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Cassie Young Interviewed

Porn Valley- Cassie Young was a guest on KSEX’s The Wanker Show Friday night. Young, who’s repped by LA Direct Models, has switched to doing boy-girl scenes. There for awhile, she was doing girl-girl because she got married. Now she’s divorced, says Young and found a boyfriend who doesn’t seem to be too bothered about her being in the business.Wankus mentioned Randi Wright.

“She’s a sweetheart and very cute,” said Wankus. “We booked her for the first Team Tyler movie way back when. But she flaked on us. Then she recently got back in touch with me and apologized. She said give me another chance and I’ll make it up to you.”

And so Wankus, who’s shooting a new movie for Team Tyler called Thar She Blows, told Wright here’s your chance to make it up. That’s when Wright told him she’s only doing girls now.

“All I said was call me back when you’re dumped the boyfriend,” Wankus laughed. “She’s, I will.” Wankus heard that boy-girl scenes were generally a lot easier to do, anyway.

“And a lot more fun,” answered Young who doesn’t do anal on screen, although she does it in her personal life.

“Holding out for the price tag,” Wankus suspected. Young said that wasn’t the case. But she might be inclined to do them for her own movies. Young said she’s in two magazines coming out- Club and Club International but has only been back in the business about a month and a half. Wankus then commented that Young looked like Nicki Hunter with good teeth. Wankus followed that faux pas up by saying that he thought Hunter was a beautiful girl but has the same space in her teeth that he does.

“But you have a very similar look to her.” Young said she introduced herself to Hunter at the Vegas convention and said everyone makes comments about their facial similarity. Wankus suggested they do a “twins” movie and that Hunter can do all the shit Young doesn’t.

“Because she’s crazy,” he said. “She’ll do everything. You can the good twin who does all the straight Brady Bunch passionate sex. The guy thinks they’re going out with you, but they’re really going out with Nicki. And she’s fuck me in the ass!”

For now, Young wasn’t aware of anything she had coming out in her business reincarnation. Before she left the business, Young figured she was doing maybe ten or fifteen scenes a month and was in the business a couple of years. Young’s family and friends are well aware that she’s doing porn. Wankus wondered if her ex was part of the problem.

“A big problem,” Young agreed. “He had gone crazy. There was some insecurity problems. I could not be with him any more. I knew what I wanted and he couldn’t accept it.” Young also agreed with the assessment that most men neither can understand nor deal with the situation of having a woman in porn. Wankus said that especially holds true for guys outside of the business who’ve never been on a set.

“They think you’re blowing every fucking p.a. and there’s cocaine on the side of the thing,” said Wankus. “But all of that stuff happens outside in peoples’ cars!” To back up that assertion, Wankus said he’s heard stories from girls about how they’re turned on by the crew and want to see if they can score with them.

“It’s not hard,” said Young. “They all offer it. They’re all very helpful.”

Wankus was all for calling Young’s ex so he could give him advice for his next porn girlfriend. What pissed off Young, she says, was the fact he called her for Valentine’s Day. According to Young, the split occurred about five or six months ago.

“Get over it, motherfucker,” Wankus advised. “It’s Valentine’s day and you’re still brewing over her? Get over it.” Young was out with her new boyfriend when she got the call. Wankus wondered why she bothered to answer. Young said she only fielded the message. Wankus then assumed the new boyfriend was secure and cool with what she did.

“He’s a doctor,” said Young. “He’s a very good guy- he’s great in every single way.”

Wankus wondered whether he was married or not. Young said he wasn’t and didn’t have kids.

“That’s like on a wish list,” said Wankus. Another advantage, too, said Wankus is the fact that he’s busy with his own career without time to angst. Then there’s the advantage of his supplying Young drugs, he noted. Young said he was a hand surgeon.

“He yells at me when I crack my knuckles,” she laughed. When she got married, Young wound up buying a condo in Vegas but gave it to her ex. Wankus asked her what could she possibly have been thinking.

Young also mentioned that she’s a squirter, and the first time she did it was at the literal hands of Axel Braun for an Elegant Angel movie.

“Then I went crazy,” she said. “Every girl can do it if they just put their minds to it.” Asked if it might have been piss, Young said she pee’d beforehand so knew that it wasn’t.

“But a lot of girls do pee.”

Co-host Katie Morgan brought up the fact that in dozens of autopsies, no one’s ever found a squirt gland.

“It has to be pee,” insisted Morgan. To offer compromise, Wankus suggested that some girls “squirt” pee while others piss. All of this being said, Wankus still wondered how Cytherea was capable of doing seven or eight squirts in a row of such mass and distance. According to Morgan she’s seen Cytherea’s pee hole up close.

“And it’s wrong,” said Morgan. “It’s too small. It’s a pin prick. I looked at it close. I’m, like, what the fuck is that. It’s the tiniest pee hole I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Wankus sounded flabbergasted with that information. But Wankus also noted that when Cytherea squirted in his face, it didn’t taste like piss. Morgan offered a suggestion but nothing to dispel the debate which will continue immemorially.Young said she knew someone [Lena S’moan from Nasty Modeling] who squirted that didn’t need to put anything inside of her.

“She’s been doing it since she was 14.”

Wankus said he would have Lena later on in the show but doubted it.

“We’ll see if she can do it on command.”


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