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Cassidy Re-Signs with Vivid

Porn Valley- KSEX is taking the girls from LA Direct Models in groups of four and five at a time, and Friday night Wankus hosted Rita Faltoyano, Carmella Bing, Michelle Maylene, Naomi and Cassidy. Cassidy [pictured] announced that she just re-signed with Vivid. Oops. She apparently wasn’t supposed to have said that.

But before Cassidy came on, Wankus said he loved Faltoyano’s voice. Meanwhile, Bing noted that she had just completed her first fem-dom scene.

“My mind is still stuck on the set,” she said, noting that it was so awesome. However she went blank on details. Derek, who was also also the show, reminded her that the shoot was for Wankus hastened to remind his listeners that she was working for a company with that name and not Devon formerly of Digital Playground. Bing worked worked with two guys and said part of he scenario was for her to mistake a guy for a Chinese food delivery guy.

“I smothered him with my ass.”

Wankus said he was a little confused about the details and needed some clarification.

“So you mistake a guy for a Chinese food deliveryman? Was he a little Mr. Miyagi-looking motherfucker?” Wankus asked her. “I don’t get it.”

“I have this client who calls me and says he’s Asian,” explained Bing. “He’s about 5’1″- he’s into smothering, yadda-yadda and he’d be there in about an hour. Here I open to a confused delivery boy not knowing where to go. He was with his nice Kung Pao chicken.” Wankus said Asian guys tend to have spikey pubic hair.

“Don’t ask how I know that.”

Wankus explained that one of the guys from Wanted List came on one night, got naked and Wankus has pictures that’ll he release if the company stops sponsoring the show.

“So you destroyed this Asian guy,” Wankus continued. And Bing said she had a great time doing it. Wankus asked what she did to the guy besides sitting on him.

“I put black fuzzy bunny ears on him and made him hop into my ass,” said Bing who also mentioned something about a bunny tail but no one got the gist of what she was saying.

“He put his face in my ass and I grabbed it and smothered him with my ass,” Bing then said for clarification. Asked what dawned on her to uses bunny ears, Bing said it was a cool prop that she had and decided they would be cute to use.

“I had a posture collar- I bought it because I liked it and never really knew what I was going to use it for but it came in great,” she said. “It was awesome.”

Co-host Katie Morgan said she’s never dominated a man quite in that manner. Even in the laundry room in prison Wankus said he doesn’t think he dominated a man in quite that manner, either. Asked if she had a website to promote, Bing said she was working on but that it wasn’t up yet.

“I own everything- even misspellings having to do with that,” she noted. Wankus mentioned that Faltoyano was the bride of Tommy Gunn and Faltoyano, with her accent, was willing to bet a “meelion dollah” before the show that he’d bring that up and ask her something about Gunn. Wankus said he wasn’t going to go off on Tommy too much except for the fact that every time Gunn works with Tyler Faith, he brings up the fact that he’s going to be there for her and Wankus’ wedding, August 26th.

“We haven’t even invited anybody yet,” Wankus laughed. “But he knows the location and the date. He says August 26th we’re coming- make sure we get the invite. I love it. He’s very fired up about it. He’s very excited for us and that’s a good thing. He’s a good guy- you got a good score on that one.”

Faltoyano said she knew and Wankus mentioned that Gunn would likewise be hosting the FAME awards in June. “He’s working with Carmen Luvana on the stage for that.” Wankus was then stumbling for a title that Faltoyano stars in to promote for Gunn’s company Assassin Pictures.

“Strap-On Toys,” she reminded him, stating that she was shooting Part 2. Asked if she had anything else coming out, Faltoyano also pointed out that she got two nominations in the FAME Awards and was very happy about that and was surprised.

After the commercial break, Wankus brought the other three girls on. Earlier in the show, Robert Lombard was on touting the softcore series Sinsations being produced by Duck Till Dawn Entertainment, Michelle Maylene has a starring role in it. Wankus was very approving of Naomi’s ass, as well.

“There’s only one Naomi,” said Derek who was on the mike earlier

“I haven’t really seen that ass before but I’d like to see it again to be honest with you,” Wankus laughed indicating that Naomi had a black girl ass.

“She’s the kind of girl that walks across the street and her ass is still on the other side,” said Wankus. “I love it.”

“That’s an ass and a half,” Katie Morgan agreed. It was Naomi’s first time on The Wanker Show. She doesn’t have a website as yet. Naomi’s been in the business about eight months and was asked what gave her her start in the porn world.

“I just kind of wanted to do it,” she replied. “I looked through the papers and stuff like that. Long story short I was married to a guy and worked in a firm. I left him and I wanted to do porn.” Her first contact in the business was “a schmuck” named Antonio.

“I met him my first day and the people I worked for that first day led me to Derek,” she said. “Then I called Derek.” Wankus wondered if Antonio tried to get Naomi to fuck him.

“He attempted to,” said Naomi who wound up working with Justin Slayer. Wankus then assumed Naomi was intimidated by Derek.

“Everyone is when they first meet him,” he said. Naomi, however, insists that she wasn’t. Continuing on his crusade to bust Derek’s balls for the evening, Wankus went through the standard LA Direct sweat shop drill then asked Naomi what her no’s were.

Chris Charming,” she piped up.

“I don’t mean male talent missing toes,” said Wankus. “I mean what are the things you don’t do?” Naomi said she did anal and d.p. but doesn’t do double anal or vag. Seconds later, Morgan said she picked up on the missing toes comment. Asked if Charming was on her “no” list because of the missing toes, Naomi said she didn’t care how a man looks.

