Christina Loves Sex – Women More Then Men

HAMBURG, GERMANY – Christina Aguilera says she finds it more of a turn-on looking at women than men and that she loves having sex.
The 22-year-old, who has started her tour of Germany in Hamburg, told German paper Netzeitung: “It’s important to me to be open and honest and for me to say that sex is a beautiful thing.

“I like having sex. It’s fun. And I shouldn’t be made to feel guilty about that. Sex is a very natural activity.

“As a woman it’s especially important to be open and say what you think about sex. I find it completely unfair that a girl who likes sleeping with different boys is called a slut whereas a boy who gets lots of girls into bed is seen as a stud and a hero.”

Commenting on her raunchy image, she said: “I love experimenting with my sexuality. I want to try out as much as possible. It would be wrong of me to hide this side of my personality. I have fun being sexy and tough at the same time.”

The star also said women are much sexier and better at flirting than men.

She said: “We have a better feel for our bodies, we can flirt better and we’re simply more attractive.

“When boys try to be sexy it almost always goes horribly wrong. They tense up and behave like an idiot, no matter how old they are. They’re just embarrassing.”

And she added: “I find it hornier looking at women than men.”

Christina also said she loved going out to nightclubs and was unbearable in the morning. She added: “I find it an unreasonable demand to be asked to get up before noon.”



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