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Charlee Chase Interviewed 5/12/2005

Porn Valley – Charlee Chase, was a guest on The Wanker Show Wednesday night. Wankus said he met Chase in Tampa last September. “She was poolside topless and naked half the time. I have to admit, I was in the pool also constantly looking at you,” he said, recalling a moment when someone pulled his shorts off. Then about, thirty minutes later, Wankus pulled his own shorts down when his Freudian slip showed in a reference to Tyler Faith, with Wankus calling her his wife.

Chase reported that she came to L.A. to do some work but wound up getting sick. Chase said she was originally scheduled to come into town a few months ago but Adam & Eve had her go to Jamaica. “It was awesome.” Chase said she had sex with a couple of amateur guys while down there. “It was a really hot experience.” Chase also has a feature DVD out. “I’ve been working my ass off for Naughty America,” she added. “Those people are the shit, the bomb. I’ve worked the last two days straight with them. They’re great, great people.” Chase had planned on staying to Saturday but signalled that she was leaving early because she came down with the flu.

Wankus asked Chase if she was still dating “that guy”. She nodded her head no and Wankus suspected that he opened a can of worms by asking the question. Chase explained that a wedding had been planned for September and that she just called it off. Chase said her ex, Brett, had a tough time dealing with the fact that she wanted to be in the industry. “I love it. I’m one of those girls who actually get off.” For her part, co-host Michelle Lay said she gets off more than not in her scenes. “It’s very seldom that I don’t.” And when she doesn’t, Lay said it’s for a specific reason. Chase says she enjoys the fact that she gets to meet hot guys. “And I’m going to fuck you.” Wankus predicted a time was coming when she wouldn’t but nonetheless applauded her for sticking to her guns where it came to her career.

“A lot of girls do make exceptions for the men and later regret it,” he said. “And they start sneaking shit on the side.” Chase said she got to the point where people in the industry started to know who she was and didn’t want to louse that up. “I’ve worked really hard to get here.” Chase said she didn’t want to be the person to hate the guy for her making the decision to quit. Chase later amended her statement to include the fact that she didn’t break up with Brett. “I’m trying to see if I’m going to stay with him. He’s waiting for me to come back from L.A.” Being fair to the guy, Wankus said it’s hard on a guy and in his situation with Tyler Faith, he accepts what she does but it drives him crazy that she does. “I tolerate it for now.”

Along those lines, Wankus said he and Faith got hired to do a sex scene together. “But the day before she’s shooting another scene with someone else. That’s what’s in my head. If the days were reversed it wouldn’t be a problem. But I’m going to sit there doing a scene, yesterday you were fucking somebody else, you fucking bitch.”

Wankus re-emphasized the fact that it’s not easy for a guy to deal with that and that he, for being a kicked back guy, has issues when she’s just dancing even though they don’t have a fight over it. “The love of your life is grinding her tits in some guys face. That’s pretty hard to swallow sometimes.”

Asked about her website, Chase said she’s one of those women who invests the time to do it herself. And, thus, she apologized that the membership area wasn’t up as yet. “One day it’ll be up and be really kick ass.” For the time being, said Chase, there’s free pics and people can check out her diary. Since she started doing boy-girl, Chase guesses that maybe she’s done 50 or 60 of those. “They’ve been working me out since I got out here to L.A.” Chase said all her life she’s heard that the L.A. weather is awesome but wanted to know what the fuck. Chase said she came equipped with tank tops but it’s been like 50 degree weather.

Since she’s ben out here, Chase said she had the pleasure of working with Jean Valjean twice. “He’s awesome.” Chase also lent props to a male performer named Will Powers. Chase said she did have a bad experience. “I was doing a group scene. It was my first gangbang,” she said. Chase said the guys were rough with her. “I think most people that know me know I’m not into that. I’ll be a whore. I’ll be a slut. But it’s going to be on my own terms.” And Chase said she can only handle so many cocks in her face. “There was one guy who was really rough. He’d come up behind me when I didn’t expect it and ram his cock in me. Give me a little notice. Touch me.”

In an exchange of barbs with Lay, Lay called Wankus a “nickel dick prick” and he vowed to register that site. A conversation then ensued about this year’s Tampa show, and Chase said she heard they were cutting it down to 30 stars. Wankus said that’s because they want to limit it to people they know are hot and know are fun. “That’s the problem,” he said. “You bring 50 or 60 stars and you’re going to get a lot of hot chicks but you’re also going to get some chicks who don’t want to have fun. Some people just sit in their room the whole fucking time and never leave except for the required events. Some people just do that.”



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