“It doesn’t bother me at all- it’s just he can’t fuck.” Morgan agreed that Charming was very robotic.

“He has no rhythm at all,” Naomi added. “He has like a 1-2-5 thing going on.” Wankus wondered what that meant.

“He can’t even get a 1-2 down,” Naomi explained. “And he tries to hold your hips down. It’s not working.” Wankus made the analogy to a Sybian with no power.

“He doesn’t have a license to operate large equipment,” Naomi laughed. Wankus thought that was classic and wondered if there was anyone else on her no list she wanted to promote.

“It’s good for other girls to know.”

Naomi felt Charming was a nice guy and Wankus told her don’t try to save it at this point. Naomi said she worked with Nacho Vidal once and thought he was a nice guy. Wankus informed her that Nacho learned how to eat pussy from his sisters. Nacho revealed that in a KSEX interview.

“Nacho Vidal’s sisters used to make him eat them so he could learn to eat pussy- swear to God on my mother’s life,” said Wankus. Asked if her folks knew she was in porn, Naomi said they were okay with it.

“They love me, they trust my judgment,” she said. “I’m their daughter. What are they going to do?” Wankus pointed out that a lot of daughters have been disowned in porn to which Naomi said her father is very liberal.

“Has he asked for a copy of any of your movies?” Wankus wanted to know.

“No, but he asked me for pictures that don’t show stuff so he could put it in his office,” she replied. Naomi also mentioned that she was raised in Los Angeles.

Wankus thought Cassidy looked a little sleepy, and she said she just got there from Night Calls. “I am definitely winding down from a long day.” Wankus said he saw her the other day at AIM but didn’t recognize her. Cassidy agreed that she looks like a tomboy when she’s dressed down.

“You said to me earlier that you didn’t want to say hi to me because ‘you were there with your girl,’ ” Wankus commented. “We haven’t fucked- it’s not like we’re having some secret affair on the side. You can say hello.” Cassidy noted that every time she’s been on KSEX she’s been incognito.

“I got my nipples pierced on Ginger and Lisa’s show way back when.” [When Ginger Lynn and Lisa the Lesbian hosted a KSEX program.]

“Do you and I have a secret that I, maybe, was too drunk to remember?” Wankus asked her, cninuing with his original line of questioning.

“You know what it is,” Cassidy continued. “Girls get awfully intimidated -when I say hi to their man- for absolutely no fucking reason and I get irritated with it. So I don’t approach guys I know.” Wankus told her as adults they can say hi to one another.

“If she [Faith] gives you a hard time, I’ll smack her around. I’m kidding, but she’s not like a lot of jealous childish girls. She’s cool.”

If given the choice and it came down to it, Cassidy said she’d probably fuck Tyler; and Wankus thanked her for reminding him he was an ugly piece of shit.

“But that’s alright, I’ve come to grips with it,” he said.

Wankus then asked Maylene about Sinsations and she pointed out that she was in the first episode.

“I’m going to be shooting next week,” she added. “My character is the best- I get to play the bitchiest contract star in the world. It’s amazing.”

“So you’re playing Tawny Roberts,” Wankus quipped. Wankus also has a part in the next episode and wondered if he’d be on the set with Michelle.

“That’ll be fun,” she said.

“We have our own private dressing room, right?” Wankus asked Lombard.

Maylene has a website, noting that it’s a splash page for now and that it will be an up and running site as soon as she gets her “lazy ass” motivated to shoot some content. Wankus also pointed out that Maylene’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Maylene said she loves being in the business and replied, when asked, that she was very drug-free as well.

Maylene was told by Lombard that she was nominated for the FAME awards but didn’t know in what categories.

“I think it’s wonderful,” she said. “I think that it’s great that people are seeing and finding things in me that they love.” Maylene went on to say that she’s trying really hard to please, and Wankus complimented her on being an attractive, level headed sweetheart.

“We’re very happy that you’re in the industry.”

Asked if she had a website, Cassidy kind of flipped the response off and said you could go to Vivid.

“Are you being cocky?” Wankus asked her. Cassidy said no.

“They’ve been great to me for cash for years on that thing,” she pointed out. “They’re the only people who have shit, really. Either that or you can go to the free ones- that’s where I find all my porn.” Asked, sarcastically, if she wanted to promote anything or was tired and wanted to go home, Cassidy responded by saying she just re-signed with Vivid that morning. Judging by the reaction in the room, Wankus assumed that was information that wasn’t supposed to have been announced.

“I’m actually going to attempt to do Mr. English over here,” Cassidy then continued without missing a beat.

“Like I went in and I was like I want to do one movie, two guys, obviously Julian- he’s sexy and obviously him [Ben English] because he’s sexy too,” she said. “But girls have been telling me I have to leave the shoes on?” Wankus explained that was a Ben English-thing.

“He likes to have the shoes on.”

Cassidy said Playboy was showing her a movie of his.

“I was sitting there and I was, like, is that his dick? Like I’ve heard stories. I haven’t seen it yet.” Wankus told Cassidy she didn’t have to worry so much about Ben English and his shoe quirks as much as Julian not staring at her but at English all the time.

During the final portion of the show, Wankus urged all the women to take their tits out. Cassidy seemed reluctant.

“Hey, Cassidy, don’t turn into a Vivid girl yet, take ’em out!” Wankus urged her.


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