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Catching up with Alexis Amore: “Renaud is the Biggest Asshole; He Makes Talent Unhappy”

Porn Valley- There’s the pros and cons of Adultcon. You listen to Cleopatra of the Nile, and you’d think that Adultcon, and a prostate massage were the two greatest forms of entertainment known to man.

Then, again, Cleopatra, will sell you the Pyramid of Cheops based on its comfortable sleeping arrangements. Alexis Amore, on the other hand, has never shrinked from her own controversial opinions. And Alexis, had a few of them regarding Adultcon owner Renaud West.

Time flies. I interviewed Amore when she was first starting in the business. That was in 1999.

Tuesday afternoon Amore’s doing some last minute shopping. She dances in Sacramento beginning tomorrow night through Saturday. At the Sacramento Gold Club.

Her mobile phone at times cuts out or makes her voice sound like a sore throat and cellophane. I kid Alexis that with the $100,000 a month Renaud West claims she makes, she ought to be getting a new one.

“I can’t be any happier,” she tells me. I tell Alexis I’d be happier with a better connection. She works on it successfully.

“Is that better?” she asks. Infinitely.

“I’m still featuring after all these years and I’m leaving town tomorrow,” she announces.

Amore also mentions that she started doing boy-girl again a couple of months ago. Asked why she stopped to begin with, Amore explains that she was in a long term relationship with a civilian.

“I thought I needed a break; I always took a break here and there,” she explains. More importantly, Amore expected her relationship would be moving forwards. No such luck.

“Unfortunately it ended,” she says. “We were together as long as I’ve been in the industry- almost since 2001. So we’ve been together for awhile.”

“The relationship ended and life goes on,” sighs Amore. “You move forward. And it took me about a year after the relationship ended to go back doing boy-girl.”

“The ending was due to the fact that he wasn’t mature enough,” she continues.

“It took you all that time to figure it out?” I ask her.

“Yeah, you’re young and you wait and you wait,” she replies. “Sometimes you realize that you need to move forward. It was healthier for me to do that.”

Amore says it was neither the business nor her working with other guys that was ever the issue in the relationship. She figured out other ways of marketing herself in the business. For instance she has a calendar. And there’s store signings. Amore reminds you that she’s feature danced for seven years and loves it and being on stage. Now she enjoys performing more for her website than anything else.

I mention to Amore that when she had her KSEX show, you could always count on updates about her career. But with the demise of the show, she became porn’s mystery person.

“I kept myself busy with other things,” Amore explains.

“I didn’t want to be the industry party girl that goes to every party. I keep myself very professional and show the people out there that adult stars are very hard working. I hope that’s what I’ve achieved.”

During her career, Amore was under contract one time to the defunct Jill Kelly Productions and the equally defunct Video Team. I kid her about being the Black Dahlia with the kiss of death.

Amore makes a point of saying that she was able to get overboard in both occasions before the ship hit the iceberg.

“The industry is about ups and downs,” she concedes. “But I got really good publicity out of it. I got my name out of there and tried to make the best of it.”

Now that she’s out of those contracts, Amore says she enjoys shooting for other people and having more maneuverability in her career.

“You know when you’re under contract you see the same old thing.”

Before she got into the industry, Amore was a mainstream model and went to an HBO audition.

“They were looking for a blond, blue-eyed girl,” she laughs. “They said Playboy TV is looking for girls. I’m sure they’d love to have you. I showed up, and Eric Middleman was the guy who hired me and I started doing Playboy TV.

“I met Jewel De’Nyle and Alexa Ray. I had questions about the industry like, how do you get tested, those sorts of things. I then watched an adult movie from Vivid, and at the end of the credits, there was a phone number and I called it. I was doing a film a week later.”

Amore’s first movie was very nice from her recollection.

“They knew I was very nervous,” she says. Amore was scheduled to do a scene with Erik Everhard and Bobby Vitale.

“Robbie Dee directed it and I was the only other person on set,” she goes on to say. “It was for The Watchers 6. It was very nice and very comfortable.”

In time, Amore wound up talking to a couple of the contract girls from Jill Kelly Productions.

“They said they were looking for girls, but the boss [Bob Friedland] loved blonds,” laughs Amore.

“I talked to Bob and I was, like, ethnic women sell very well and I’ve got something I can bring to the table. I think I’m pretty and I think I can do good scenes. Why don’t we talk. You can put me in a few movies. Jill ended up liking my personality. I did a few trade shows and she liked what I did. They ended up signing me.”

“Non-blond was really going out of the box at JKP,” I agree.

“Bob was not attracted to me at all,” Amore relates. “He liked the blonds with the extensions; and I was totally opposite. But we did really well. A lot of people still remember my Jill Kelly scenes.”

In any event, Amore says Friedland was really great with her.

