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Cassie Courtland and Taylor Hilton- flakolas

Porn Valley- On her KSEX Show Thursday night, Kylie Ireland talked about a blowjob movie she’s been trying forever to wrap up for Platinum X.

“It never wants to go away,” Ireland said. “I’m trying to rid myself of this blowjob movie and we failed.” Last Saturday Ireland shot two scenes for the bj movie which is titled On Your Knees Bitch, 2.

Ireland’s co-host Eli Cross was of the opinion the movie should have been titled On Your Knees Again Bitch unless the series is going to be continued.

“If someone else does it, what do you care?” he told Ireland. Whatever, one of the scenes featured Brian Surewood and Lexi L’Amour.

“Brian Surewood, he looks fuckin’ funny,” mused Ireland. Cross said that’s because Ireland made him “stretch” by playing a homeless guy.

“I thought he showed up in costume,” laughed Ireland who said that Surewood wore these horrible blue boots.

“What we did is put him out on the street in front of our house,” she continued. “Because our house isn’t a house, it’s a warehouse.” Cross explained that it’s downtown and Ireland said that’s where you find homeless people. Cross said they had to roust three real bums in order to shoot the scene.

“We couldn’t get model releases from them,” Ireland added. Not to mention ID, said Cross.

“We put Brian Surewood out there instead,” Ireland continued. “And we gave him a shopping cart full of crap.” According to Cross, Surewood was hysterical.

“And we had Lexi all dressed up and nice- rich looking,” said Ireland, noting that Surewood attempts to bum a dollar off Lexi but she keeps walking. Surewood then yells out, “How about you suck my dick, bitch?” Ireland said the whole idea of Lexi then fantasizing this blow job, was pretty sick and wrong if you asked her. “It’s pretty cool.” Cross said it was based on a real incident of a crazy guy living in his van in Koreatown.

“He was from Argentina- he was an artist. Actually, he did some interesting stuff. But he was completely insane.” Cross said the guy lived with this family, but got the 15 year-old daughter pregnant and was kicked out.

“So he lived in his van in front of their house for six months. And they couldn’t get the cops to get rid of him.” Cross had a friend who would walk by this guy but entertained fantasies about him grabbing her and dragging her into the van. Cross said the other scene was also based on their lives because he and Ireland are operating without a bathroom. Ireland explained that they’ve been showering at the gym because a one-week bathroom renovation project is now going into its third week.

But Ireland said it’s going to be a great shower when it’s finished.

“When LA is nothing but dust and is burned to the ground, our shower will be standing up- it’s not going anywhere.” That being said, the blowjob scene involved a building contractor getting his cock sucked. Ireland said they used their bathroom under repair and the set looked like someone had put some money into making it look authentic. The scene starred Faith.

According to Cross, if you haven’t seen her, you’ll be hearing a lot about it because Faith’s been getting a lot of buzz.

“And she’s a very sweet girl- she’s a very hot girl, very tall and long.” Cross noted that Faith is also engaged to Marcos Leone who’s also a performer.

“They have the most ridiculous story about how they met,” he said. “It’s one of those things that if it were in a movie, you would shout bullshit, get up and walk out and demand your money back.”

“You couldn’t write this better for a movie,” Ireland insisted. Cross went on to explain how Marcos was in a normal bookstore in Santa Monica.

“He saw Faith and he thought she was really cute. So he went up and bumped into her by ‘mistake’ and it was an excuse to start a conversation. They hit it off and they decided to go out to dinner. And so they went out to dinner and he said they didn’t screw until something like the second or third date. They had been going out for about a week and they’re out at dinner. He finally says you know I have to tell you something. I’m in the adult industry. I’m a porn performer. And Faith, goes oh my God! Me too! I’m so relieved.”

“What are the fuckin odds?” said Cross. “That’s the most ridiculous thing I ever heard in my life and it makes me want to kill them both. It’s very cute. So they’re engaged now.”

Ireland then attempted to finish her blowjob movie this past Tuesday. She said the idea was to have two cute schoolgirls come in to see the counselor. Cross noted that he nor Ireland give two fucks about shooting ‘school girls’ but that Ireland attempted to create a fantasy that someone out there would dig.

“For you fat-fuck 50 year-olds who can sit around and go, ‘She’s 21- she’s too old to do porn. Eeeeech, give me more pizza.'”

Continuing her story, Ireland said the school girls were being sent to the counselor’s office for being bad. They were making out in the girlsroom. They were supposed to come in and they were supposed to be spanked. They were also supposed to demonstrate what got them in trouble and they were going to blow him to get off.”

Lexi L’Amour’s husband Ethan Cage played the counselor. The school girls were supposed to Taylor Hilton and Cassie Courtland [pictured].

At least they would have been, had they showed up, said Cross. But neither girl showed.

“Not one but two,” Cross said. According to Ireland, there were no phone calls, nothing.

“Their agent is calling ’em, calling ’em, calling ’em, getting no answer,” Cross pointed out. “Fucking Cassie Courtland- we even moved her call time so that she could book a James Avalon scene later that day.”

Cross said he needs to find out whether Courtland went to that shoot. Ireland said Courtland hadn’t and that there was more to the story that even Ireland didn’t tell Cross.

“Apparently she had a rough sex scene the day before and had gotten torn, so she was sore,” Ireland related, noting that Courtland was going to cancel Avalon but do the blowjob scene.

“It’s not going to hurt her pussy to blow somebody, I hope.” That being said, Cross wondered about Courtland at least getting her sore vagina out of bed.

“Apparently she couldn’t sleep and took a Xanax,” Ireland continued. “Then she slept through the whole damn thing. What Hilton’s excuse was, I don’t know because they still haven’t gotten a hold of her.” Other than that, Ireland said it wasn’t her problem, the girls were irresponsible and didn’t show up.

“And that’s unforgivable.” Ireland hastened to point out that the girls were being paid very well for the movie.

“There were kill fees all around,” said Cross. “And I built a fucking set for you little whores!” Nonetheless, Ireland said Hilton and Courtland both had Katrina Kraven syndrome. Adding insult to injury, Ireland said the male talent came all the way from Thousand Oaks to downtown. “He was actually early.”


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