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Chico Sucks? Canadians Need California ID

> ipop writes on ADT: Once again, I was reminded of why I keep telling myself not to buy any more Chico Wang movies. I picked up No Swallowing 6 because it had somebody I wanted to see, but I could only watch a small portion of it before I couldn’t stand to listen to this guy anymore. I don’t know how anybody could film sex scenes as void of sexual energy as he does. He has always done all this goofy stuff during interviews and BTS, but now it is even throughout the scene.

His attempts at being funny are getting worse and worse. Invariably, his interviews with the talent usually amounts to him trying to assert what a low life they are for “taking a strange man’s penis into your colon for money”. Anabolic bringing him in was a big mistake. He has now ruined a few more perfectly good series. He needs to STFU and get this hint: it is about sex and the girls. He mentioned during an interview how popular the series was and had the girls visibly upset trying to make them do this stupid ritual for the series. Gonzo films are sold by the box covers and who is in them, not the stupid non-sexual dialogue of the director. It is not comedy, and if it was, Chico is not funny. It’s worse than listening to Randy West smack his chewing gum while doing his idiotic interviews in Up & Cummers. Even girls with huge sexual energy have none left by the time his scenes even start, and he is definitely getting worse. I heard someone allude to how he always has a beer in his hand, which could possibly explain why he is getting worse and worse. From now on, I will not get any of his flicks no matter who is in them.

[rant over]

I’d be interested in hearing what some of the stars think of working for him, but I realize many wouldn’t be able to say anything for professional reasons.

> Kelly posts on ADT:Hey, how’s it going, So I’m watching U2 on Conan O’Brien and during the commercials I’m marvelling at how well Chloe has transitioned into the softcore industry, here in the form of some Showtime film (The Sex Surrogate ) I had never heard of. This particular film starred Chloe, Steven St. Croix, Ava Vincent, and Carolyn Monroe. However, in the titular role of “sex surrogate” was a girl that piqued my interest in that her face and body looked more like a porn star from a different era. Plus, I recognized her somehow. She doesn’t start my enginge the way a Sunny Lane or someone does, but I definitely wouldn’t fast-forward through one of her scenes. Surely she’s just a softcore actress though. Well, she was. She ain’t anymore.

Jacy Andrews

That’s right. I figured out why she looked familiar to me: I’d seen her on LADirect’s site a week ago. I recognize the name then, but now it has more meaning. She’s done a handful of softcore films and was actual the BTS interview girl for Robert Lombard’s hardcore Digital G films. Now, she’s on LADirect. I don’t expect her to be in any gonzo films or anything like that. As condom-only and with her background in acting, I’m sure she’s wanting to work for Vivid and Wicked and whoever else. I’m just excited at the prospect of seeing her having actual sex.

> Gene sez: here’s my interview with Andrews:

> posted on Dick Bandit Writes: Too many people are bashing Derek Hay these days. So, here’s my 3 cents.

I’m sure he is a worthless prick, I’ve seen him in this house on set and yes he’s a little arrogant fucker who sticks his chest out like a tough guy around 105 pound chicks but hides behind doors or under desks when confronted by pitbulls or guys. Make fun of him, call him arrogant, call him gay, call his Astin a pathetic attempt at manhood. BUT, call him a good Talent Agent.

His girls show up to set 90% of the time. He always has the newest and freshest talent. He keeps people informed of new talent with professional email blasts and he goes as far as to keep you up to date on talent that’s been in his stable for some time by sending out “reminders”. He has a great staff of people like Richard, Kelly, Fran and Lisa that will bust their ass to get a director what he or she needs to make a shoot. If someone flakes on a set guess who 99% of the directors call for a last minute girl…. DIRECT. Bottom line, Derek and his agency are reliable!!!!!

Derek steers the girls into directions that enhance their careers, mainstream gigs, dancing, cable shows, contracts. Or he steers them to the money if that’s their route, escorting. BUT the key point there is he steers them, but ultimately the talent has the final say.

Basically Derek is a middle man for the talent and the studios. He may not be the brightest of them all, spend five minutes having a conversation with him and you’ll realize he has less intelligence than Kurt Lockwoods asshole, but it’s not his job to be smart, it’s his job to deliver talent to sets and to deliver good paying jobs to the girls. So, regardless of his attitude or shitty personality, call it like it is. He’s a good middleman and provides a service to this industry that makes it better for all involved.

> posted on I just heard that Cindy Crawford has just sold her home in Las Vegas and is moving back to the Valley. She’ll be continuing her Feature Dancing here in LA, as well as touring. But more importantly, expect her to start shooting scenes regularly now that she’s back in the Valley and she’ll be directing too.

You can book Cindy through the Modeling Matrix talent agency run by Taylor Rain and Kelly Erikson, just email TMFR at [email protected] to book Cindy, Winston Burbank and see who else is available.

> Minnie Apple posts on Ok – Yes I know with this whole 2257 Crap it has really made it hard for newbies to get into to the porn business.

Which the business even more difficult to try and make it big if your trying to start in it from being Canadian, or from another country other then the USA.

I am doing everything possible to get companies to notice me and as soon as I tell them I do not have my state ID how can I get it then go on this shut down and just run.

Does not help me at all since Canada immigration has nothing to do with state IDs. and has nothing to do with getting them or even giving them out.

since they are STATE IDs they have to be done all in the USA, so it does not help me no matter what the company says about my look or how I can make good money in this business because I am stuck no matter what I do.

I know there are some people on here maybe even Carol Cox since she is Canadian and I am pretty sure at one point had to go threw the hassle of getting her State ID unless some how she found some loop whole around it.

Toronto has nothing I already been threw that nightmare of thinking I can do porn in Toronto

Montreal and Vancouver is out no money in my small ass budget for travelling to unknown place.

and if I want to even remotely achieve my dream of being a vivid girl or even on barely legal then I need to get threw the hassle of getting my state id and hows know if Bush is not in power next year all this hassle and crap may all be for nothing.


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