“As long as I was making him money he didn’t have anything to complain about. Plus I really pushed to be at trade shows and conventions. Because that’s what pushes your name and I wanted to be there. And when you’re under contract it’s a package deal. You don’t get paid extra for a lot of other things. The fact that I wanted to be there three and four hours longer, I think I earned his respect.”

“You’ve done the contract girl thing twice. Is it really the tradeoff for the publicity that you do that? Because you’re not earning as much money,” I ask her.

“When I started it was,” says Amore. “But contracts nowadays are not the same. There’s a lot of contract girls I don’t know about, and I keep myself up to date looking at Adultfyi and AVN even when I’m not in the Valley. I don’t think the business is what it used to be.

“They’re finding really young girls, and they’re using them up- to each his own- I was used up one time in my career. But I tried to make the best of it. If they’re going to use me, I’m going to get a certain amount of money. But now it’s better for me having been around for awhile. I’m not saying I’m a diamond in the rough, but a lot of the girls aren’t that attractive. I know there are girls out there that are hot as hell but they don’t want to do adult.”

Amore also feels that the money isn’t what it used to be, either.

Amore credits Wankus for bringing her on to KSEX. Amore did a show every fourth Wednesday as part of a contract superstar showcase.

“Wankus and I always got along well,” she says. “He’s funny as heck. I went when he was doing that Karaoke.”

At one point, Amore’s co-host on KSEX was Cherokee.

“I was going nuts trying to figure out who was saying what,” I tell Amore. “Because the two of you sounded so much alike I was going who the fuck just said that. I’m going insane. I figured with your accent and her squeaky voice you could tell the difference but you couldn’t. I’m sure in the recap I wound up attributing quotes to the wrong person.”

“That’s why I had to fire her ass,” Amore laughs. “Then I brought Olivia O’Lovely to the show. But those were fun times although it was hard for me to keep focused on that show especially when you feature.”

Amore says she can’t wait for Erotica LA but “unfortunately” she was at Adultcon this past weekend, as well.

“I’m a very honest person,” she goes on to say.

“Renaud is the biggest asshole. He makes talent unhappy. And I don’t want to be unhappy when I’m going to be on my feet for hours. To be honest, I did the show because I was with Stiletto Magazine. A good friend of mine is Gary from the magazine and he’s great with me. We had Tianna Kai and Olivia O’Lovely at the booth. We had such a good group of girls. It was nice to be there to promote yourself. But when you have a guy giving you such grief about everything, I just don’t like to be talked to like I’m a little girl.”

“When he talks to me like he’s my father that really irritates me,” Amore continues. “He talks to others like that. But these girls make your show. He’s not Erotica LA, and I hope he understands that.”

“I’ve talked to a ton of girls who have the same stories,” I tell Amore. “And yet why does everyone keeping going back for the abuse. It’s for the fans, is that what it is?”

“This is going to sound bad, but to be honest,” Amore continues, “the last show that he did I was there the first day. I was with Stiletto and Renaud gave me shit the first day I was there. I didn’t show up the next two days and posted up on my site that, unfortunately, due to management at the show, I wasn’t going to return. I feel, for my fans, that was not a problem. Maybe some people didn’t get to their computers on time and they looked for me. This time I went because of Gary. After this, I don’t think so.”

There was another incident with West that Amore remembers, explaining how the long shows take a toll being on your feet for all those hours.

“So I posted on my website the times I was going to be at the show,” she says.

One of those days when Amore wasn’t at her booth, West looked at her saying 4,000 people just came through the door and what were you doing?

“I bet you were sleeping,” West told her.

“I told him you don’t even know me or anything about me,” says Amore, implying that she had to take care of some family matters.

“He looks at me and goes are you serious? I go I’m sure those 4,000 fans didn’t come here just to see me. I’m sure my fans know the time I’ll be here at the show.

“He’s, like, I know you make $100,000 a month, but you can’t spread your legs forever. One day you’re going to get old like me, what are you going to do? I looked at him. I go by the time I’m old like you I’ll be married to a really, really rich man who’s going to take care of me and take care of all my bills. So don’t you worry.

“Which is not true because I’m such an independent person, I’ll be working somehow one way or another.

“But what do you tell a guy who’s such an asshole?” asks Amore.

“It’s just ridiculous that he’ll talk to talent like that. But that’s my Renaud story. With my temper I could have said something worse, but I thought I’d keep it classy rather than say F— you. When you run a show like that, you might want to be nice to people especially if your show’s going downhill and talent doesn’t want to come to it because you’re such an asshole.”

“I heard the show was pretty small.”

“I was,” says Amore. “Very small and it’s very unfortunate because the person running it doesn’t know how to run things. This is not worth it for me. I’d rather go to Erotica L.A.”


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