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Chef Jeff Heading for the Altar?

Porn Valley- Chef Jeff has been after me for awhile to read his cards, and when I was on a recent show of his, he gave me the green light to put the whole shebang on When we were at Sardos I had promised him a reading for the new year. Curiously enough, I started putting it together New Year’s day but didn’t have an opportunity to finish. But what got me started again was Jeff telling me the other day about his car being broken into. It was then that I consulted my notes and saw something about a police intervention. So, without further adieu, here’s what I see- at a glance- for the Jeffster, Master of the Love Universe, in 2004.

In the overall scheme of things, Jeff is showing both good money and employment cards with opportunities for new, positive ventures coming his way this year. But he won’t have to wait long for those opportunities to unfold because they seem ready to spring on him at any moment. There seems to be a lot of traveling involved, and his field of endeavor, according to the cards, should remain in communications.

Though the cards tell me that Jeff will be involved in business with two other partners, Jeff will certainly be the top dog of his company with the feeling that there’s a woman with some financial influence behind the scenes calling the shots. That to me would suggest female investors. Additional surprises will be coming one right after the other, but one is necessitating his going to war and having an old, festering matter finally resolved. And it will be a very busy year with nary a chance for a breather. The Scorpio period [October 21 to November 21] will account for some upheavals in the status quo. Jeff may also have to get his black suit out of the closet for attending a funeral. The vibe I’m getting is of a person who’s living alone.

Jeff also has to realize that luck is on his side and when even things don’t seem to be going his way- and at times he’ll feel he’s just hanging on by his boot straps- that’s the way the scenario is supposed to be going. But for what blessings he will receive, Jeff should make a point of thanking and being grateful to those who have helped furnish them.

Fights with relatives? You bet with lots of meddling to put up with. And friends will be something of a burden, too. Curb any tendency to lend money to a hard luck story. You will be the better for it. Christmas time later this year should be one of the best in Jeff’s recent memory, but like Scrooge in The Christmas Carol, beware of some hauntings from the past. Previous love relationships will have their toll this year.

Before this week is out, Jeff looks like he’s got a nice surprise coming. The year also shows promise as far as investments go, so if Jeff has any stocks, they should pay off handsomely. Jeff is also likely to be put in trusteeship of something related to investments, so we’ll see what that’s all about as the year develops. Jeff will also hear astounding and startling news about an old person getting married.

The cards also talk about a change in living arrangements with a new house in the offing. Contrary to his usual modus operandi, I get the feeling that a woman’s going to ask him to move in with her.

Jeff’s also likely to acquire a new car. My suspicion about the police intervention is that the vibe talks about a loss in the home, so my suspicions suggest a possible break-in and Jeff should take every precaution possible to guard his environment against that. If circumstances of any kind place him in a courtroom environment this year, Jeff should find things going on his side. Ugh, somehow I see this in connection with the festering matter that I talked about earlier. Some current situations that require papers to be signed will also stall or be stalemated due to some bureaucratic bungling or delays.

The love cards also foresee a romance with a woman in uniform, and the overall vibe in the house of love states emphatically that Jeff will have his fondest wishes realized. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a heavy thing going with a single mother but he’s going to have to fight for what he wants because the female vibe shows a reluctance to buy into his sales pitch. But if he overcomes his tendency towards inertia in the love arena, it’s basically Jeff’s for the taking. Jeff will definitely marry again. If not this year, the vibe will certainly be steering him towards the altar. Can the cards be any plainer when they say death of bachelorhood?

One thing there’s no getting around, though, Jeff’s a sucker for Virgos and there’s plenty of the water influence this year in his cards.

For those who’d be interested in a more comprehensive month-by-month reading for the coming year, contact [email protected]



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