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Charlee Chase to Wrestle Paige Turner

Charlee Chase,, was a guest on KSEX the night of the infamous water buffalo hunt. Chase, on her website, chronicles her thoughts about the girls from Alternative Modeling who gave that interview and then talks about her adventures afterwards.

Charlee Chase writes: I went straight to the Ksexradio studio and met up with Wankus! It had been since last September since I’d seen him so I’d been dying to go on his show since. I was there.. and so was one of his regular girls who went on with him first. She was really cool… and of course Wankus’ new girlfriend was there too Tyler Fayth (she’s so hot!) and I went on the air with Wankus. We talked about all sorts of stuff. At the Tampa Show.. we talked about just about everything lol.. we spent days just hanging out and talking so he’s really easy to talk to. Then Alternative modeling came in (from Miami) and they brought 4 girls with them.

I don’t know what the fuck happened… but the show got as weird as it’s ever been from that moment until the end. I was reading the chat board the members were posting on.. and you can’t imagine the stuff they were saying about these girls. They started talking about shoots they’ve done where they shot animals and then pissed on their balls before having sex next to them… fukkin weird sick shit… and I can honestly say for just about the first time in my life.. I was so flabberghasted.. that I was completely speechless! I just sat there open mouthed in complete and utter shock at what these like 19 year old girls were saying. One was having sex with her half sister and .. I don’t even know. I can say that Tyler was ready to hurt someone.. because most of us porners.. have a big thing about hurting animals and some of the stuff they were saying was just mortifying.

So after the show.. Wankus called me into his office with him and Tyler and Todd Hunter (who I’d been talking to all night.. he’s erally cool too! He used to write for Jeopardy!) and we just hung out still in shock for about an hour or so. While I was in there.. I raided his computer and chenged my flight from Saturday to the next morning. I got a rideback from some ppl from the Ksex show and crashed out for my last night in LA. I took the earliest flight home and the pressure in my ears on the plane on the way back was unbelievable.. I honestly could have cried. It felt like someone was sticking a fork through my ears.

Anyway.. I’ve failed to mention a few other happenings while I was there so I guess I’ll backtrack a little before heading into what happened next… As you know.. Brett and I haven’t been getting along much at all anymore. Things were kinda hanging in the air before I left for LA. We texted back and forth a few quick times here and there when I wasn’t busy (which wasn’t often) and I wrote him saying “I’m sick as shit today” when I first got sick… and the reply I got was “OK”. Which I though was pretty … well… um… rude. .. unthoughtful… pick one. Anyway… while I was there.. I also ran across a PSP. Don’t know if you all know what one is or not.. but they’re pretty cool. I wasn’t looking for one.. but it kinda dropped into my lap so I bought it along with a couple games.

John (the new guy friend I’ve been hanging out with) had mentioned a while back when I first met him how super cool he thought they were.. so I gave it to him when I got home. Brett… moved out. He’s staying with family now. I’ve seen him twice.. the first time he was being rude.. the second time he was much nicer. Even helped me take out all the trash that was left from while I was gone. Most of his stuff is still here… so I’m sure he’ll be back and forth for a while until he gets it all.. but I’m thinking it’s about as over as over gets. It’s very hard on the little guy who’s been dying for some daddy time.. but what can you do. He was in town all week and could have seen him… but chose not to… so anyways. I guess for the first time in …. well… since I was 14…. I’m single.

I went to the Doctors when I got home. I have this doctor down the street that I’ve seen quite a bit of this year since I’ve been unusually sick lately. You know.. the really well dressed… always smells good.. really attractive… fun and flirty kind. 🙂 Anyway.. I went to see him aagin when I got home and he told me I’ve managed to get a double inner ear infection and a throat infection of some sort while I was in LA. (Thanks alot LA LOL) So I’ll be on meds for the next (now) 9 days which sucks.. but I’m already starting to get better thankfully. I’ve had some great phone conversations with some of my good friends over the past couple days. I talked to one in particular for a good three hours and I did alot of listening that night (which is perfectly fine by me!) I could talk to this one for days on end and never get tired of holding the phone.

Tonight I talked to JR (from Reality X) for a bit. He’s started up an agency or something now and wants to come by tomorrow to pick up the CD I’ve got of his pics so he’;s got the copies of them so he can use them. He’s been staying in good contact with most everyone from the show. He called a few times while I was in LA (but he was calling the house phone not my cell) I guess I forgot to tell him I was going cause he was starting to get pretty concerned when I didn’t call back after three messages and a few days. Sorry JR if you’re reading. I didn’t mean to worry you. I think Josh is about to move to the Dunedin area soon which would be cool haning out with him again too. Just before my trip to LA.. I went out to hear Tyson playing again … and Brett didn’t join me. He dropped me off. I got kinda bored cause I was up there alone.. so I called my mom and her b/f to come hang out with me.

