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Chat with Newcomer Isabel

Porn Valley- We caught newcomer Isabel on her way over to Encino to shoot a scene for EvolutionErotica. From Wales, Isabel, who carries the proverbial accent, was getting her face made. But, remembering the fact that we’re still in the middle of translating Jennie Loveit’s interview [now THERE’s accent] we decided to wait until she got her one-dimpled face back before slipping a tape recorder in front of it. Isabel is basically from the same area where Kelle Marie hails from, though Isabel said she doesn’t know Kelle. Isabel is repped by L.A. Direct Models.
Isabel: I don’t know Kelle personally but she comes from the same town as me.

Gene: How did you wind up getting into this business?

Isabel: One of my friends in London- where I live now- had been pestering me to come over because he sends girls over from Great Britain. He’s a friend of mine and he’s been on and on about it. Eventually I said yeah. It’s my friend, Russell. He runs sex parties. I go to the swingers’ bit where we do our own thing. But I don’t like the paid sex parties because I don’t like the men who go there.

Gene: Why is that, hairy? Stinky?

Isabel: LOL. They’re just gross! Sex parties are okay- free ones- where you can choose who you do what with. But if you’re paid to be there and don’t like the people, yuk.

Gene: Were you a nude model? A dancer?

Isabel: I used to dance but I hurt my leg awhile back. I stopped. And London’s very competitive for dancing. There’s too many dancers and not enough clients so I just gave up.

Gene: How did you hurt your leg.

Isabel: This is a pretty funny story, actually. I was in the middle of doing a split on the stage when a girl fell off the pole and landed on me. It made my leg stretch out too quickly. It was terrible. All these naked people on stage.

Gene: Is this your first time in this country?

Isabel: It certainly is.

Gene: How do you like it so far.

Isabel: It’s been good.

Gene: You got to admit. The weather’s got to be better.

Isabel: The weather’s really nice. Your winter is better than our summer.

Gene: What is it generally like in Wales?

Isabel: Rainy. All the time. But I still like it, though.

Gene: How long are you going to be here for.

Isabel: Until the second week in February.

Gene: Have you worked here a lot.

Isabel: I’ve done quite a lot so far. I worked from the day I got here. I got in Monday evening last week. I did a job Tuesday. I didn’t even do anal until Tuesday and I haven’t had one job that doesn’t involve anal so far! And I’ve worked every day.

Gene: Doing anal.

Isabel: Yeah.

Gene: Whoa. Obviously you were doing it in your private life.

Isabel: Not very much. I did it a little bit but this is like a new experience for me.

Gene: You do it in the butt and everyone wants a piece of you.

Isabel: That’s right.

Gene: What kind of kid were you growing up.

Isabel: I was pretty normal until I hit about 14. Then I just went wild. I used to be on the Welsh swimming team so it was quite disciplined, the training.

Gene: The Welsh swimming team?

Isabel: Yeah.

Gene: I’ve heard of the Welsh coal mining team.

Isabel: Oh, ha-ha!

Gene: But they actually have a swimming team.

Isabel: Yeah, they do, I was part of it!

Gene: Swimmers have great bodies.

Isabel: Not anymore! LOL I think when I was younger. I hurt my leg and all that’s in the past.

Gene: You see some of these girls in their one-piece bathing suits and their legs.

Isabel: Yeah that was me. Just picture the swimming cap and the goggles.

Gene: That’s the biggest turn on. Did you ever have swimming team sex stories.

Isabel: We were quite young then. I remember we tried to get drunk- and bear in mind we were athletes- so we never drank that much. I remember we stayed in a hotel and a row of us hung out the window showing our tits while all the boys were looking at us.

Gene: Dangle is nice.

Isabel: We weren’t very dangly then.

Gene: Pert, but nature takes care of all of that. Have any other kinds of wild little sex stories.

