Christy Canyon on the Ginger Lynn Show

The legendary Christy Canyon was a guest of Ginger Lynn on her KSEX radio show Monday night. It was a regular trivia-filled hour devoted to Christy/Ginger lore. Canyon, whose book, Lights, Camera, Sex, has been out for several months, observed that she and Ginger have done many movies together.
[Their first one together was titled Night of Loving Dangerously- and Lynn was the first girl to ever lick Christy’s pussy.] Canyon, a California girl, did her first movie in 1984 and her first tour of duty in the industry lasted until April, 1985.

“It was the beginning of the video age and we worked every single day,” Canyon recalls. Lynn said she kept a journal and remembers working every single day during that period. “There were months when I had absolutely no days off and sometimes two or three jobs in one day.” Ginger said the biggest difference between films today and back then is grooming.

“And you were hairy!” Lynn said to Canyon, laughing. Canyon had no qualms of showing that she was somewhere in the middle. Canyon said her first time in front of a camera was pretty scary. “I got scared and almost quit but she kind of reeled me back in,” Canyon said of Ginger. Canyon’s first boy-girl sex scene was with Ron Jeremy. “I adore Ron but it was scary.” Canyon said she was freaked out by that scene but, luckily, her next scene was with Ginger. “And I just totally got into it.”

Canyon, who mentioned that she masturbates maybe three or four times a week, also began throwing out names like Rick Cassidy and Stevie, a German performer whom Lynn said she had totally forgotten about. Asked how many movies she made, Canyon said she couldn’t begin to venture a guess. “That’s like asking how many guys you’ve slept with.” Speaking of which the fact was brought up that Canyon had a fling with Max Baer of The Beverly Hillbillies back in the Eighties. Canyon said she wrote about it in her back. Ginger said Baer was always hitting on her but was told not to go out with him.

“He invited me up in a helicopter- dinner and the whole thing. Then I heard he hit girls. Jim [South] told me don’t go because he [allegedly] beats girls.” Canyon said she couldn’t imagine that for the life of her. In the ensuing girl talk it was speculated whether Baer ever beat up Misty Regan. One trivia question pertained to who discovered Canyon. The choices were Peter North, Greg “Rocky” Rome; Heather Wayne. Canyon said Greg “Rocky” Rome discovered her on the streets of Hollywood Blvd.

Later we’ll post an interview we had Monday night with Christy.




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