So they came up to check out Tyson playing and hang out and share some company. He was playing some new songs that night which was cool. He’s got some new originals that are worth checking out. After a while.. pretty much everyone was up there. Some guy kept hitting on me which was funny cause he wasn’t taking no for an answer.. so John came over and took care of that 😀 (Thank’s John!) They drove me over to his place when they closed and dropped me off where I met another girl and a guy (names I don’t remember). The girl was hot and a model also and she was looking to hook up (with.. um.. me lol!) but her date for the night was thinking he was gonna score with us both.. um… sorry no.. wasn’t feeling that…. she was leaving for the Bahamas in the AM for a shoot. He didn’t end up hooking up with anyone that night. I ended up crashing out there last Friday night. I called my mom in the AM when I woke up and she picked me up and brought me home. Brett was getting fitted for the tux since the wedding was that day and they’d made mistakes on his tux.

The friends wedding was beautiful. It was an outdoor wedding at a park and the ceremony was perfect. I followed over to Tampa for the reception where Brett disappeared for most of the evening and I ended up hanging out with his sister (my best gal pal) all night. There was a lot of dancing, good food, and good people. One of the guys at the single guy table kept flirting with me. I don’t think he was a day over 20. That made me feel kinda old lol. This month so far has brought about a lot of changes and new things. Hopefully for the good and not for the bad. This early month book update is ending for tonight because I’m exhausted! May 24, 2005: It’s about time for another update huh! Man I’ve not had a lot of extra time lately. Seems I’ve been much busier since Brett moved out – with house cleaning and cooking- and just normal everyday needs to get done activities.. and of course I’ve also been shooting and spending time out of the house as well. Since I last updated… I’ve convinced one of my best female friends (who happens to be Brett’s sister) to get her butt out of the house for once and hang out with me… so we’ve gone up to my fav little local bar a few times to shoot some pool. I always just go in and start a tab for the pool and drinks (sometimes soda, sometimes liquor, but lately beer- thanks John ) and it’s so weird… I’ve not paid for a thing there since I got back from LA.

Guys are buying us both drinks and picking up our tab for the pool… and I’ve gotta say.. it’s kinda nice getting the girly girl treatment. I’ve almost always been the one to pay for everything.. so it’s been a nice change. I guess words really gotten around that Brett and I are no longer together.. because I’ve been asked out by several guys already. Casey and I met these guys up at the bar one night – Chuck and Andy -a school teacher and a computer guy of some sort and Andy’s sister Heather… Andy’s going through a breakup too and apparently has a thing for me…Now until just recently.. I thought I’d met the funniest person out there (Justin) but I have to say that Chuck had our jaws on the ground all night (two nights in a row) with the stuff that was coming out of his mouth.We even ran into Mike up there this time who we’ve not seen in months.

The second night up there.. I was asked to come back and spend the evening with someone Brett knows. Our new friends brought up two more friends. As the night was ending.. Casey headed back with them for an after hours party.. so I decided to go to one myself… over with John and Gus (his roommate). I actually had a chance to hang out with Gus this time because he finally came out of his cave for a little while .. we had a alot of fun playing darts all night and that turned into playing guitars and singing… they are so cute singing 🙂 Gus was a lot of fun to hang out with and even was kind enough to give me a ride home in the AM when I couldn’t get John to wake up. So thank you Gus for coming out of the cave for a bit!

John and I had a great time too! We have so much in common it is almost freaky,. It’s like we’re completely on the same wavelentgh about most everything so far… SCARY! He even asked if I could guess a place he’d been wanting to go .. and I did.. first try without even thinking.. I just blurted it out and I was right… hmph. So my social life as you can probably tell has been very nice. I’ve gotten back into shooting again. I did a couple wrestling sets for and the following day I did a f/f and a mixed wrestling match for Tampa-Bikini-Wrestling. He said the last ones we did were selling really well. So I’m very glad to hear that.

