of the release.

According to her, the movie was shot in Mammoth and Parker does a scene with Mr. Pete.

“That guy is fucking amazing!” she exclaims. “That guy takes you to another level and he took me there 20 times.” On the subject of squirting, Parker says she’s never done it. Batman assured her that she would before it’s all said and done. Parker also mentions the fact that Mammoth features great night life.

“We really tore it up,” she adds. “We were partying, man. I got extremely drunk.” Parker was recognized the other day for the first time in a 7-Eleven.

“I just don’t want my teachers to find out,” she smiles. Referring to herself as “a little, innocent, porn star,” Parker tells a story about how, the other night she took initiative and brought a second guy into a threeway with the current guy she’s been fucking.

“It was a semi-threesome,” Parker explained. Batman wanted to know what that was.

“I sucked the other guy’s cock but I didn’t let him inside me,” Parker replies. Parker also imgaines that if she weren’t going to college, she’d be “some psycho, crazy assed girl.”

Batman then brings up the Penny Flame incident in which Flame went on the Internet and said Parker’s story about being a college girl was an entirely contrived series of lies designed to fool the consumer, and that Parker was “your typical wannabe Chatsworthian slut.”

When asked, Parker said she didn’t want to go there and comment on the story.

“My feelings were really hurt,” stated Parker almost breaking into tears. “She [Flame] was so nice to me and it ended so badly.”

Wendy the Retard called, and Parker’s shaking her head at the extent of Wendy’s conversation, the look on her face suggesting that Wendy’s some typical brain damaged bimbo. When informed that Wendy is, indeed, retarded, Parker’s horrified to think she might have said something inappropriate or out of turn.

Someone in the PrimeTime crew mentions that Wendy was on Stern one time where she shoved a tomato up her ass and ate it.

During a break for commercials, a more somber Parker yells over to Batman: “No more talk about Penny Flame, dude.”


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