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Chat with Gazzman- update

Porn Valley- In a call placed to Scotland, Guy Capo on his Tuesday night KSEX show, interviewed Gazzman,, the director of Belladonna’s Fuck Me.

Gazzman has been in the adult business about five years. He started out with Private and did most of his work with them until the last two years. “I’ve been working not only with Private but with Adam & Eve and now the last year I’ve been working all the time for Harmony Films, an English company. I’m now exclusive to them,” he said.

Capo noted that Harmony had just struck a deal with Evil Angel for distribution and that was a big break for Gazzman. “That’s numbers, baby. That’s moving some fucking numbers when your shit is going out under Evil’s label.”

It was noted that Gazzman got the Best Foreign Feature and Best Foreign Director awards from AVN. “The Barcelona awards gave him the Best DVD,” Capo added in a recitation of credits. “He’s also the British Adult Film Awards winner of Best Director. VSDA calls him adult title of the year and Adam Film World has even given him best Foreign Video.”

Capo wanted to talk about Belladonna’s Fuck Me. “This is really what everyone wants to hear about.” Gazzman did the movie in early 2004.

“We went out to the Caribbean, and we took a whole lot of filthy fuckers with us,” said Gazzman. “This was the first film I did for Harmony and we’re very happy we started this new line with Belladonna because you can’t get anyone better than Belladonna. Belladonna is just unique.”

Capo said that Belladonna crosses markets. “There are people who are not even interested in porn who know who Belladonna is, know what she does and are curious about seeing it.” Capo wondered whether Belladonna was showing her pregnancy during the shoot. Gazzman said no.

“If you watch that movie we did a back stage session where we did straight interviews,” he explained. “We like to think we asked in-depth and probing questions. One of the things is where she talks about the business, rather prophetically where she said, you know tomorrow I might have a kid and give it all up. Hey, not long after, I heard the happy news.”

Asked if he’s had much contact with Belladonna after that point, Gazzman explained how you get busy. “Of course you’re friendly with folks when you’re working with them,” he said. “Afterwards you move on and lose touch a little bit.” Other than that, Gazzman said he and Belladonna have exchanged friendly e-mails, but that’s pretty much it. “Distance makes the heart grow fonder.”

“Bella is one of the few characters who exudes a sexuality- in person it’s astonishing,” Capo stated. “When you meet Bella face to face and you’re standing in the room with her you obviously feel the sexuality. It translates so very, very well into film. I cannot wait to get my hands on Bella’s Fuck Me because I know in my heart of hearts it’s going to come right trough the film into your lap so to speak. Bella’s energy.”

Asked if there was anything about the project that he was dissatisfied with, Gazzman said working in the heat was challenging. “You can see the sweat. It was hard even for the Americans that were there that are used to the California sunshine.” Gazzman said they were also hit by a hurricane and he never experienced one before. “I was really scared. I was thinking my whole film is going to get blown away. We went to a Caribbean paradise and took over for two weeks. We just shot the shit out of it.”

It was noted that Gazzman is now head of production for Harmony. Gazzman said there will be 24 films a year- of which he’ll be shooting eight- including the Fuck Me line. “And I’ve got a new line coming out. I start shooting it in three weeks time. That’s going to be on Hi-Definition.” Gazzman explained that last week in London they went through a couple of different hi-def cameras to make a selection. “We’re seriously considering putting everything on hi-definition,” he said. “But it will certainly be on my next line. Technically it’s going to be top notch. I’m always about technical quality as well as hardcore fucking.”

Gazzman explained that she shot a lot of couples style at the beginning of his career with Private, then went harder and harder culminating with a feature called Hot Property. Gazzman explained that the company, once Skeeter Kerkove started shooting for them, assumed an even harder edge. “He brought a much harder edge to the company.

“With Harmony we like things hard,” Gazzman continued. “We went straight in with really hardcore, extreme fucking with the Fuck Me line.” Gazzman explained about how the company has also embraced a POV style.

Capo asked Gazzman his opinion of hi-def, noting that, for his part, he didn’t know whether he wanted to see every pimple, pock mark and blemish on the thighs and asses of the girls. “Are you finding that to be a challenge for you as a director?”

Gazzman said he heard about all the problems encountered. “The mainstream guys say it’s harder to focus and all these kind of things.” Gazzman said he tried the mini hi-def cameras as well as the full size one which goes about $70,000. “There’s about $60,000 worth of difference in the picture. There’s a big picture difference for sure. But I didn’t go, my God, there’s too much detail. Even in big close what you did notice is, there’s more color and more richness in the colors. As for spots and pimples, no. There’s beautiful, crisp detail but you can never have too much.”

Capo said that was his biggest fear.

“Everything’s eventually going to go over to HD and I think right now if you’re quick enough and can afford to get on the bandwagon of HD right now you’re bound to move a tremendous amount of numbers based on the novelty alone, that you’re among the first now to break in to the HD adult entertainment. I was a little fearful.” Capo said it was also a relief to know that his girls won’t look like street whores wandering Los Angeles when he puts them under the microscope of high definition.

Asked about his website, Gazzman said his partner built it for him. “I’ve been lazy the last two weeks- I’m supposed to give him content,” he said. “There’s no content yet. It’s one of those classic cases where people say it’s under construction. Because it’s actually been made. But if you want to look at the content you might have to wait one more week. I’ve just been too busy.” Gazzman noted that if you check out his site, you’ll see where you can win a trip to one of his shoots.

Capo wondered if he was planning additional trips to the states. Gazzman said he’s done a few shoots in the states, the last one being Lauren Phoenix’s Fuck Me. “We were two weeks in L.A. But I like to go to other places like the dessert- places more unusual.” Gazzman also talked about plans of doing the world’s first Icelandic movie. “That’s another story. I’ve just given out my big secret.”


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