It’s nice to know that ppl enjoy seeing what I do! Yesterday I did a scene for CrashCinema for a DVD called Hollywood She-Wolf. It will be avaialble around October or so after editing. I got killed by a psycho producer (obviously that part was acting!) but I had a scene (that we did 5-6 takes on from different angles) where I had to slap this other guy… and hard.. and they didn’t want any fake slapping.. just a hard slap across the face. Man.. I can’t imagine what his face was feeling like cause after the first one.. my hand was stinging. I got him so good across the face he has immediately purple skin and his cheek swelled up. Sorry again Garo! Just doing my job! 🙂

Anyway.. that DVD will be able to be purchased in Best Buy! I’ll get a copy before hand and let you know how it turned out! They may be interested in hiring me for another film in the near future! I’m supposed to go to South Florida tomorrow for two b/g shoots. I’m starting to get a little weary of them though since the pay is cut in half.. and I have to pay the male talent (who booked me the shoots) a high percentage. So I’d be coming home with less than what I normally get for one b/g scene to do two of them for companies that knwo my rates… so I’m not 100% certain as of now if I’ll go. I’d rather book it myself (as I know both companies) and not feel weird about anything. I hate when you get those weird vibes and unfortunately in this business I’ve learned to listen to them.

I’ve also booked myself for two solid days at the end of the month (the 28-29th) They originally wanted me on the 30th (Memorial Day) but then changed it to the days before it. Those should be very long but very fun days. Not sure exactly what all I’ll be doing as of yet.. but I’ll be a very busy girl doing many scenes each day (much like while I was in LA) That is pretty much the basic version of my update over the past week or so since I’ve really had a chance to be online. My fridge and freezer crapped out on me right after I bought a bunch of food.. so I had to have them come fix it and I had to go buy all new food (again) this week.. so I’m a little annoyed about that lol. Tomorrow they are coming over to fix my front door. It has cracks in it where I can see outside and with my air running non-stop I’d like for that to be fixed. Hopefully they’ll just give me a new one.. we’ll see lol! 🙂 May 29, 2005: Management has still not taken care of the door. I’m not paying rent until they do.. since I pay the highest of any other apt in here. This has been quite the week! (or should I say quite the month!) I’ve been busy with shoots and busy with cleaning and making new friends and just enjoying life and not taking everything so seriously for a while. I’ve spent quite a bit of time with my fav guy pal John and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I actually beat him at darts 2 games (but he must have been letting me win) but reguardless.. I had a great time as always. I’ve been asked out by a bunch of ppl now… I’ll keep their names undisclosed to protect the innocent… but I’ve gotten several very nice offers to go out with some very nice guys. I’ve been getting much better at darts (look out John lol – someday I may be as good as you!) so I’m going to get a dart board for the house. Brett has one but he’s taking it with him. He’s picked up a bunch more clothes and such but a lot of his things are still here which is fine. He can move them out at his convenience. He came out to my fav little Dunedin bar last night to shoot some pool and darts with me.. and it was weird.. we were getting along fine… and we were kinda with other ppl while we were there. I introduced him to my new friend Heather and I think they hit it off right away because he spent most of the rest of the night talking to her and I was hanging out with Chris. We even danced a little bit while Brett had some girl mauling his hair over in a corner somewhere lol. Very odd.. anyway…

This weekend I was supposed to be doing a shoot for Will Hammer of LittleDevilProductions…. and I got up super early to go to Dade City (1 1/2 hours away) and got there on time and over the course of the 6 hours I was there waiting for SOMETHING to happen… 11 other ppl showed up. There ended up being a dozen of us that he no called no showed.. and from what I’ve heard.. I’m the only one who had ANY contact with him all day… and that was via text messages. So… needless to say I’m a little pissed about that. That threw off my financial situation for a bit because I just opened up a savings and a checking account the other day and I put all my money in there (short of what I spent on getting 4 tickets to the Los Lonely Boys / Santana concert for Monday night and the new game for John’s PSP as a get well present) so now it’s a holiday weekend and banks are closed on Monday and I’m leaving for the rest of the week early Tuesday.. and I have no bank card yet.. and no way to access my money.

I went to the pool with Casey today and got myself a nice little tan. I’m starting to get some really good color. Speaking of color.. I also changed my haircolor last night .. it’s not quite so abrasive of a color as the one I’ve had for a while now.. I hope everyone likes it. It got really good reviews when I went out last night so hopefully everyoen else will like it too. I’ll be flying to Chicago in the next month or two for a wrestling match against Paige Turner and I have to have dark hair for this particular match. That should be interesting. I’ll make sure to get in a photoset or two quickly before I change it back.. something special for my fans and members to see me exclusively with dark hair for at least a few sets 🙂 I’ve had a great time out over the past week since I’ve updated.. and I’ve even had a hot sweaty night of good sex (off camera) BIG SMILES!


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