Isabel: Not majorly wild. Just me and my friend turned a London bus into a moving sex show. It was a double-decker bus. In the night time they’re all lit up. So we decided to give everyone a show.

Gene: When was the first time you had sex.

Isabel: I was 16. It was my boyfriend. It’s got better since then!

Gene: What made you decide it was then and there.

Isabel: It just kind of happened. He was terrible!

Gene: What did he do, prematurely ejaculate?

Isabel: Yeah, he did! He was really disappointing. He could ejaculate five times in as many minutes but that doesn’t count. It was at his house, mostly. Then I moved out and he just came to my flat all the time. Then I dumped him.

Gene: Because of bad sex.

Isabel: Because he was an idiot. He was terrible.

Gene: As long as you don’t mention his name…

Isabel: I’m not going to mention his name. I’m such a lovely person! LOL

Gene: How did you get into dancing.

Isabel: Because my flat mate started doing hostessing which is like selling champagne. You get a commission off the champagne, and they have dancers in there. So I went along with her and that was the beginning of the end, really. My life of drunken debauchery in London strip clubs. But I had to pay for my university.

Gene: What were you studying.

Isabel: Criminology!

Gene: Were you ever going to take that up?

Isabel: No.

Gene: What made you decide to study that.

Isabel: It was interesting.

Gene: But not interesting enough to make it a career.

Isabel: I don’t want to be in the police or anything. I just wanted to study a bit longer so I didn’t have to get a real job! LOL. Then when I finally finished I joined the porn industry.

Gene: It seems like a natural transition from criminology into porno.

Isabel: Why not.

Gene: How did you hook up with L.A. Direct Models.

Isabel: My friend Russell sends girls over. He scouts about for them and we’ve been friends for ages.

Gene: Have you had a chance to see the sights?

Isabel: I haven’t seen any sights I’ve just seen the inside of shoots and my house. I just went to one British bar because a friend of mine was homesick so she wanted to get some bangers and mash for dinner. We went to Fox & Hounds near our house.

Gene: So when was your first girl.

Isabel: When I was 16 as well. me and my friend, Kelly, got really wrecked. She’s a bit older than me, so we decided to go to my friend Gary’s house. She didn’t know him or anything. We just banged on his door and barged into his flat. We fucked each other on the floor then she fucks him and we just left as quick as we could, leaving him wondering what just happened.

Gene: A common every day occurrence. So what happened when you first had anal.

Isabel: It was my ex boyfriend’s brother. He was a filthy old man. That was when I was 17. He just kind of put it up there.

Gene: He casually fucked you in the ass.

Isabel: LOL I was in the middle of things so I didn’t say anything about it.

Gene: What things were you in the middle of that he’s sticking his dick in your ass.

Isabel: I was getting down to the nasty, wasn’t I. So he stuck it up there and I went along with it. It just slipped in. It was alright. But I didn’t have anal for a long time after that. Then I had a Columbian boyfriend who just loved to do anal. He had a normal-sized dick. Not compared to these guys. Then we split up.

Gene: A Columbian boyfriend, what was he with, the cartel?

Isabel: No, why do you say that? He was a nice guy

Gene: It’s their national industry. It used to be coffee, not it’s coke.

Isabel: LOL! Well, I really didn’t like it. I used to grit my teeth and bear it. But I wasn’t getting many options, anyway.

Gene: I can’t help but noticing. You used to have a piercing.

Isabel: I decided I didn’t like them anymore so I got rid of them all.

Gene: Where there’s piercings there’s generally tattoos.

Isabel: I was 14 when I got my first tattoo. I’ve got 5 tattoos but they’re tiny.

Gene: Were your parents strict with you.

Isabel: They were. I went to Catholic school. They were quite, but that all went to pot. I left my parents.

Gene: Still have your catholic school uniform?

Isabel: Somewhere.

Gene: Ever whip it out on occasion?

Isabel: It’s too small for me, now. I grew boobs!



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